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Integrated Workforce Offices Serving Job Seekers with Disabilities March 31, 2011.

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1 Integrated Workforce Offices Serving Job Seekers with Disabilities March 31, 2011

2 Overview Disability definition. Why Iowa Integration? How does Integration support a job seeker with disabilities? Iowa Integration policy on job seekers with a disability. 2

3 Who is a Job Seeker with Disabilities? Any individual who upon becoming a member of Iowa Works voluntarily discloses they have a disability. 3

4 4 Once upon Fall 2007, the new Iowa IWD Director & Deputy Director went on a 100-Day tour to learn about their offices

5 Most valuable asset identified was staff IWD had migrated to a 1990’s self-service delivery model Workforce drivers were changing/shifting but IWD had not adapted We were missing service opportunities, system efficiencies, utilizing staff’s knowledge/expertise 5 Fall 2007 100-Day Tour Findings

6 Non-Integrated Office 6

7 1990’s Service Model/Paradigm 7 From: The 1990’s rigid, inverted triangle: Self-service to group to 1-on-1 (with fewer at each service level)

8 To provide Iowans the service they deserved, we needed to …….. 1. Serve more, with more services 2. Proactively recognize needs 3. Simplify processes 4. Services, not programs 5. Integrate services and customers 6. Shift from “work first” to “work ready 8

9 To provide Iowans the service they deserved, we needed to …….. 7. Increase number in “training” 8. Increase initial and skills assessments 9. Redefine “case management” to include “service management” And…. 9

10 #10 – We Needed to….. #10 – We Needed to….. ensure businesses across Iowa have the skilled workers they need; while workers gain skills in DEMAND!! 10

11 Emerging Service Model/Paradigm 11 To: A flexible, “service wheel”: Start with right method for customer. Self services increase based on customer needs. not forced at the outset unless customers’ pursue staff.

12 D D - Demand Driven E E - Effective and Efficient V V - Value to the local community + L L - Law: House file 2699 (Jan. 2009) 12 IowaWORKS Revised Purpose

13 The Iowa Integration Model 3 Purposes: -Demand-Driven, Skill-based -Effective and Efficient -Value-added Impact 3 Functions/Teams: -Membership -Skills Development -Recruitment & Placement 3 Customer Needs/Mission: -Know Skills -Improve Skills -Get Job with Skills 3 Integrated Inputs/Outputs: -Increased Volume -More with Multiple Services -Higher % Skill Enhancement 3 Service Methods: -Integrated Customer Pool -Integrated Flow and Services -Integrated Staffing 3 Integrated Outcomes: -Entered Employment -Labor-Market Retention -Earnings 13

14 So how does an integrated model better serve job seekers with disabilities? 14

15 Integration’s MISSION 100% of Center customers have an opportunity to: Know Their Skills Develop Their Skills Get Best Job Possible with Their Skills “Every Customer Leaves a Better Job Candidate” 15

16 Full and effective inclusion of Iowans with disabilities or barriers in the employment service system and in the industry of their communities 16

17 Integrated Customer Flow Membership Skills Development Recruitment & Placement Business Services 17 Welcome Initial Basic Assessment Cohort Recommendation Data Collection, Co-enrollment Skills Analysis/Assessment Service Planning, Career Counseling Skills Development Facilitated job Search Job Search Structure and Support Job Bank, Job Matching Job Development Referrals, Hiring Process Support

18 The expectation is that all disabled job seekers become members and are served in Skills Development. The s tigma of disability or lack of knowledge in the past has caused staff to exclude many job seekers with disabilities as “not job ready” or led to referrals to other agencies, away from workforce services. 18

19 The 3 Team Functions of Integration 19 1. Membership (includes UI/ Unemployment Insurance) 2. Skills Development 3. Recruitment & Placement

20 All customers are invited to disclose a disability during Membership enrollment. All customers are invited to disclose a disability during Membership enrollment. 20 If an individual discloses, follow-up efforts will be made to assure the most appropriate resources are mobilized to the benefit of the member. If a member does not disclose, additional questions or service referrals will not be made.

21 Disability Questions 21

22 Partner Referrals 22

23 When can we or should we ask about disability? The rule of thumb is determined by your role: Yes: To provide a job seeker service – so appropriate services can be engaged to support the job seeker in successful achievement of their career objectives. No: To provide a business service 23

24 What Do You Do If The Partner Referral Box Is Checked?  Add your regional Disability tip sheet on top of the member’s colored folder. It provides contact information and alerts members about work incentives, such as Ticket to Work.  Ask if they would like an introduction to a designated disability expert 24

25 Membership Kits and Tip Sheets 25

26 Regional Disability Tip Sheet 26 The template can be found on the IWD Regions SharePoint under “Integration Documents”.

27 45 Day Not Received Service Report 27 E-mailed to Leadership weekly NameAddressEmailCity State Zip Home Phone Cell Phone Work Phone Other Phone Veteran Type Cd Disability Last Countable Service Received Job SeekerPO BOX 777 jobseekerl@hotmail. com BURLINGTON, IA 52601 (xxx) xxx- xxx 05/18/2010 Job Seeker 123 S LEEBRICK ST jobseeker@iwd.iowa. gov BURLINGTON, IA 52601 (xxx) xxx- xxx 05/18/2010 Job Seeker 999 S SUMNER AVE OAKVILLE, IA 52646 (xxx) xxx- xxx V - RegularY05/28/2010 Job Seeker 222 W. MONTGOMERY ST. m OQUAWKA, IL 61469 (xxx) xxx-xxx 06/02/2010 Job Seeker888 LYON ST m W BURLINGTON, IA 52655 (xxx) xxx- xxx 06/02/2010 Job Seeker 333 N. SPRUCE ST. BURLINGTON, IA 52601 (xxx) xxx-xxx Y06/03/2010 Weekly Cohort Not Received Service for more than 45 days Report Week : January 16, 2011 - January 22, 2011 Cohort Type : Career Development Region : Southeast Iowa Office : Burlington

28 Output - Profile Reporting 28

29 Skills Development Support Engage, encourage! Core services training Direct referral to community programs Establish a disability Subject Matter Expert as a resource and facilitator for all Recommend Intensive and Training services if appropriate Utilize Ticket to Work incentive Keep all Integration team members informed on disability services and opportunities 29

30 Disability Partner Resources Examples: Veterans Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services Iowa Dept. for the Blind Dept. of Human Services Iowa Dept. of Education Iowa Developmental Disability Council Community and Advocacy Services Older Workers Non-Profit agencies Mental Health agencies Housing agencies Assistive Technology Team 30

31 Successful Job Placement Overcoming Barriers Identify Barriers Get perspective Create solutions Good Resource: “No One is Unemployable” by Elisabeth Sanders-Park 31

32 Integration Policy on Service for Job Seekers with Disabilities To facilitate collaborative employment service response To encourage disclosure Agreement that the service system required to serve all Iowans needs to do a better job responding to those with disabilities

33 Guidance in Disability Policy Each office identifies a Disability Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the Skills Development Team Regional System operates as an Employment Network under the Ticket to Work program Resources of State Agency Partners in regard to ◦ Staff orientation ◦ Technical assistance ◦ Accommodation

34 34 Thank You!! Questions?

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