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Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02 Training Delivery Design: Group.

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1 Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02 Training Delivery Design: Group

2  South Central Workforce Council (SCWDC) requires local WorkSource Operators to ensure that comprehensive, quality services are available to jobseeker customers of local WorkSource Centers and, as appropriate, affiliate sites.  The list of these services is called the Menu of Job Seeker Services.  The Services in the Menu of Jobseeker are: ◦ Staff assisted and self-service offerings ◦ Available on-site, online, via informational documents, or through partners (Partners include community and technical colleges and local community organizations.) 2Group Delivery Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02

3 Available assessment tools Skill development services Labor market information Available short and longer term training opportunities in the region or online Job search and placement assistance Availability of resources to facilitate contact with potential employers such as computers, phones, and fax Community resources and supportive services Info on how to file for unemployment insurance The menu should specify that access to some offerings and services are contingent upon funding availability and may have program eligibility requirements 3Group Delivery Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02

4 Where is your menu of job seeker services? Go find it and write the list on your Desk Aid. 1. _____________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________________ 6. _____________________________________________________ 7. _____________________________________________________ 8. _____________________________________________________ 9. _____________________________________________________ 10. ____________________________________________________ 11. ____________________________________________________ 4Group Delivery Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02

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6 In Small Groups: Who knows how to access the items on your menu? 6Group Delivery Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02

7 Share with everyone how to access the items on your menu. 7Group Delivery Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02

8 Can you name the ways a customer can access the menu in your office? When should a customer first become aware that there’s a menu? When should you be offering the Menu to customers? What happens when you don’t have a Menu service inside of your WorkSource building? 8Group Delivery Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02

9 SCWDC requires the Menu to:  include information about offerings designed to meet the training and employment needs of your local client base  be accessible to your local community Do you think your office’s Menu meets these two requirements? 9Group Delivery Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02

10 Once you have introduced the customer to the items on the Menu, what should you do next? Direct customers to the most appropriate service for helping them achieve their goals of employment, training, job retention, or increased earnings. 10Group Delivery Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02

11 WorkSource expects you to empower the jobseeking customer with options so that they can make knowledgeable decisions about what services are available and which services they wish to access. The Menu must be presented to each customer at initial contact by staff assigned to the front desk. 11Group Delivery Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02

12 Here is a link here to the Desk Aid! 06-02 Menu of Jobseeker Services Desk Aid 12Group Delivery Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02 Thanks for your time and thoughtful responses today! One more slide to go …

13  Please go to the Survey Monkey survey created to document your participation in this training.   The survey provides you an opportunity to provide us with feedback about the training while also providing your WorkSource Center the required documentation of staff training. 13Group Delivery Policy: SCWDC WS-06-02

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