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Slavery. Middle passage slave codes racism maroon.

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1 slavery

2 Middle passage

3 slave codes

4 racism

5 maroon

6 Why did slavery in the Americas begin? To work on sugar plantations

7 Why did the Spanish & Portuguese enslave Africans? Immune to diseases No friends or family Permanent cheap labor- children Already farmers

8 How many Africans had been enslaved when the slave trade ended? Between 12 -15 MILLION

9 How did the Spanish try to prevent slaves from rebelling? Slave codes- laws to regulate the treatment of slaves

10 What are examples of bad conditions faced by enslaved Africans? Miserable voyage on slave ships Being sold at auction Separated from families Forced hard labor Poor food & housing Brutal treatment

11 What are some of the long term effects of slavery in the Americas today? Racism continues to exist

12 Native American Slaves Died from overwork & disease Rebelled with local help

13 African slaves Immune to most European diseases No friends/family to help them resist Experienced farmers

14 Both Worked on sugar plantations Worked in mines Permanent cheap labor

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