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JANUARY 6 TH 2014 Homeroom 2014-15. Administration Dr. Hampton Principal Mr. BrownA-C Dr. WattsD-G Dr. TateH-L Mrs. CohenM-R Mr. LyonsS-Z Mrs. OltermanCTE.

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Presentation on theme: "JANUARY 6 TH 2014 Homeroom 2014-15. Administration Dr. Hampton Principal Mr. BrownA-C Dr. WattsD-G Dr. TateH-L Mrs. CohenM-R Mr. LyonsS-Z Mrs. OltermanCTE."— Presentation transcript:

1 JANUARY 6 TH 2014 Homeroom 2014-15

2 Administration Dr. Hampton Principal Mr. BrownA-C Dr. WattsD-G Dr. TateH-L Mrs. CohenM-R Mr. LyonsS-Z Mrs. OltermanCTE Director Mr. DanielsAthletic Director

3 Counselors Mrs. NelsonA-C Mrs. W. WolfeD-G Mr. FreemanH-L Mrs. DaffronM-R Mrs. PierceS-Z Mrs. T. WolfeCareer Counselor Mrs. OsborneGraduation Coach

4 Attendance/Communications All absences are coded as unexcused until documentation is provided (i.e. – note from parent or Dr.). *Parents may write 4 excuses per semester. It is the responsibility of the student or parent to turn in excuse notes to the attendance desk after an absence.

5 Early Dismissal Procedure We have had some issues with our new dismissal policy so please pay close attention to the following instructions:  Phone calls from parents during the day to check students out are not permitted. This has been accepted in the past but our policies have changed!  To check out early, parents need to send a note to school in the morning that you need to check out at a specific time. We will call the parent to verify the note and a pink slip will be sent to your classroom for you to check out at that time. When you receive your pink slip, you need to report to the office and complete the sign out procedure before leaving campus. *If we cannot reach your parent to verify the note, you will not be allowed to check out

6 Tardies to School “Tardy to school” means any time you arrive late or check out early. Students who miss 35 hours of unexcused class time will be referred to truancy intervention.

7 Tardies to Class Being on time if one of the most important life skills you can learn. Failure to be on time to class is disrespectful and shows a general lack of effort on your part. Ample time is provided for you to get from one place to another so use your time wisely. Each set of three tardies will result in the following disciplinary actions:  3 Tardies = 1 day lunch detention  6 Tardies = 3 days lunch detention  9 Tardies = 1 day of ISS and/or 1 day of Saturday School (9 a.m. – 12 Noon)**  12 Tardies = 2 days of ISS and/or 2 days of Saturday School (9 a.m. – 12 Noon)**  15 Tardies = More serious consequences including, but not limited to, the possibility of enrollment in the Non-Traditional High School, and/or Out of School Suspension (OSS) ** Failure to serve lunch detention or Saturday School will result in further consequences

8 After School School ends at 2:45 p.m. for block students and 3:00 p.m. for singleton students.  Students staying for an after school function or tutoring need to report immediately to the appropriate location.  Bus riders need to report to and remain in the bus stop area until their bus arrives.  Car riders need to wait for their ride in the front lobby area or outside and drivers need to exit the campus in a timely fashion. Students consistently loitering without supervision after hours may be cited for trespassing.

9 Schedule Changes At this point, schedule changes will only be considered for students with valid graduation credit needs or obvious scheduling mistakes (incomplete schedules, same class twice, etc).

10 Prom and Graduation Participation in prom and graduation are privileges for Dobyns-Bennett students. The following requirements must be met for participation in prom and graduation. Prom  No more than 9 unexcused absences to any one class per semester  No obligations Graduation  No more than 9 unexcused absences to any one class per semester  No obligations  All credit requirements met

11 Skipping Class/Leaving School Grounds Attendance is critical to your academic success in all classes. Skipping class or leaving school grounds without permission is not allowed and will result in the following consequences:  1 st offense – 1 day ISS  2 nd offense – 3 days ISS  3 rd offense – more serious consequences which could include additional ISS, OSS, or possible referral to Cora Cox Academy

12 Lunch In addition to basic cafeteria expectations (cleanliness, etc), please pay close attention to the following aspects of lunch that are in need of improvement from the first semester:  Do not leave before the lunch period is over. Use your extra time to relax with your friends or enjoy your electronic device.  Lunch is not free time to roam the building. Students are required to be in the cafeteria during their lunch period. Failure to do so will be handled as a skipping violation.

13 General Dress Code Guidelines All clothing should be clean and in good repair. Clothing should have NO rips, tears, holes or frays that show skin or undergarments above the knee. No see-through clothing or cutouts are permitted. No industrial or pet chains or collars around neck, wrists, or waist, or chains attached to wallets or clothing are permitted. Accessories must not disrupt the educational process or draw undo attention to the individual. Clothing and accessories must be free of offensive or suggestive words or graphics and contain no references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, illegal/immoral substances, or activities.

14 Shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweaters Shirts must have a neckline that does not expose any portion of the breast. No off the shoulder shirts or visible bra/spaghetti straps. Sleeveless shirts must extend to the point of the shoulder and have an arm opening no larger than the approximate size of the arm. No undergarments should be visible through the armhole. This applies to both males and females. No midriff (waistline) is to be exposed.

15 Pants, Shorts, Dresses, Skirts Pants and shorts must have NO rips/tears/holes or frays that show skin or undergarments above the knee. Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist and be size appropriate; no sagging where underwear or undergarments are exposed. Shorts/Capri, skirts, dresses and jumpers must be no more than four inches (4”) above the top of the knee. Shirts/tops worn with leggings, tights, or stretch pants must cover the student appropriately (covering all private areas).

16 Hats, Including Winter Hats We will not continue to play the “cat and mouse” game with regards to hats (asking you to take it off only for you to put it back on as soon as you round the corner). Like it or not, hats are against policy and will be treated as such. Upon arrival to the building, hats should be kept in a backpack or locker.  1 st offense: confiscate for 1 day  2 nd offense: confiscated for the semester (parent pick-up only)

17 Dress Code consequences 1 st offense – formal warning, student will be required to change clothing or correct the clothing issue immediately 2 nd offense – student will be required to change clothing and be assigned 3 days of lunch detention 3 rd offense – student will be required to change and be assigned to ISS or Saturday School

18 Final Exams In order to prepare for opportunities beyond high school, all students will need to take final exams in all classes. Official AP exams will continue to replace final exams in AP classes.

19 Library Reminders Library Hours: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday –Friday  During School: Students using library outside of class must bring a pass  Lunch Time: Students wanting to study quietly or complete projects may use library during lunch, however due to classes being held in the library please socialize in the cafeteria  Before and After School:  Tutoring in the Library: Math—Monday, Wednesday, Thursday after school; Tuesday and Friday before school English—Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after school  Students using the library before and after school must be considerate of tutoring and students needing to study quietly.  Between Classes: Please visit the library…but don’t use it as a short cut between pods.

20 Discrimination/Harassment Discrimination and harassment in any form are prohibited; this includes, but is not limited to, discrimination/harassment based on sex, race, ethnicity or religion. Discrimination/harassment is defined as conduct, advances, and gestures or words which:  Unreasonably interfere with a student’s work or performance.  Create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.  Imply that submission to or rejection of such conduct will be used as a basis for determining the student’s grades, credits and/or participation in a student activity.

21 Cyberbullying/Online Harassment Cyberbullying and online harassment applies to harassment, bullying, and threatening comments made to or about faculty and/or students through text messages, social media, and/or other electronic forms of communication. Possible consequences include:  SRO involvement  ISS  OSS with possible alternative placement  Mandatory suspension for no less than one calendar year

22 Cyberbullying/Online Harassment

23 Reporting Discriminatory Behaviors Victims of discrimination, harassment, bullying or intimidation shall report allegations to the appropriate personnel (teacher, administrator, SRO, or counselor). Confidentiality shall be maintained and no reprisals or retaliation shall occur as a result of good-faith reporting of an accusation. The principal or designee will promptly investigate all complaints. After a complete investigation, if the allegations are substantiated, immediate and appropriate corrective or disciplinary action shall be initiated. The complaint and identity of the complainant shall not be disclosed except (1) as required by law or by Board policy, (2) as necessary to fully investigate the complaint or (3) as authorized by the complainant. Reports may be made anonymously but formal disciplinary action may not be solely based on an anonymous report.

24 Hazing Hazing is defined as harassing by exacting unnecessary or disagreeable work, harassing by banter, ridicule, or criticism or playing silly, abusive and humiliating tricks by way of initiation. Hazing is prohibited in Kingsport City Schools. Hazing can include:  Physical Abuse  Physical confinement  Consumption of disgusting substances  Consumption of prohibited substances  Inappropriate clothing  Commission of illegal acts  Humiliation rituals  Commission of sexual acts, sexual assault and sexual battery Violation may result in suspension or other appropriate consequences

25 20/20 Policy All students must be in assigned locations during the first and last 20 minutes of all classes. Responsibly utilize time between classes for transitioning to your next class, visiting your locker, and using the restroom. **Due to shorter class times, singleton classes will operate on a 10/10 policy. Exception – the 20 minute policy will still apply to the start of singleton 1.

26 Cell Phones/Electronic Devices Cell phones and other electronic devices can serve as a serious disruption when used for non-academic purposes. High school students are not permitted to use cell phones during or between classes unless it is under direct supervision of a classroom teacher. Cell phones are to be turned off, not visible, and not used for any reason upon entering the first class of the day. Cell phones may not be used after 7:45 in the hallways or between buildings. Cell phones may be used before school as well as during lunch in the cafeteria. For emergency purposes, land-line telephones are available in the classrooms and in the administrative offices of the school.

27 Cell Phones/Electronic Devices 1st offense: The cell phone will be confiscated for a minimum of 5 school days and upon reasonable suspicion all memory may be reviewed. The student may obtain the phone after school after the confiscation period. 2nd offense: When a student has a second offense during the current semester, the phone will be confiscated for a minimum of 10 school days. The student may obtain the phone after school after the confiscation period. 3rd offense: When a student has a third offense during the current semester, the phone will be confiscated for the remainder of the school year. A parent or guardian may retrieve the cell phone at the end of the school day on the last day of the school year. *Students may opt to pay $20 to retrieve their cell phone during a 5 or 10 day period of confiscation. **Refusal to immediately relinquish the entire cell phone (including battery, SIM card, etc) will result in further disciplinary action.

28 Acceptable Computer Use School computers are to be used only for educational purposes, which may include among other tasks:  Word Processing  Teacher-Assigned Web Pages  Teacher-Assigned Searches  Other Tasks Assigned By DBHS Personnel

29 Computer Use Consequences Violation Consequences:  1 st Offense: Computer Account Suspended 5 School Days  2 nd Offense: Computer Account Suspended 30 School Days  3 rd Offense: Computer Account Suspended Remainder of Semester Reminder: All school computers are monitored 24/7/365.

30 Field Trips Participation in field trips is a privilege for Dobyns-Bennett students. Students may be denied the opportunity to participate in a field trip if they are not making satisfactory progress in their classes or have excessive absences or tardies.

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