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Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister. (Period One) 北京市上地实验学校 邓 容.

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1 Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister. (Period One) 北京市上地实验学校 邓 容

2 1. Talk about personal traits ( Apperance & Personality ). 2. Compare people.

3 Lead in Do you know these cartoon characters? Let’s talk about them.

4 What do they look like? What are they like?

5 1a What are the differences between the twins?

6 2.Compare the twins. Pedro is taller than Paul. / Paul is shorter than Pedro. Pedro is heavier than Paul. / Paul is thinner than Pedro. 1. Describe the twins (height & build). tall heavy short thin

7 Sam has longer hair than Tom. / Tom has shorter hair than Sam. Tom is calmer than Sam. / Sam is wilder than Tom. 1. Describe the twins (hair & personality). 2.Compare the twins. short hair calm long hair wild

8 1a Match each word with its opposite. tall thin long hair calm wild short hair heavy short

9 Peter Jim 1a Peter is shorter than Jim. / Jim is taller than Peter. Compare People. height

10 Compare People. Helen Mary Helen is heavier than Mary. Mary is thinner than Helen. build

11 Compare People. Lily is calmer than Linda. Linda is wilder than Lily. Lily Linda personality

12 Compare People. Tina has shorter hair than Amy. Amy has longer hair than Tina. TinaAmy hair

13 Description words about appearance: heavy --- thin / light tall --- short big --- small young --- old beautiful / handsome --- ugly long hair --- short hair Brainstorming

14 Description words about personality: serious --- funny generous --- selfish outgoing --- shy / quiet smart --- silly / foolish / stupid friendly / kind --- unfriendly confident --- inconfident honest --- dishonest easygoing --- uneasygoing careful --- careless Brainstorming

15 PeterJohn GinaSally Henry Tom Practice. Tom is younger than Henry. Peter is stronger than John. Gina is more beautiful than Sally.

16 Section A1b: Listening Fill in the blanks. Conversation 1 A: Is that Sam? B: No, that’s Tom. Sam has __longer____ hair than Tom. C: Yes, and? Tom’s ___calmer___ ___than___ Sam. Conversation 2 A: That’s Tara, isn’t it? B: No, it isn’t. It’s Tina. Tina is __taller___ than Tara. And she’s also __wilder__. Conversation 3 A: Is that Paul? B: No, that’s Pedro. Pedro’s __heavier___ than Paul. And Paul’s __shorter___ than Pedro.

17 比较级句型结构 : 主语 +be+ 形容词比较级 +than+ 对比成分 He is calmer than Sam. 主语 + 谓语动词 + 形容词比较级 + 名词 +than+ 对比成分 He has shorter hair than Sam.

18 1c Pairwork: Talk about the twins. A: Is that _____? B: No, it isn’t. It’s _______. ______ is _______ than ________.

19 Is that Tara? No, it isn’t. It’s Tina. Tara’s shorter than Tina. And she is calmer than Tina. 19

20 Is that Pedro? No, that’s Paul. Paul’s thinner than Pedro. Pedro’s taller than Paul. 20

21 Is that Tom? No, that’s Sam. Sam has longer hair than Tom. Yes, and he’s wilder than Tom. 21

22 1c My Good Friend A: Who is your good friend in your class? B: _________ is my good friend. A: What are the differences between you? B: Well, he / she ___________ than me.

23 Do you think you are different from your friend? I am tall calm smart quiet er than my friend. heavy funny y-i+er tallheavycalmsmartfunnyquiet 2a

24 -er / -ier more funny outgoing athletic serioussmart quiet 2a funny quiet serious smart outgoing athletic Listen. Are the words used with “er / ier” or “more”?

25 How are you and your best friend different? My best friend is … than me. I’m … than my best friend. 2a

26 tall – taller outgoing – more outgoing smart– smarter interesting – more interesting nice – nicer beautiful – more beautiful funny – funnier delicious – more delicious heavy – heavier athletic – more athletic big – bigger serious – more serious Think! How many kinds of changes are there?

27 形容词比较级规则变化 一.单音节词和部分双音节词 1. 一般单音节词末尾加 -er 。 tall --- taller short --- shorter long --- longer old --- older 2. 以字母e结尾的词,加 -r 。 nice --- nicer large --- larger Grammar

28 3. 重读闭音节词词尾只有一个辅音字母时,先双 写辅音字母,再加 -er 。 big --- bigger hot --- hotter thin --- thinner fat --- fatter 4. “ 辅音字母+ y ” 结尾的双音节词, 先改 y 为 i , 再加 -er 。 easy---easier busy---busier heavy -- heavier happy-- happier

29 二.多音节词和部分双音节词 在词前加 more outgoing – more outgoing interesting – more interesting beautiful – more beautiful

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