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CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Date,,,,,, Will Jacobs Executive Director ADIANL Willis Jacobs Aerospace & Defence Industry Association Newfoundland.

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1 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Date,,,,,, Will Jacobs Executive Director ADIANL Willis Jacobs Aerospace & Defence Industry Association Newfoundland & Labrador

2 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Aim To highlight a series of observations related to the current and future state of technology innovation across Newfoundland and Labrador, and Initiate a dialogue regarding innovation growth through collaboration

3 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE The Problem....the facts! NL economy is largely defined & driven by non-renewables Message detailing requirement for economic diversification is out there,.... NO Congruent Strategic Plan to achieve the Aim Number of technology groups & associations: → individual agendas, → individual strategies We Connect...We Communicate... We Cooperate... but, We don’t Collaborate!!

4 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE The Promise We are the problem Message of requirement for economic diversification is out there No congruent Strategic Plan Individual groups-individual agendas We Connect...We Communicate.. We Cooperate.. But, We don’t Collaborate!! Creating a Province of Choice

5 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Enviro Tech Ocean Tech Innovation, Diversification Challenge

6 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Innovation, Diversification Challenge Ocean Tech Enviro Tech

7 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Ocean Tech Enviro Tech Innovation, Diversification Challenge

8 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Cooperate vs Collaborate We live in a world of Connections.... easy to connect Deliberate connections = Networks Networks grow to become Clusters Networks & Clusters & Cooperation do not imply Collaboration More difficult to Collaborate

9 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Why Collaborate “can’t do it alone”

10 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Why Collaborate - strength in numbers - “size matters”

11 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Why Collaborate survival!

12 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE From Networks to Collaboration Networking:Involves communication and information exchange for mutual benefit Coordinated Network: In addition to exchanging information, it involves aligning/altering activities so that more efficient results are achieved. Cooperation: Involves not only information exchange and adjustment of activities, but also sharing resources for achieving compatible goals. Collaboration: A process in which entities share information, resources and responsibilities to jointly plan, implement and evaluate a program of activities to achieve a common goal. Collaboration is always in view of an agreed result, objective or end state

13 Defence and security including: surveillance maritime & arctic security energy security Marine transportation and communications Information & communications technology Sonar & Radar technologies Data fusion Ocean observation science and technologies Simulation technologies Performance learning/training technologies Education and research partnerships Our Strengths


15 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE  Mission Systems and Sensor Integration  Data Masking  Training and Simulation  Tactical Navigation and Enhanced Situational Awareness  Airborne Special Missions Operations  Advanced Software Defined Sonar and Profiling Technologies  Unmanned Systems  3D and 4D Subsea Acoustic Imaging  Maritime Surveillance Aircraft  Space Borne Remote Sensing  HF Surface Wave Radar  Geospatial and Asset Management Technologies  Command and Control Systems  Integrated Coastal Zone Management Technologies  Integrated Logistics Support  Coherent Maritime Radar Development  Airborne Tactical Data Management Systems  Wireless Power Solutions  Aeronautical Engineering and Aircraft Modification  Acoustic Communications  Ground Based Coastal Surveillance Systems  Radar Signal Processing Algorithms  Harsh Environment Sensor Testing Our Technologies - Areas of Excellence


17 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE How do we do it Better!

18 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE The Solution Collaborative Network: Partnership Based Congruent Strategy Priority Setting Market Selection Measurable Performance Goals Assigned Responsibilities Structured Information Flow Accountable All components are in place Benefit from strong government support

19 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Structure Governing Board Industry & Research Committee Business Develop Committee Director Secretariat Admin Support Marketing Bus Development Academic R & D Education & Trg Clusters Entrepreneur Prgms Industry TIC - NL Public Authorities Gov NL Gov Can Association Chairs


21 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Capitalize on geopolitical issues unique to North Atlantic & the Arctic such as: situational awareness security sovereignty MAS2013 …………………….. Create and exploit linkages to the Oceans and Oil and Gas industries Build stronger awareness of ADS industry within the Gov of NL & Can Strengthen relationship with CADSI Enhance profile & competitiveness of provincial industry in global markets Can’t do it without the others ADIANL Strategy


23 CONNECT  COMMUNICATE  COLLABORATE Summary Economic diversification is linked to innovation Innovation in 21 st century = high tech Focus on our strengths Collaborate Win as a team Get on with it.

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