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KEM 2011/13 Virtual Travel Agency Chorzow. Chorzów My awesome city.

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1 KEM 2011/13 Virtual Travel Agency Chorzow

2 Chorzów My awesome city

3 Chorzów Chorzów is a city in Silesia in southern Poland, near Katowice. Chorz ó w is one of the central districts of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union - a metropolis with a population of 2 million. It is located in the Silesian Highlands. Administratively, Chorz ó w is in the Silesian Voivodeship, geographically it is in the Upper Silesia. Chorzów is one of the cities of the 2.7 million conurbation – and the population within Chorzow city limits is 113,162.

4 Activities The ZOO Amusement Park Silesian Stadium Ethnographic Park

5 ZOO Silesian ZOO located is on the premises of our park of culture and recreation. The ZOO is on 49 ha and this ZOO is the third-biggest in Poland. It was founded in 1954, when the people started bulding birdcage for animals. In next years other ZOOs in Poland sent the first species of animals. Now Silesian ZOO has a 2 200 animals of 280different species.


7 Silesian Amusement Park Amusement park was created in 1959 and has area of 26 acres. Although it was modified and upgraded over the years, you can still find some communistic residues such as characteristically shaped neons with attractive names. Chorzow's park offers nearly 58 attractions for visitors, inter alia: river splash, three large rollercoasters, water and so called "intense" atractions. Definitely worth trying is Tic-Tac Tornado - the only rollecoaster with inversions in Poland and Silesia Tower - 50 meters high carousel which gives impression of spinning and free fall (when stopping it gives over 3G overload). The whole list of attractions can be found here, but it's only in Polish.


9 Silesian stadium Silesian Stadium is a sport stadium located between Chorzów and Katowice. It opened on 22 July 1956 and has since hosted crowds of over 120,000 for both football matches and motorcycle speedway world championships. It also hosts music festivals and concerts. Now it is being modernized.

10 Ethnographic Park The Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park is an open- air museum in Chorzów. It is referred to as a skansen, stemming from the first open air museum of its kind, the Skansen in Stockholm, Sweden. The area of the park is 25 hectare. The museum presents a range of agricultural buildings from all over Silesia. Amongst those are cottages from the Beskids, farmsteads from the Pszczyna region, a wooden church from Nieboczowy dating from the 18th century and a large number of buildings and artifacts from Istebna in Cieszyn Silesia.


12 Chorzów fans In Chorzów there is a fantastic football club called Ruch Chorzów. Ruch Chorzów has won 14 Championships of Poland. Its a record. Ruch Chorzów also has 5 Polish cups. This club has fantastic fans. The biggest opponent of Ruch is Gornik Zabrze. Górnik also has 14 Chmpionships titles... As blue is the colour of Ruch Chorzow,like Chelsea London our team is called The Blues.


14 Great Silesian Derby Ruch Chorzów vs. Górnik Zarbrze vs.

15 Welcome to Chorzów! The beautiful Silesian city!

16 PROJECT: COMENIUS KEM 2012 The author: Paweł Duda

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