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The Atlantic Slave Trade

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1 The Atlantic Slave Trade
Chapter 20 Section 3 The Atlantic Slave Trade

2 What is the #1 good/resource discovered in the New World?
How does this relate to or influence slavery?

3 Why did the transportation of slaves significantly increase in the 1600s?
Sugar/Tobacco Farms Need for labor Native Americans not good slaves #1 demand was cheap labor

4 Advantages Exposed to European disease Farming experience
Less likely to escape Easily identifiable

5 The Atlantic Slave Trade
The buying and selling of Africans for work in the Americas : 300,000 transported to Americas : 1.3 million By 1870, 9.5 million had been transported

6 What led to the increase in slaves being transported during the 1600s?
Massive need for cheap labor Supply and demand

7 Spain & Portugal By 1650, 300,000 just for Spanish plantations and mines Portuguese surpassed this WHY? Brazil dominated the sugar trade By 1700, over 40% of all Africans brought to the Americas went to Brazil

8 England 1690-1807: English leading carrier of slaves
Slave population steadily grew in the colonies

9 African Cooperation African rulers sold prisoners
Coastal ports – easy access to slaves Very profitable



12 Page 568 Question 1 and 2

13 The Triangular Trade transatlantic trading network

14 Europe – Africa – Americas – Caribbean – Colonies –

15 Where is the Middle Passage?

16 Middle Passage

17 What were the conditions like during the Middle Passage?
Packed into lower quarters Whippings/beatings Disease 20% of Africans on every ship died

18 Inspection Auction Block Chain Gang
What was the first thing that happened to a slave when they arrived in the Americas? Inspection Auction Block Chain Gang


20 What do you think are the consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade?
Africa Americas Lose fittest people and young people Slaves contributed to economic/cultural development Families torn apart Labor/farming knowledge Introduced guns to Africa Increase in African American population

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