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Processing A Ticket & Marketing the EN State of Iowa Workforce Partners Employment Network November 2010 1.

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1 Processing A Ticket & Marketing the EN State of Iowa Workforce Partners Employment Network November 2010 1

2 Customer Service vs. Competition Imperative understand the goal is serving people with the most appropriate, readily available service to achieve their employment goal. ENs work with VR agencies not in competition. 2

3 Relationship with State VR Agencies Working agreement between VR, IDB, IWD Ticket holder can assign their Ticket to workforce before case opens (while on waiting list) and after case closure. If a person currently has open case file or states they are working with VR, our role is to support the Ticket holder and counselor. If person is working with VR agency, you need to email 3

4 A customer discloses they are on SSI or Social Security Disability benefits All staff and partner staff should act: 1.Staff will treat them as any other customer and invite them to become a Member 2.State the workforce center is an Employment Network and invite them to meet with your contact person. 4

5 Cont: What do we do?? 3.Local team determines plan how to connect, i.e. direct introduction if available/ if not email and give number. 4.Regions will give person a Disability Tip Sheet (person does not need be on SSA), which has the contact information. 5.The EN Rep will meet with the person and process Ticket 5

6 Role of the Ticket Contact Rep Serve as the EN representative at regional level Seek signature for regional ticket assignment Responsible for following procedure regarding TTW documents Provide regional information to the Ticket Coordinator (This person is not assuming the role of the Navigator, but instead the sole purpose is the contact person for the regional TTW and the workforce center teams are being responsive to the job seekers with disabilities.) 6

7 Individual Work Plan A written agreement – 3 components employment plan done by staff and stored in iworks, IWP addendum & 18 month look back. Refer to the procedure Processing a Ticket Must have an Employment Plan in iworks Complete IWD addendum Complete 18 month look back 7

8 Benefits Planning – critical connection Conducted through extensive training and services of Iowa Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (WIPA) Specialized training and certification to be CWIC and Iowa has 2 (housed at workforce center) Website You are not responsible to have this training but you are invited to learn more by attending Benefits Liaison training held around the state. You are responsible for all Ticket holders assigning their Ticket to email CWIC assigned to your area contact information. 8

9 Reassignment or Involuntary Termination of Ticket Assignment A ticket holder can unassign his/her ticket. Needs to be done in writing. An EN can terminate a Ticket assignment at any time if a beneficiary is not actively participating in his/her IWP. Notify Ticket Coordinator if either of these occur. 9

10 Marketing the Ticket Led by the Ticket Coordinator An EN has permission to use the TTW logo IWD Website & Maximus website Self referrals to EN State Coordinator and then you will get an email or call for follow up. Local events with WIPA, MIG, VR, etc. Past marketing plan 10

11 Marketing at Local Level Announce center is an EN on centers marquee Add Iowa Works is an Social Security approved Employment Network under Ticket to Work to published materials & presentations Include TTW brochures/flyers in RES workshops, job fairs, etc. Office signage – get from Ticket Coordinator 11

12 Outreach to Ticket Holders Workforce partners events (Job Fairs, RES workshops, other events) Ticket Informational Meetings at workforce center – recognized best practice for time management 1 hour per week followed by appts. Ticket Coordinator can supply you with materials and power point. Add these to centers workshops. 12

13 Other Tidbits All staff signing the IWP and representing our EN need to complete SSA security clearance. Subscribe to the Navigator list serve as support plus important announcements. To do this email The Navigator Sharepoint will be moving to the regional level sharepoint menu. Regional Disability Tip Sheet 13

14 Questions? Thank You Contact Mary Lynn ReVoir 866-520-8986 ext 107 cell: 563-380-0273 14

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