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TPHS Behavioral Expectations & Daily Procedures 2014-15.

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1 TPHS Behavioral Expectations & Daily Procedures 2014-15

2  Reason to Visit ▪ Student Lost & Found ▪ Your Parent drops something off for you ▪ To pick up absent work that was requested ▪ To pick up “pre-arranged” ▪ Illness, injury, medication  NOT a Reason to Visit ▪ To “visit” ▪ To pick up replacement lunch cards ▪ To ask for a pass when you’re late for class

3 Note Card Note Card or (after School Pictures are taken) your School ID will serve for your lunch card Lost Lunch Tickets? Lost Lunch Tickets? Lunch Supervisors have “boxes” Two “Extra-Tickets” printed for you Keep or Return to Ticket Box Used your last “Extra-Ticket”? Used your last “Extra-Ticket”? Come to the office for a “replacement ticket” for $1—cash or charge Lunch Ticket charge = NO a la cart Repeated replacement tickets = Detention

4 Lunch Room Duty Lunch Room Duty A Lunch = Mrs. Meister B Lunch = Mr. Bell You’ll be called up by Classes You’ll be called up by Classes Phones use is a privilege…. Phones use is a privilege…. Must be silent/headphones used You can lose if social media/texting occurs Politeness matters Politeness matters NO SODA @ Lunch! That’s the law!!! NO SODA @ Lunch! That’s the law!!!

5  Prescription medication  Prescription medication MUST be brought to the office—if found in your locker, you will receive a consequence.  12-hour dosage  12-hour dosage of Tylenol/acetaminophin, Aleve, ibuprofen may be on your person or locker without consequence  Minor First aid supplies  Minor First aid supplies are available in the office.

6  Location  Across from the far gym  Through the teachers’ workroom  Schedule Changes:  Schedule changes must be completed by August 27 th.  See Mr. Emerson for the necessary paperwork  Reason to Visit ▪ Questions on your schedule ▪ College visit request forms ▪ Long-term planning for your high school career ▪ Career and College exploration ▪ Social / Emotional issues Privacy: Privacy: Please do not open the door or knock on the door when it is closed to protect individual privacy. Come back later or sign up on the appointment sheet hanging outside of the door."

7 Class Designation Freshman Credits………….…0 - 6 Sophomore Credits…………..6.5 -11.5 Junior Credits……………....12 - 17.5 Senior Credits ………….......18+ This may impact your ability to participate in credit specific activities and privileges such as parking locations, attending Prom, class activities, scheduling classes including driver’s ed, Ag courses, etc..

8  Consequence for not doing homework is DOING HOMEWORK  1 st day missed = opportunity to complete for -10% if turned in by the beginning of class  Attendance at Study Table/ Evening WMT = -10%  Assignment to Study Table / before- or after-school tutoring  2 nd day late, -20% and assigned to Study Table / WMT  Failure to attend WMT = behavior detention  3 rd day late, -50% “Completed Assignment” must meet teacher’s standards or will be returned as incomplete and consequences will be incurred. Homework/Assignment Completion is NOT optional

9  Held in Room 105  PLATO Credit Recovery and homework help  Sign-up @ Lunch!  Students must Sign-in and Sign-out  You must be “on time” @ 3:20  Upon sign-out before leaving, a call will be made to parent  Activity Bus will run @ 5:20  Assignment to Study Table through Work Make-Up Time Tuesday and Thursday After-School 3:20-5:20

10  Before School  7:30-8:00  Room 105  Mrs. Stites  A-Lunch  With a pass to Computer Lab  Mr. Patterson  After School  3:20-4:00  Room 103 (Lab)  Ms. Hall  NO FRIDAY M-F before school & M-Th after school

11 Who? Mrs. Anderson  Tuesday a.m.  Mornings in cafe  Small groups in AP Mr. Gwinup  Tuesday a.m.  Mornings in the cafeteria  Testing/monitoring Mr. Reamer  Tuesday a.m.  By appointment  Meetings w/ parents Reasons to Visit  If you are the victim of bullying and/or witness to an incident of bullying  If beckoned by the Social Worker  If you are overwhelmed and need to talk with someone  If you have made contact with this person in the past

12 Must be covered from shoulder to knee 2 finger rule to tank tops Fingertip length to shorts/skirt No straps & Too Short & Bra Straps Visible Too Short Too Revealing & Too Short All unacceptable outfits for a school day

13 No Rips/Tears in clothing No sexually suggestive or obscene clothing When wearing Leggings or Yoga Pants, the Dress/Shirt worn over must come past fingertips Suggestive Clothing Rips are too Revealing & tummy is visible Too Short & “Hole-y” Shirt over Leggings/Yoga Pants Too Short All unacceptable outfits for a school day

14 No saggy/low-riding pants that reveal boxers shorts/underwear Elastic bands used to hold up one or both pant leg(s) are prohibited No clothing that promotes alcohol, tobacco, or drugs Saggy Pants w/ boxers showing All unacceptable outfits for a school day <2” sleeve and cut-off sleeves Clothing promoting/depictin g drugs or alcohol

15 No Hats or headwear allowed in the building or classroom Backpacks must be kept in lockers during the school day Hanging Chain from pocket All unacceptable accessories for a school day Saggy pants w/ boxers & Bandanna from pocket Hats/head gear in the building Backpacks or sport- bags worn during school Too spikey & Dangerous

16 Behavior Expectations Students are expected to ride their assigned bus # unless prior arrangements and a note has been given to the office Bus Referrals are issued by Drivers for misbehaviors on the bus which may result in assigned seats, suspension, or permanent removal Activity Bus Approximately 5:30 from the high school w/ drop-offs in Kempton and Piper City Tuesday and Thursdays when no practices are scheduled What if I miss the shuttle bus?

17 1-hour After School Detention  Tuesday and Thursday  See Detention List  3:20-4:00p.m.  If riding Activity Bus, MUST go to Study Table  Must bring all materials 2-hour After School Detention Tuesday and Thursday See Detention List 3:20-5:20p.m. Must bring all materials Saturday School Once a month H.S. Commons 2-hour & 4 hour 8:00-10:00a.m. 8:00-12:00p.m. Must bring all materials

18  Detentions = WORK TIME  Bring work with you  Be in the detention teacher’s room by 3:20  Work quietly until 4:00  Arrange for a ride home  No cell phones, music/headphones, sleeping, etc.  If you don’t have to work today, you will be given something to do to fulfill your obligation  You get one “mulligan”…use it wisely! If you have to reschedule, you must notify the principal PRIOR to the date/time of your detention

19 Absence w/ Notification—Excused Dr. note verifying illness (Rec’d w/in 48 hrs of absence) Death in the immediate family Approved school activities Mtgs. w/ TPHS staff Court appearance with documentation Absences deemed excused per Administration Unlimited for the semester; however, may be require extra tutoring-time to make up work.

20 Absence-Excused without Notification p. 11 Parent calls the office by 10:00a.m. 815-689-2110 Illness that does not require a doctor’s appt. Family obligations Absences deemed excused per Administration ONLY FIVE (5) per Semester!

21 Absence-Unexcused p. 11 No Parent phone call Oversleeping, car-trouble, shopping, hair appt. Non-family vacations & work Any time you are 10-minutes or more late! Any UN-DOCUMENTED Days beyond your FIVE per Semester even if your parent calls-in!!!

22 l Exam Waivers Final Exam Waivers will be given to ALL students who meet ALL the following criteria: 97% attendance rate = 3 or fewer total absences per semester NO unexcused absences 80% or better in the class. NO F’s in any class. An F/64.4% or lower in any class will negate the incentive for all classes. Seniors will be an exception to this rule.

23 p. 13 Not necessarily excused / requires documentation Scheduled appointments & College Visits—requires documentation to not count as one of five excused. Club and LACC field trips—excused when verified by sponsor/teacher Any undocumented days beyond 5 per Semester = UNEXCUSED even w/pre-arranged

24 Unexcused Absence Consequences  1 st = All missed assignments receive 50% for day & 2-hr detention  2 nd = All missed assignments receive 50% for day & 4-hr Saturday detention  3 rd = All missed assignments receive 50% credit for day; 1- day ISS issued; assignment to Study Table for one week & notification sent to the Regional Truancy Officer Tracked cumulatively for all classes & for the year

25 Tardy/Unexcused 1-9 mins late = tardy 10 + mins late = Unexcused Absence Tardy Consequences  1 st tardy = classroom warning  2 nd tardy = written warning  3 rd – 5 th tardy = 1 hr. Detention  6 th – 7 th tardy = 2 hr. Detention***  8 th + tardy = 4 hr. Saturday Detention Tracked cumulatively for all classes & reset at semester ** Placement on No Pass List (must have an escort to leave the room)

26 Water is only allowed in Clear Bottles Any Food/Beverage in the hallway or classroom during school hours will result in a verbal warning. A 2 nd incident will be considered insubordination earn a detention.

27 Examples of incidents that result in a student being sent to the Office for a consequence

28 Profanityp. 21, 25, 36 Use language appropriate for the school setting. This includes classrooms, hallways, locker-rooms, & lunch. Consequences range from a detention to OSS. Academic Dishonesty/Cheating Pg. 21, 241 st offense: Academic penalty of “0” for assignment and detention 2 nd offense: “0”, 4-hr, lower of course grade by one letter e.g. B to a C, or D to an F Hallway Pass Misuse/Out of Area Pg. 22, 25, 30 Use the pass in your planner. Passes are for 5-minutes maximum Visiting the gym, stopping in the commons, etc. is considered mis-use. Consequences begin with a detention through OSS Disrespect/ Insubordination Pgs. 21, 23, 24, 25, & 33 Students are expected to speak respectfully and comply when directed by staff. Even if in disagreement with a directive, students should comply and bring the concern to the principal or counselor for clarification or explanation. Consequences range from a detention to OSS w/ possible recommendation for expulsion

29  Must be kept in your locker  No carrying to class w/out permission from principal  Left items will be placed in lost-n-found “oversized sports bags” including golf clubs, baseball and softball bags and other bags with required equipment not usually needed, may be stored in the back corner of the cafeteria.

30  Junior Lot in gravel behind Ag Shop/Weight Shed  Senior Lot behind Methodist Church on school property  NO PARKING in front lot


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