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I'm more outgoing than my sister

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1 I'm more outgoing than my sister
Unit 6 I'm more outgoing than my sister Section A(2a-2c)

2 Chant Tall, taller, who is taller?
I am tall. You are taller. You are taller than me. Thin, thinner, who is thinner? He is thin. She is thinner. She is thinner than him. Funny, funnier. Who is funnier? You are funny. They are funnier. They are funnier than you. Outgoing. More outgoing. Who is more outgoing? Lucy is outgoing. Lily is more outgoing. Lily is more outgoing than Lucy.

3 A:What’s he /she like ? B:He/She is … short wild tall

4 Ask and answer . heavy thin calm outgoing serious
A: What’s he /she like ? B: He/She is … thin heavy athletic calm serious outgoing

5 Pan Changjiang is shorter than Liu Xiang
…taller… …funnier… …younger… …older… …more outgoing … …more athletic… …heavier… LiuXiang Pan Changjiang

6 Make sentences. Mr Black Miss Black tall taller

7 short shorter Jim Tom 0.9m 0.8m

8 funny funnier Li Yong Pan Changjiang

9 young younger Kay David

10 older old Vince Ted

11 thin thinner Liu Yifei Lin Xinru .

12 clam--clamer wild--wilder

13 Fei Mao Liu Huan heavier heavy

14 John Mike outgoing more outgoing

15 Tom Pedro more serious serious

16 athletic more athletic

17 Discuss taller, shorter, thinner, longer hair, heavier, calmer,
funnier, more athletic,more serious, more outgoing, more friendly … – The Chinese teacher is more outgoing than the math teacher . -The science teacher is funnier than the art teacher .

18 Tina Tara twin sisters Do they look the same ?

19 2a Complete the chart with the words used with “-er/-est”or “more”.(P 32 ) -er/ier more funny outgoing smart athletic serious quiet

20 How are the twins different?
Tina is… funnier __________________ Tara is… ________ more serious more outgoing smarter more athletic quieter twins

21 Fill in the blanks. Interviewer: Tina, do you think you are _______from Tara? Tina: Oh, sure. We’re very different. I’m______ than Tara. And I am _____outgoing. Let’s see, what else? Oh, I’m more_______, too. different funnier more athletic Interviewer: So, Tara, are you more _______ than Tina? Tina: I guess so. I’m _______ than Tina. And I’m_______. serious smarter quieter

22 Say out the comparative forms of these adjectives
Exercise: funny serious smart calm wild big fat outgoing athletic dirty heavy thin tall smaller easier hotter more interesting smarter funnier bigger more serious calmer more outgoing dirtier fatter wilder heavier more athletic thinner taller

23 Do you know 形容词比较级的构成规则 1.直接在形容词后加-er。 tall—taller short—shorter
old—older 2.以不发音的e结尾的形容词直接在其后加-r。 nice—nicer large—larger late—later 3.以重读闭音节结尾并且末尾只有一个辅音字母,应先双写这个辅音字母再加-er. big—bigger thin—thinner hot—hotter 4.以“辅音字母+y”结尾的,先改“y”为“i”,再加-er。 early—earlier heavy—heavier funny—funnier 5.多音节和部分双音节形容词在其前面加more。 beautiful—more beautiful athletic—more athletic serious—more serious

24 athletic— calm— delicious--
一、写出下列词的比较级形式 tall— happy hot-- beautiful easy clean-- short— serious— dirty-- heavy thin— difficult-- interesting nice big— athletic— calm— delicious--

25 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Pair Work Sam Tom
A: Is Sam smarter than Tom? B:Yes,he is .Sam is smarter than Tom. B: Is Tom is taller than Sam? A: No, he isn’t. Sam is taller than Tom. Pair Work * Sam Tom * * * * smart * * * * tall * * * * athletic * * * * quiet * * * * thin * * * * funny

26 Beijing Hang zhou small,clean ,beautiful,hot, warm, cool, cold ,large, friendly, delicious… Make a report In our group, we like Beijing very much. We think It is bigger than Hang zhou …

27 Writing: Think of yourself two years ago. Write about how
you are different now. Are you taller now? Are you smarter? Are you more popular? Are you more outgoing? Are you a better student? Are you heavier now? Are you more athletic? Two years ago. I was a primary school student. I am taller now.

28 A friend is easier lost than found.
Let’s share proverb! A friend is easier lost than found. 得朋友难,失朋友易.

29 Homework 1.每个同学自己想像未来的形象。用英语写一篇短文,能画的同学还可以画出自己的画像。
Many years later, I will be taller,I want to be more beautiful…


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