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AGW Expectations. S uccessful H elpful A ccepting R esponsible K ind.

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1 AGW Expectations

2 S uccessful H elpful A ccepting R esponsible K ind

3 Expectations Respect yourself, other students, staff members, and the building Focus on your assignments and tests Be on time at all times Carry your agenda book Get re-organized

4 The Code of Conduct is enforced at all times and in all locations. On school property – prior to, during, and following school hours On the bus To, from, and at the bus stop At district events On field trips Even when behavior out of school presents ANY TYPE of threat to ANY student and/or staff member Or when the behavior out of school such as bullying or harassment interferes with the educational rights of another student or is a disruption of the school environment 4 Levels outlined in Code of Conduct

5 Level II Behaviors Abusive language Careless or reckless behavior Cheating/Plagiarism Class cut School cut/Truancy Defiance Failure to serve detention Forgery Gambling Harassment Inappropriate sexual behavior p. 31- 41 Leaving school without authorization Major vandalism Misuse/Abuse of substances Misuse of cell phones and all other electronic devices Misuse of technology Smoking Stealing/Possession/ Transferring of stolen goods Trespassing Violation of medication policy First Offense Consequences:Detention and/or suspension

6 Bullying Disorderly Conduct Extortion Fighting Offensive Touching Student on student Of a staff member Level III Behaviors Reckless Driving Sexual Harassment Terroristic Threatening and/or Behavior p. 42- 48 EVERY offense presents a threat to others Detention and/or suspension are REQUIRED for every Level III offense: up to 5 days

7 Dress Code Reminders Page 7 of the Agenda Book No hats or coats Excessively tight clothing is not permitted Pants must be pulled up and secured at the waist Undergarments are not to be visible Clothing of any sort, including jeans, with holes, rips, and/or cut outs above the knee are not permitted Shirts must have sleeves, cover the waist, not be low cut or see through.

8 Cell Phones & Electronic Devices All electronic devices and cell phones are to be turned off and put into your locker.

9 PREVENTION by following School Expectations Be Respectful to yourself, others, and the space and belongings around you Be Responsible by following the rules, knowing your limits, and maintaining integrity Be a Good Citizen and not only treat everyone well but actively promote and encourage good behavior Be There – Be Ready by being prepared to do your best every day Talk to any adult in the building if something is going on.

10 Earn your PBS tickets Big Ticket Events February: Ice Skating April: Movie Trip June: Carnival Winter Games


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