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SWAN Committee of the Whole Meeting Presented by Aaron Skog, SWAN Executive Director April 8, 2014.

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1 SWAN Committee of the Whole Meeting Presented by Aaron Skog, SWAN Executive Director April 8, 2014

2  Activity to Date  3 Reviews with SWAN attorney  2 Reviews with SWAN Board  Conference Calls ▪ SVA ▪ EDS ▪ Visit with EBSCO staff ▪ Server Hardware ▪ Training ▪ Strategic Partnership Program (SPP)

3 Overview 5 Years 0% Maintenance Migration Products Consulting Adding New Libraries

4 What SWAN Negotiated  Pricing for Optional Items  Sample Project Implementation Plan  Acceptance Tests  System Capacity and Growth Warranties  Third-Party Products and Interfaces  Data Load Test  Escrow Agreement  BLUEcloud Development  Incorporated Bid Documents  Payment Terms  Add-On Pricing  Public Library  Academic and Special LibrarySchool Library  Pricing for Exit Services for SWAN Consortium Libraries  SVA Server Specifications  SPP and Beta Testing Clarifications  Development of Patron Image and Signature Image Capabilities  Description of SWAN Data and Infrastructure Environment  SirsiDynix Consulting Services  Products for Go Live Date

5 SirsiDynix Symphony's Core Package includes Cataloging Circulation Acquisitions Serials Reports Additional functions include: an Oracle or MSSQL embedded license, a Z39.50 server, Authority Control, Backup Circulation

6 Symphony & BLUEcloud Solutions Universal SIP2 NCIP Interface BLUEcloud Analytics BLUEcloud MobileCirc BookMyne+ Social Library eResource Central: 3M, B&T, OverDrive, Recorded Books

7  EBSCO Discovery Services (EDS)  EDS Web Services ▪ Connecting Searches EBSCO ▪ Individual Library EBSCO Subscriptions ▪ Other databases OCLC, Gale

8 Enterprise  SirsiDynix Enterprise is a state-of-the-art faceted search  Fuzzy search logic technology  E-book integration with eResource Central  EDS online subscription database integration  Theme Customization

9 Portfolio  Digital asset management solution  Dgital collections more searchable and discoverable through Enterprise  IncludesOAI-PMH capabilities, both as a server as well as a harvester  Also included is the ability to create metadata templates based on a wide range of digital media types, such a music, video, images, etc.

10 Acquisitions  Efficient online tracking of materials from ordering through claiming, receiving, invoicing, and processing  Supports all transactions formats currently adopted by SISAC (Claims/Claim Response /Invoice /Dispatch Information/Functional Acknowledgment)  Electronically transmit and receive information in these formats using X12. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) allows libraries to communicate with vendors to transfer ordering, invoicing, or subscription information between computers  9XX Order Interface automatically loads bibliographic and order information from online acquisitions systems.  9xx Book order Loader facilitates the acquisitions workflow when libraries place orders for materials through a Web-based book vendor ordering system. This module, especially for academic libraries, not only imports MARC records for new book orders, but also records the order details in Symphony all in one step.  Vendors include Baker and Taylor TitleSource II, Ingram iPage, BWI TitleTales, Brodart, Yankee Book Peddler GOBI, Blackwell Collection Manager, and Harrassowitz OttoEditions

11  Symphony ReferenceLIBRARIAN  Enhances the Public Access Catalog with Kids' Library, Find-it-Fast, and Have-You-Read pre- defined searches.  Symphony Academic Reserves  Allows staff to handle Course Reserves using the same commands employed in the Circulation module and allows searching of Reserves material by course and instructor in the staff and public access interfaces.

12  Debt Collection Agency Interface  Interface includes debt collection reports that output information on overdue fines, bills, and referral fees  This interfaces directly with Unique Management and is priced for each participating institution  Collection Exchange  Auto-selects items to be moved from location to location to optimize circulation based on locations' interests and associated profiles and collection development goals

13  Materials Booking  Enables booking, circulation, and maintenance of equipment, rooms, and non-print material  SMS Notification Subscription to the SMS Notification  SirsiDynix Telephone Messaging (SVA)

14  Lexile Reading Information Initial One-Time Run  SirsiDynix will identify Accelerated Reader quiz information OR Lexile Measures which match records in the library's bibliographic database.  Accelerated Reader: SirsiDynix will identify each bibliographic record in the library’s database which has Accelerated Reader quiz information available, and which does not already contain the information. Field 526 will be added to the library’s record, providing the Accelerated Reader quiz number, reading level, interest level, point value, and Accelerated Reader supplementary notes.  Lexile Measures: For each Lexile value identified, SirsiDynix will add field 521 to the library’s record, providing the Lexile information. This service does not require records to be extracted and reloaded to the library’s database.  Annual Update Service for Reading Information  After Accelerated Reader Reading program information and/or Lexile Measures data has been added through the Reading Information: Initial Run, the subscription service identifies new Accelerated Reader quizzes or Lexile data which match records already in the library’s database and quizzes or data which match new bibliographic records recently added to the library’s database.


16 BLUEcloud Component Add-on Options Included in Quote Anticipated Release eResource Central XCurrent Enterprise XCurrent Portfolio XCurrent BLUEcloud Marketplace XPilot 2014 BLUEcloud Analytics XPilot Q2 2014 Social Library XCurrent Bookmyne Plus XCurrent BLUEcloud PAC X Not needed (Enterprise/Port) BLUEcloud Cataloging XPilot Q2 2014 Universal Admin XCurrent

17 At the time of contract signing SirsiDynix warrants that Symphony will successfully interoperate with the following products named in this schedule. SirsiDynix will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain interoperability during the Term but cannot warrant ongoing interoperability due to the continual evolution of legal, licensing, partnership, and other technical or business parameters. SirsiDynix has certified partners with whom we have tested and certified interoperability between systems; other products or systems that adhere to standards such as SIP2 would also integrate with our products but may not have been tested. In addition, APIs provide integration with third party products that are non- standards compliant. SWAN can interface with the following:  3M: Cloud Library  3M: self-check  3M: AMH  A.N.D. Technologies: P-Counter  Bibliotheca: self-check  Central Technologies (CenTec): i-circ self- check  Comprise: SAM  Cybrarian  Envisionware: LPTOne  Envisionware: PC Reservation  Evanced Solutions: Events, Room Reserve, Summer Reader  ITS: MyPC  3M: Cloud Library  3M: self-check  3M: AMH  Librarica: CASSIE  Library Ideas: Freading  Library Ideas: Freegal  OCLC: EZ Proxy  OverDrive: eMedia Library, My Media Mall, Media on Demand  Pharos: Computer Reservation System  Pharos: Print Management  TechLogic: ACS self-check  TechLogic: AMH  Vendprint

18 Agreement Schedule 16  Assured as a component of Symphony 3.5 (Available December 2014)  Requested Features & Functions  Patron Images imported, referenced, and utilized from current ILS (Innovative Millennium) data  Patron Image Data Field that may be modified through library staff image upload or direct hardware input via network camera, desktop camera, digital snapshot camera, mobile/tablet device  Patron Signatures imported, referenced, and utilized from current ILS (Innovative Millennium) data  Patron Signature Data Field that may be modified through library staff image upload or direct hardware input via signature pad or mobile/tablet device  Existing Signature and Image data verified and confirmed of consistency through Data Load Test

19 Adding Libraries to SWAN Consortium  Licensing & Migration Costs  Discounts for Non-SirsiDynix Libraries to Migrate to SWAN  Public Libraries: 6 tiers based on annual circulation  Academic & Special: 6 tiers based on title count  Schools K-12: 6 tiers based on number of school libraries  Data Migration Costs: Package or a la cart

20  Tentative April 2015 Go Live  Summary of Training Package  For All Member Staff: Unlimited eLearning subscriptions for access to the self-paced trainings  For the SWAN trainers/mentors ▪ 11+ days of onsite training (staff-facing software areas: Circulation, Cataloging, Reports, Acquisitions, etc.) ▪ 8+ days of private online/instructor-led training (Symphony Administration, OPAC Configuration, etc.)  Training of Member Library Staff TBD

21  Automatically renew for one year renewal terms  Unless either party gives written notice 60 days prior to the end of any previous Term of its intention to terminate the Subscription or Maintenance service, part of the Subscription or Maintenance Service or the entire Master Agreement  90 Day Warranty after Go Live  Response Time Warranty for Software & SaaS

22 Platinum Premier Services Training Best Practices Consulting Customer Service & Support APIs Data Enhancement Services SureSailing (5 years) SWAN staff access to consultant LRM Function (Library Relations Manager) Additional Consulting Hours (negotiated hourly rate for 5 years) Agreement Includes & Describes

23 Fee SummaryYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5 $407,930$ 222,875 Includes data migration, installation, licenses, 1 st yr maint, consulting

24  Questions?  Ready to Sign?

25  COSUGI  All SWAN Libraries Now Members!  2014 Conference $475 for COSUGI Members  Detroit, Michigan  May 15-17, 2014   SLUI: SirsiDynix Library Users of Illinois  Thursday, April 24, 2014 at the Bloomingdale Public Library 9am – 12pm.  Presentation “Caution, change ahead: Skill sets for today and tomorrow” presented by Kelly Krieg-Sigman  Register online

26  Memo 10: SWAN Server IP Migration  The end of our Network Migration Project is within sight!  IP Addresses for Millennium Production, Report, and Encore servers  The migration will occur Tuesday, April 8th at 11pm until Wednesday, April 9th at 6am.  Memo details  How to prepare and what services may be affected by this change  Have your designated IT staff available on this date should any internal library changes be necessary

27 Thursday April 17 10AM  Guest Speaker: ICN’s Robin Woodsome  Presentation of current ICN project initiatives  Self-Check Kiosks  Retirement of ExpressLane  SWAN evaluations with Bibliotheca and 3M  RFID and SWAN  Current trends within SWAN Libraries  Workshop details  DNS System Retirement  Gauging interest/ideas  Open Forum of current member projects

28  SWAN Board Monday April 14: Burr Ridge (changed from Friday April 18)  Committee of Whole May 13: Prairie State College hosting  SWAN Board May 13 12PM: Prairie State College hosting (changed from Friday May 16)  Quarterly June 5: RAILS Burr Ridge

29 Aaron Skog,

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