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123456 789101112 131415161718 192021222324 252627282930 Grammar.

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2 123456 789101112 131415161718 192021222324 252627282930 Grammar

3 Q. 1 Riding a horse is not _____ riding a bike. A. easyer than C. more easy than B. as easy as

4 Q. 2 These computers are _____ than those. A. newwer B. so newer C. newer

5 Q. 3 You are ____ teacher I’ve ever had. C. the better B. the good A. The best

6 Q. 4 Mariam is ____ student in her class. All her classmates like speaking with her. A. more popular B. much popular C. the most popular

7 Q. 5 The school will be closed until ____ notice. A. farther C. furthest B. further

8 Q. 6 Who is ____, Mary or Jane? A. prettyer C. more pretty B. prettier

9 Q. 7 Excuse me, where is ____ pharmacy ? A. the near B. the nearer C. The nearest

10 Q. 8 Your notebook is ____ mine. C. so tidy than B. tidier A. as tidy as

11 Q. 9 Have you decided where you want to go for vacation this year ____? A. anymore C. still B. yet

12 Q. 10 I’ve ____ been to Paris but I’d like to go there again. A. still B. yet C. already

13 Q. 11 ____ visiting the museum, we went shopping. A. Also B. On top of that C. As well as

14 Q. 12 I’ve asked for some time off in April, but my boss hasn’t said O.K____. C. anymore B. still A. yet

15 Q. 13 Look! It ____. We are going to have a white holiday. A. snows C. has been snowing B. is snowing

16 Q. 14 My dad ____ the news on T.V every morning. C. is watching B. watch A. watches

17 Q. 15 I have to go now. It ____ dark. A. gets B. has got C. is getting

18 Q. 16 Would you like some chocolates? No, thanks. I ____ chocolate. C. hates B. am hating A. hate

19 Q. 17 Who ____ the dishes every day in your house? My sister. A. did B. do C. does

20 Q. 18 Majda ____ the piano since two o’clock. A. has played C. have played B. has been playing

21 Q. 19 I have been looking for my glasses all morning but I ____ them yet. A. didn’t find B. don’t find C. haven’t found

22 Q. 20 My head aches because I ____ to review my vocabulary all morning. C. have tried B. was trying A. have been trying

23 Q. 21 How many times ____ you not to leave your books scattered around all over the place? A. I have told C. have I been telling B. have I told

24 Q. 22 If the weather is nice, we ____ go to the beach. C. could B. would A. will

25 Q. 23 My mother always punishes my sister if she ____ a lie. A. tell B. is telling C. tells

26 Q. 24 My brother is only five feet tall. If he ____ a foot taller, he would be a great basketball player. A. was B. is C. were

27 Q. 25 I am terribly afraid of heights. If I ____ that tall tree, I would die. A. climb C. A+B B. climbed

28 Q. 26 When ____ the company? In 1990. A. have you joined C. A+B B. did you join

29 Q. 27 The reason I look so brown is that ____ from a trip to Barbados. A. I came back C. I come back B. I’ve just come back

30 Q. 28 Sales ____ in 1995 but then ____ in 1996. A. rised - falled C. have risen - have fallen B. rose - fell

31 Q. 29 By the time we ____, everyone ____. C. Had arrived – had left B. had arrived - left A. arrived – had left

32 Q. 30 While I ____ to your story, I ____ that my wife ____ me to buy some tomatoes. C. am listening - have remembered - has asked B. was listening - had remembered - had asked A. was listening – remembered - asked

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