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Tato prezentace je hrazena z projektu: Spolupráce s partnery – základ kvalitní odborné výuky Registrační číslo: CZ.1.07/1.1.01/02.0033.

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Presentation on theme: "Tato prezentace je hrazena z projektu: Spolupráce s partnery – základ kvalitní odborné výuky Registrační číslo: CZ.1.07/1.1.01/02.0033."— Presentation transcript:

1 Tato prezentace je hrazena z projektu: Spolupráce s partnery – základ kvalitní odborné výuky Registrační číslo: CZ.1.07/1.1.01/02.0033

2 Written by: Jiřina Korbelová, P3 School year 2010/2011

3 Position  In the place where the building of „Gymnázium“ stands today, there was a pond called Jordán. It was fulfiled with the soil.  Barns were built there and later a leisure centre named Luna was founded. In the end a building of „Gymnázium“ was constructed.  Grammar school „Gymnázium Třebíč“ is a comprehensive school. It is situated in Horka-Domky town quarter opposite the building of Třebíč municipality. Dr. Albín Braff Comercial Academy and School of Services Třebíč are close to it.

4 Variations of „Gymnázium“ Round the year 1889 Round the year 1906 Year 2011

5 History  On 14 th August 1871 the emperor František Josef I.decided that the 4 th Czech grammar school would be established in Třebíč. Town municipality commited to find a bulding for it.  On 29th October 1871 “Gymnázium“ was dedicated and the priest Jan Nepomuk Soukop from Doubravice held the mass in Saint Martin´s church in Třebíč.  The municipality had to find the building quickly so they offered Krupička´s house. School then also operated in other buildings in Třebíč – in a town hall, a pub, an orphanage and a previous basic school in Jejkov town quarter.  In the year 1875 school was moved to so called „old school“ in Hasskova street ( later School for nurses and in the 21 st century again „Gymnázium“).  In next ten years two-floor building was added to the old one.  In years 1874 – 1888 school was Germanized but in 1888 all German classes were closed.  In addition in 1886 school was proclaimed the „Higher Gymnázium“.

6  The price was set 84 000 „zlatých“ (golden old currency).  Festive opening was held on 22 nd August 1889. In April 1888 new place for a new school building was found and builders Jaroslav Herzán a Reimun Wolg started the construction. The mayor Josef Ferdinand Kubeš, school inspector K. Schober and advocate Antonín Blahovec gave the speech. The metal box with documents and memorial coins was immured behind the the memorial plague.  The 25 th anniversary celebration took place in 1896 and „ Akademický feriální klub“ for south-west Moravia was established.  The school building was used for other purposes too. On holidays 1894 army was accommodated there, then military hospital. Lessons were not stopped, only transfered to „Old school“ in Hasskova street.  From 1916 to 28 th October 1918 some teachers and older students had to enlist and lessons went on with problems.  On the 10th February 1920 „Gymnazium“ was named „Masarykovo gymnázium“. The same month crosses were removed from all classrooms.  The 50 th school jubilee was celebrated in 1921.  In 1924 school was classified as a universal and later technical gymnázium.

7  In1928 the second part of a memorial plague was immured. It was devoted to killed soldiers headed by a student Josef Knotek from Smrk.  In 1938 school was again taken by the army and from May 15 th to 21 st 1942 the building served as a reception camp for the Jewish. More than 1,500 people went through and later were transported to concentration camps.  After revolution, in 1953, school moved to newly constructed building in Horka-Domky and was called Eleven-year- secondary school. In 1960 school was renamed as the Secondary comprehensive school.  The 100 th school anniversary was celebrated in 1971 and school was replaced back to its historical building. The basic school was moved into its place in Horka-Domky.  In years 1987 – 1990 the school was named „Gymnázium Bedřicha Václavka“.  An extention of a school building started on 1 st September 1989, even before velvet revolution, and was finished in 1994. Tuition in both new and old buildings started on 4 th September 1995.

8 Present-day gymnázium  Gymnázium tries to prepare students for university studies. It offers several language courses, IT courses and seminars of biology or history.  The school houses in three buildings, new and old ones and in the third one. It is a previous school for nurses in Haskova street and town Třebíč rented it to Gymnázium.

9 Interiors of gymnázium < Former classroom of art-education Former Physics lab >

10 Eminents of gymnázium  Jakub Deml  Bohumír Šmeral  Jan Zahradníček  Jindřich Suza  Bedřich Václavek  Vítězslav Nezval  Bedřich Fučík  Miloš Dvořák  Jaromír Koutek  Vladimír Josef Krajina  Jan Dokulil  Miloš Dokulil  Vladimír Šilhavý  Vladimír Bouzek  Antonín Bartušek  Ladislav Novák  Bohumila Myslíková  Jaromír Šofr  Jan Šabršula  Jan Máchal  František Bublan  Oldřich Navráti  Štěpán Mareš

11 Photo-documentation The style of „Gymnazium“ is neo-Rennaissance



14 Interior  The memorial plague in the corridor behind the entrance

15  The look at the main entrance Newly reconstructed original door-way and door, architecturally valuabla

16 Gym building   Architektonicky velmi ceněná, moderně pojatá přístavba tělocvičny. Citlivě navazuje na původní neorenesanční budovu.


18  Comparison of pictures of pictures



21 Historical photos


23 Aerial photographs

24 The end

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