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RIS Workshop Budapest SAAB INLAND AIS SOLUTIONS Ladies and gentleman, Good afternoon. I now it has been a rather long day, however I would like to ask you for another 10 to 15 minutes where I will make short presentation of SAABs product/system portfolio with emphasize on Inland applications and our actitives sofar. My name is Andreas Karlsson and I am responsible for markets in Eastern Europé, Ukraine, Russia and the Middle East region. During my presentation please feel free to ask any question you might have. NAME DATE TITLE Andreas Karlsson

First B17 delivered Tunnan – first flight First laser simulator BT46 First Gripen delivered First contract for NLAW Contract for Neuron Saab 2000 ERIEYE™ AEW&C Gripen Demo – first flight Saab Automobile independent company Saab acquires Celsius Saab acquires Grintek Saab acquires EMW Saab is founded For those of you who are not so familiar with SAAB, here comes a short introduction: Saab has a long history serving the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Founded in 1937 SAAB has its roots in the military aircraft industry with a number of aircrafts developed an delivered through the years. During the years SAAB has through merges and acquistions developed its portfolio to include solutions for air, land and sea. One important acquistion was in year 2000 where Celcius industries another large swedish player in the military defence industry. Saab is today a multinational company with operations and employees on all continents with revenues of around 2,3 billion euros. I represent a business segment within SAAB focusing on products and solutions for civil security, where we form a business unit for maritime surveillance. SAAB – Svenska Aeroplan aktiebolaget, was founded 1937, primarily aiming to meet the need of a domestic military aircraft industry in Sweden. The first military aircraft, B17, was delivered in 1941. 1947- SAAB starts producing cars, when the market for military aircraft was shrinking. Symbol was SAAB with bomber aircraft. Looking at the first SAAB 92 it was clear it had inherited a lot of design and technology from the aircraft industry. SAAB was now producing both cars and aircrafts. 1969 – SAAB merges with Scania forming SAAB-Scania and offer military aircrafts, trucks, buses and cars. 1990 – Passenger car division becomes a separate company – SAAB Automobile; owned 50% by SAAB-Scania and GM. 1995 – SAAB-Scania group is divided into two companies, SAAB AB and Scania. SAAB automobile is still a company within SAAB. 2000- SAAB automobile 100% owned by GM. SAAB to merge with Celcius industries- a large swedish military and defence industry- to serve worldwide markets within defence, aviation, commercial aerospace and civil security. Bofors Järnbruk is founded Alfred Nobel acquire Bofors First order for Carl Gustaf StriC in operation Development of fighter radar Development of GIRAFFE Development of ARTHUR Sea Giraffe AMB is launched

3 R4 SHIPPING PRODUCTS R4 AIS Class A transponder system
Shipborne AIS transponder unit with presentation interface R4 Inland AIS transponder system AIS tailorization for Inland waterway transportation requirements R4 AIS Class B transponder AIS transponder unit for non-SOLAS applications R4 Navigation system GPS & DGPS sensors with presentation interface R4 Combined AIS & Navigation system Type approved for AIS & Navigation SAAB has a long tradition in developing and manufacturing AIS transponders. SAAB is one of the pioneers in the business, dating back more than a decade with the first Class A AIS transponder produced, with more than transponders delivered througout the world. Today we have a complete range of AIS transponders…..Part of these transponders are made for Inland AIS, where we were the first to have an approval and have supplied to customers primarily in Europe. Besides the range of shipping products, SAAB can offer specially developed AIS products for advanced users like Navy, Coastguard, Police forces. Our long tradition within avition we also have a AIS transponders for airborne applications, i.e helicopters och airplanes, most of them in service for maritime survaillenance and SAR operations.

R4 AIS Class A Transponder System R4 IAIS Inland AIS System R4 Class B This is our AIS transponder solution for Class A and Inland applications featuring the transponder along with a separate display. Inland transponder is including extended information specific for european river information services. It is fully compatible with a standard Class A system. Our Inland transponders are operational throughout Europé many of them on vessels travelling the Danube. As you all now the only thing that is constant in this world is changes..some call it evolution..we call it the R5.

5 R5 SDR Transponder Interfaces
Ethernet USB RS-422 NMEA-2000 option Can be used for hot-standby configurations

6 R5 ”Professional” Display
Super Clear, 800x480 pixels 7”, Color Touch Screen Front Panel Interfaces USB, SD-Card Reader and Pilot Port Back Panel Interfaces Ethernet, RS-422 and option for NMEA-2000

7 R5 Solid Display: Front Panel Interfaces Back Panel Interfaces
320x240 pixels 3.5”, Color LCD Front Panel Interfaces USB and Pilot Port Back Panel Interfaces RS-422 Ports, RS-232 Port, Blue Sign The R5 is the next generation of AIS transponders from SAAB. It will be available in two product variants: Singel and Dual box edition. The introduction will during the course of the this year. A compact system with integrated MDK Design for use on inland vessels Built to meet IEC “Exposed” equipment req. R4 users will be familiar with GUI Greatly enhanced convoy size handling -

8 SAAB R4 IAIS Portable AIS Solution
Fully IMO compliant Qualified according to IEC ed. 4 (Portable equipment) Suitable for temporary AIS installations Cable or Optional Wireless interface to MKD or PC (WiFi/Bluetooth) MTBF >35,000h External antennas for optimal system performance NiMH battery back-up technology – 8 hours 13 kg Based on our history to make portable AIS transponders solutions, for those of you who are familiar with the R3, we now have redesigned to fit the R4 AIS platform. It is designed be temporarily installed on the vessel to be used for a limited period and then removed. We designed it for mainly two types of customers: Navy RIB boats and Inland vessels. It may be operated solely using the batteries included or connected to power. We believe 8 hours should be enough for most cases because it has an affect of the weight. The new version of the R4 portable is among other delivered to Canal administration and River administration in Romania.

9 SAAB R4 IAIS Portable AIS
Brief description of system setup. R4 display is optional. Min. system setup is R4 portable with antennas. Easy integration to ECDIS/computer using ECDIS to USB interface.

10 SAAB R40 AIS Base station Fully compliant to IEC 62320-1
DSP technology Outstanding receiver sensitivity, better than – 111dBm Built in Base Station Controller (BSC) MTBF > hours HotStandby support DGPS support It is fully compliant to all requirements as specified in the IEC including all the options Transceiver built using DSP technology – Advantages: DSP allows more accurate performance, stability and possibilty to make SW updates. Built in Base Station Controller (BSC), enhancing functionality and flexibility Full remote configuration and control, incl SW upgrade Advanced Windows Based Configuration Tool (PSS-tool) Operational units around 2000, largest installation is in China with more than 250 basestations.

11 SAAB AIS Network System
Shore based users are interested in Vessel movements Coast Guard Military users MRCC Maritime Administrations VTS Systems Tug operations Pilot companies Shipping companies Etc. Those users can share investment cost All users will benefit on a large coverage Possible to filter what information each one will receive SAAB has focused and spent many years developing an AIS network that is robust, scalable and secure. The purpose of the system is to manage data AIS within the network between the various clients and the base stations. SAAB philosiphy for AIS network is the possiblity to share data between users, organisations and authorites in a secure and efficient way. Our AIS network is open with a well defined interface for external clients, e.g ECDIS/AIS presentation systems. SAAB AIS network is operational in over 10 National AIS systems, the largest deployed currently is China where more than 250 redundant base stations are managed by our AIS Network solution and provided to third party system applications. The system is normally functioning as the AIS backbone providing data to other users and system applications which are built around. Our AIS network is operational in Romania and under implementation in Belgium.

12 ASM Management system - Romania
Full system management Presentation of detailed system status Presentation of system Alarms SW updates in all equipment Full system backup This is an example taken from the AIS system in service for RoRIS in Romania. Redundancy: If standard connection to base station is lost, another Network server will take over. Possibility to set up National and Regional control centers who are connected to each other. If one control center will be disconnected from the system, it will continy to work independently and locally stored data will be synchronized once connectivity is being restored again.



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