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Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister. Section A Xie He jun.

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2 Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister. Section A Xie He jun

3 What does he/she look like? She/He is tall. She/He is thin. She/He has long hair/short hair.........

4 1 long hair /short hair She has long hair.

5 2 thin /heavy He is heavy.

6 3 short /tall He is short.

7 Yingmu Huadao Liuchuan Feng ( 鲁莽的, 直率的 ) ( 沉着的,镇静的 ) /waild/ /ka:m/

8 What is she like? She is … calm wild

9 1a Match each word with the opposite. tall wild thin short hair long hair heavy calm short

10 tall 1.88m 2.26m < Liu XiangYaoMing er

11 XiaoxinTom 0.9m 0.8m shortshort < er

12 wild wilder FeiYangyang HuiTailang <

13 calm calmer <

14 long hairlonger hair Kate Mary <

15 thin thinner <

16 heavy heavier <

17 adj.( 形容词 )comparatives( 比较级 ) tall short wild calm long thin heavy shorter wilder calmer longer thinner heavier taller

18 Liu Xiang is tall. YaoMing is taller. Yaoming is taller than LiuXiang. LiuXiang is shorter than YaoMing.

19 Pan Changjiang is short. XiaoXin is Pan Changjiang shorter than Xiao Xin is shorter. Pan Changjiang is taller than XiaoXin.

20 HuiTailang is wild.HongTalang is wilder. HongTailang is HuiTailang. wilder than

21 LiuChuanfeng is YinMuhuadao. calmer than

22 ZhangLiangying has long hair. CaiYiling has longer hair. Cai Yiling has longer hair than Zhang Liangying

23 Lucy Lily Lucy is Lily. thinner than

24 Han Hong is Na Ying. heavier than NaYing is thinner than HanHong.

25 Pair work Talk about your classmates. A is -------er than B A has ------er than B. (wilder,calmer,thinner, heavier, taller,shorter,longer)

26 They are twins(/twins/n 双胞胎).

27 Tara Tina Sam Tom Paul Pedro

28 Listening (1b: P31) 1 2 3


30 Talk about your classmates or teachers in our class.Ask the classmates to guess who is he/she.use the words: (wilder,calmer,thinner,heavier, taller,shorter,longer,smaller,bigger............) ( 小组竞赛)

31 Writing Write an article-----"My family" use the words(taller, shorter,thinner, heavier, longer hair, calmer, wilder)


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