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(personalize with your name) Transition Counselor Division of Rehabilitative Services (Date)

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1 (personalize with your name) Transition Counselor Division of Rehabilitative Services (Date)

2 Virginias federally mandated Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program Assists individuals with disabilities to prepare for, enter, and maintain employment Focus is on EMPLOYMENT Participation is VOLUNTARY

3 An expert in disability and career counseling Determines eligibility for DRS services Identifies barriers to competitive employment Helps develop employment goal Develops Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) with steps to achieve students employment goal

4 Offices located across the Commonwealth Every high school Works collaboratively with: Student and their family Special Education Staff Guidance Counselors Case Managers Physicians Therapists Others

5 Campus located in Fishersville PERT program for high school youth Life Skills Training Program Vocational Evaluations Therapeutic Evaluations Vocational Training Programs Driver Evaluation and Training (including modified)

6 Early involvement is essential! At least 3 years from exiting school Ask questions and plan accordingly

7 Transition age youth demonstrate better employment outcomes when they receive services early Transition age youth get and keep quality jobs at a higher rate than those who apply for vocational rehabilitation services after they have joined the labor market or begin receiving public assistance

8 Referral Intake Eligibility Order of Selection* Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) Services Closure * When a state does not have sufficient funds to meet the needs of all individuals seeking services, a plan must be initiated to serve those clients with the most need first.

9 Eligible to work in the US Documented disability Barrier to employment Be able to benefit from services Require services to prepare for, enter and engage in or retain employment

10 Mobility Self Direction Self Care Interpersonal Skills Communication Work Tolerance Work Skills

11 Modifications or accommodations Effective communication skills Organizational skills Assistance needed to get from place to place Training or supervision to obtain/maintain work skills Work stamina Work habits Adaptive/assistive technology

12 Money management Medication management Self-care capability Ability to plan and initiate activities Problem solving skills Interactions and relationships with others Self advocacy skills

13 Developed after DRS eligibility is established Created collaboratively with student, family, service providers, and DRS Counselor Parallel to the students IEP Focuses on the goal of employment Outlines steps needed for employment goal Plans for necessary services and funding

14 Eligible students must complete financial need process Some services can be provided without regard to financial need Some services involve financial participation on the part of the student and family

15 Guidance and counseling Assessment Career exploration Job seeking and placement On-the-Job Training, Unpaid Work Experiences Disability awareness counseling Follow-along services after job placement

16 Higher education Vocational/technical training Durable medical equipment or other goods Assistive Technology (A.T.) Therapeutic Intervention

17 Division of Rehabilitative Services Virginia Dept for Aging and Rehabilitative Services 800-552-5019 (voice) 800-464-9950 (TTY) (###)-###-####

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