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Poland in Europe Poland is a country in a central Europe.

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2 Poland in Europe Poland is a country in a central Europe

3 Sopot Poland is boarded by Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia

4 Sopot is a popular tourist destination. Together with Gdańsk and Gdynia it forms a Tri-city conurbation with a population of over a million.

5 Gdańsk

6 Gdynia

7 The biggest tourist attractions The longest wooden pier in Europe Forest Opera Monciak-Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street Hippodrome Spa House Lighthouse

8 The longest wooden pier in Europe Our city boasts the longest wooden pier in Europe. It is 512 meters long! It is one of the main attractions of the resort. The pier is a popular venue for recreational and health walks as well as public entertainment events. It also provides an ideal spot to watch sporting events in the Bay such as World Sailing Championship and the Windsurfing Baltic Cup.


10 Forest Opera A roofed open air amphitheatre is located in the forrest. Its location provides not only a visually stunning setting but also the excellent acoustics. In Summer many cultural events take place in the Opera. The most famous is Sopot Festival.

11 Forest Opera

12 Monciak-Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street Cassino One of the most famous streets in Poland. It provides a great selection of bars and cafes and a lot of popular tourist attractions such as Croocked House, Spa House and the Neo- Gothic Church.


14 Hippodrome The Sopot Horseracing Track is a park located in the very heart of the resort. This 40-hectare green area with a view of the Bay of Gdańsk is an ideal place for sporting and recreational events.

15 The Fishing Harbour The Fishing Harbour is a place where you can buy freshly cought fish and see the exhibition of typical boats and fishing gear. A chapel built at the harbour is intended for people of the sea.

16 Aquapark

17 Aquapark is one of the most favourite leisure destinations of the local people and a great attraction for tourists. It offers them swimming pools, the World of Sauna and bowling.

18 Euro 2012 2012. In June 2012 one of the most famous and prestigious football competitions will be held in Poland and two matches will take place in Gdańsk.

19 Stadium in Gdansk

20 Stadium in Warsaw

21 Thank you for watching and welcome to the wonderful city of Sopot!

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