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Unit 2 Grammar and usage Phrasal verbs (1st period) 南京市第九中学 张茹芳.

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1 Unit 2 Grammar and usage Phrasal verbs (1st period) 南京市第九中学 张茹芳

2 Please focus on the phrasal verbs in the story and try to write them down. Story-telling

3 Fleming tried out this mould on another bacterium. Fleming tried this mould out on another bacterium. verb + adverb In a phrasal verb, the adverb can go before or after the object. put up put off put away put back put on put out put down put aside put together…

4 verb + adverb Fleming found the mould had killed the cells of the bacteria and _______ on another bacterium. A. tried it out B. tried out it

5 verb + adverb They have differences, but they have agreed to ____________ in the interests of winning the election. B. put them aside A. put aside them If the object is a pronoun (it/them), it has to go between the verb and the adverb.

6 A phrasal verb does not always have an object. Prices of vegetables have gone up, for it has been raining for several weeks. I called you several times yesterday, but I couldn’t get through. New Internet companies are springing up every day. verb + adverb

7 The plane ________ at 10am. She ________ regularly to keep fit. How did the quarrel__________? Many plants have _______ because of pollution. She didn’t work hard and soon _________. He is too smart to _______ her trick. take off fall behind come about die out work out fall for takes off works out come about fall for died out fell behind

8 Doctors are looking into the case for new treatment. Sometimes people ask for medicine that they do not really need. verb + preposition Doctors are looking the case into for new treatment. Sometimes people ask medicine for that they do not really need. × ×

9 If wrong, please correct them. He climbed the mountain up last summer. I will put you through to the manager and she will talk to you. He looked up it in his dictionary. Please go over it and answer my questions. Think it over before you speak. × × climbed up the mountain looked it up √ √ √

10 How can you this for so long? It is not right to those who have AIDS. cars while you are crossing the street. verb + adverb + preposition put up with look down upon Watch out for

11 The company ___________ a new idea to raise their sales. We should try to __________ production and reduce what we make and buy. When I ___________ all the experiences since joining MSN, I feel I have been very lucky. I’m _______________ working in an IT company. verb + adverb + preposition came up with looking forward to cut back on think back to 削减 想出 回想 盼望

12 Make sentences, using the key words. 1. not / try out / drug / animal 2. I / spend / day / look after / sick dog 3. she / wash up / kitchen 4. let / us / talk over / issue 5. Dr. Brown / set up / surgery /in 2000 6. they / not / turn up / until 10 o’clock 7. Peter / get along with / schoolmates 8. they / get down to / business / lunch

13 1. It was too dark, and I couldn’t make out the words written on the wall. 2. I can’t make out what the article says. 3. He made out that he was a famous doctor. 4. She made out a cheque and handed it to me. a. write in complete form b. state sth. that may not be true c. see/hear sth. d. understand sth. One phrasal verb can have different meanings.

14 What does “give out” mean in each sentence? The teacher the examination papers to us at the beginning. Details of the accident were on the nine o’clock news. His heart /The engine finally. Their water two days ago. The radio is a strange signal. gave out hand out make known publicly break down / stop working be used up / come to an end send out / produce given out gave out giving out

15 1. He ________ some excuse about the dog eating his school uniform. 2. The grass in the garden _______ in summer. 3. Kathy _________ a lot of Spanish by playing with the native boys and girls. 4. John was in the garden __________ a fence. make up pick up put up come up made up came up picked up putting up Different verbs + the same adverb

16 Read the passage and focus on the phrasal verbs ( ① meaning ② structure ③ usage ). Try to sort them ( ① v.+ adv. ② v.+ prep. ③ v.+ adv. + prep. ).

17 v. + adv.v. + prep.v. + adv. + prep. grow up bring out turn out go on bring up pour…on say…about look for take up stay in work on sway…from go into come up with look back on

18 Jiang Qingnan and Li Jinxin are going abroad as exchange students next month. They’ve learned how to cook for a week. Now they are cooking in the kitchen. Suddenly…

19 look output out turn off pick up give up leave behind go outdo with get out carry out of Use the following as many as possible. Dialogue-making: 10---Excellent. 9---Wonderful. 8---Very good. 7---O.K. 6---Not bad.

20 Now let’s read my sample!

21 L: Look out! The pan is on fire. How can we put it out? J: Quick, turn the gas off. Cover the pan. Be careful! L: There! J: Take care. The pan’s very hot. L: Has the fire gone out? J: Yes! L: What a lot of smoke!

22 J: Never mind. Now you know what you should do with it. First turn off the gas and cover the pan. Then wait till the fire is out. Never try to pick the pan up or try to carry the burning pan out of the kitchen. Otherwise you might get burnt and even have the whole house on fire. L: Now let’s leave everything behind and get out for some fresh air. If Chinese food is often served in Britain, I’ll give up cooking.

23 If English is a beautiful rose, phrasal verbs are its stem. Love the rose, love its stem !

24 Finish off A&B on page 25. Finish off C1& C2 on page 112 in your Workbook. Find out the phrasal verbs in the word list of your textbooks(M1-M7).

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