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The Atlantic Slave Trade

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1 The Atlantic Slave Trade
Chapter 16.4

2 Main Idea Between the 1500’s and the 1800’s millions of Africans were captured, shipped across the Atlantic Ocean, and sold as slaves in the Americas.

3 Origins of the Slave Trade
The Atlantic Slave Trade Causes A shortage of labor in the Americas Disease had killed millions of Native Americans Indentured Servants were expensive

4 Origins of the Slave Trade
The Atlantic Slave Trade Millions of Africans taken to the Americas Most came from West Africa Some slaves supplied by African rulers Others were kidnapped by European traders

5 Origins of the Slave Trade
The Atlantic Slave Trade Triangular Trade Middle Passage 2nd leg of Triangular Trade route Brought Africans to the Americas to be sold as slaves.

6 Origins of the Slave Trade
The Middle Passage Captive Africans chained in the dark Cramped quarters Could not sit or stand Lasted 3 to 6 weeks 10-20% died

7 Slavery in the Colonies
Slave Traders Spanish traders took slave to Caribbean sugar plantations Portuguese traders brought millions to Brazil. English took captives to West Indies and colonies in North America. Dominated the slave trade by the end of the 1600’s Daily "dancing" was enforced on many slave ships as a form of exercise. People were made to hop in place in their shackles and exercise by swinging their arms. The crew walked among them with whips or cat-o'-nine-tails to compel the forced recreation.

8 Slavery in the Colonies
Living Conditions Most enslaved Africans worked on plantations Some worked in mines, towns, and in the countryside. Some were carpenters, metal workers, or coopers Women were sometimes domestic workers.

9 Slavery in the Colonies
Living Conditions Owners and overseers gave physical and humiliating punishments. Owners lived in fear of slave rebellions.

10 Slavery in the Colonies
Resistance Laws in Americas saw enslaved Africans to be property. Slaves had no rights or freedoms. They endured brutal treatment and abuse Kept their traditions alive. Others turned to religion.

11 Effects of the Slave Trade
Slave trade lasted 400 years. Devastated societies in West Africa 15 to 20 million enslaved Africans forced to Americas Millions more sent to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

12 Effects of the Slave Trade
Human cost enormous Countless died marching from interior or crammed on ships In Africa Strongest young people captured. Africa’s future Africans turned on each other to gain captives Africans spread throughout the world African Diaspora Diffusion of African culture


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