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Unit6 wildcalm What does she look like? What is she like? heavy thin.

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2 Unit6


4 wildcalm

5 What does she look like? What is she like? heavy thin

6 tallshort

7 short hair long hair

8 1a Match each word with the opposite. tall thin long hair calm wild short hair heavy short

9 Yao Ming is _____ ____Jordan. Jordan is tall. Yao Ming is taller. taller than

10 Liu Huan is short. Zeng Zhiwei is shorter. Zeng Zhiwei is _______ ____ Liu Huan. shorter than

11 calm calmer Sandy is calmer than Cici. Cici Sandy

12 fast faster Ted Vince Vince is ___ ___Ted. faster than

13 Zhang Shaohan has long hair. Liu Yi fei has longer hair. Liu Yi fei has longer hair than Zhang Shaohan.

14 smart smarter

15 Lin Xinru is thin. Sun Yanzi is thinner. Sun Yanzi is ______ _____Lin Xinru. thinner than

16 hothotter Today is hotter than yesterday. yesterdaytoday

17 Liu Huan is heavy. Fei Mao is heavier. Fei Mao is heavier than Liu Huan.

18 busier Max is _____ ____ Mark. busy Mark Max busier than

19 happier Lucy is happier than Billy. happy Lucy Billy

20 Learn to say! Yao Ming is taller than Pan Changjiang. Pan Changjiang is shorter than Yao Ming. This girl has shorter hair than that girl. That girl has longer hair than this girl. Fan Wei is heavier than Li Yong. Li yong is thinner than Fan Wei. Zhao Wei is wilder than Liu Yifei. Liu Yifei is calmer than Zhao Wei.

21 twins

22 1 2 3 1b Listen and number the pairs of twins[1-3] in the picture.

23 Practice the conversation in the picture above. Then make conversations about the other twins. 1c Pair Work A: Is that Tara? B: No, it isn’t. It’s Tina. Tara’s shorter than Tina. A: Is that Sam? B: No, that’s Tom. Sam has longer hair than Tom, and Tom’s calmer than Sam. A: Is that Paul? B: No, that’s Pedro. Pedro’s heavier than Paul. And Paul’s shorter than Pedro.


25 outgoing

26 athletic strong

27 serious

28 handsome

29 athletic more athletic Jack is ____ _______ ____ Hector. Hector Jack more athletic than

30 outgoingserious Li Yong is ____ ___________ than Shui Junyi. Shui Junyi is ____ _______ than Li Yong. 29 more outgoing more serious

31 beautiful more beautiful Liu Yifei is more beautiful than Lin Xinru.

32 handsome more handsome Wu Zun is more handsome than He jiong.

33 比较级规则变化口诀: 比较级,要变化,一般词尾加 er 。 (long-longer) 词尾若有哑音 e, 直接加 r 就可以。 (nice-nicer) 重读闭音节, 单辅音字母要双写。 (hot-hotter) 辅音字母若加 y, 记得把 y 变为 i 。 (happy-happier)

34 athletic outgoing serious delicious more athletic more outgoing more serious more delicious 多音节词、部分双音节词词前加 more 原级比较级

35 smaller easierhotter more interesting smarter calmer wilder taller funnier heavier dirtier bigger thinner fatter more outgoing more serious more athletic nicer larger later finer

36 1.wild 2.small 3.tall 4.nice 5.fine 6.big 7.fat 写出下列形容词的比较级 1.wilder 2.smaller 3.taller 4.nicer 6.finer 7.bigger 8.fatter 8.thin 10.easy 11.happy 12.healthy 13.funny 14.beautiful 15.athletic 16.interesting 8.thinner 9.hotter 10.easier 11.happier 12.healthier 13.funnier 14.more beautiful 15.more athletic 16.more interesting

37 Guess who he is. You write down your best friend’s name on a piece of paper. Then say something about her/him, ask your classmates guess who she/he is. For example: She/He is –er than me. She/He is more outgoing, but I am quieter. 返回

38 Thank you for listening!

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