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1 Annemarie Johansen and Ellen Rosen are 10 year old girls who live in Denmark.

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1 1 Annemarie Johansen and Ellen Rosen are 10 year old girls who live in Denmark.

2 2 The two girls are best friends.

3 3 Life is very hard for the girls since the Germans had come to Denmark and the soldiers stayed in the city.

4 4 People stood in long lines. They needed food. Many Danish people wanted the Nazi’s to leave.

5 5 The Johansen family had a mother and a father, AnneMarie and a younger sister.

6 6 Ellen and her parents are Jewish.

7 7 Both families were very loving. They did not like the war.

8 8 The soldiers stop Annemarie and Ellen on their way home from school. The soldiers ask the girls questions.

9 9 They learn that the Nazis plan to arrest all the Danish Jews and send them far away.

10 10 AnneMarie becomes very scared.

11 11 She thinks of Denmark as a country that keeps the Jews safe.

12 12 Ellen’s parents go to a secret hiding place. They want to stay safe.

13 13 Ellen lives with AnneMarie’s family. Ellen pretends she is AnneMarie’s sister.

14 14 Three Nazi soldiers search AnneMarie’s house.

15 15 They were all scared. Ellen and AnneMarie move away. They live with an uncle in the country.

16 16 Uncle Henrik is a fisherman who lives near the harbor.

17 17 He lives near a harbor that is close to Switzerland. It is safe in Switzerland.

18 18 One day Uncle Henrik says that there will be a funeral for an aunt at his house.

19 19 The funeral was really a secret plan to help some Jews sneak to Switzerland. They wanted to be safe.

20 20 Ellen’s parents went to the pretend funeral.

21 21 A man named Peter Nielsen organizes the secret trip. He gives a special paper-wrapped package to Ellen’s dad to carry with him.

22 22 Peter leads the people to Uncle Henrik’s boat at night.

23 23 AnneMarie falls asleep while waiting for her mother to return.

24 24 When AnneMarie wakes up, she sees her mother lying on a path with a broken ankle.

25 25 AnneMarie goes out to help her mother.

26 26 AnneMarie finds the special package that Ellen’s dad was supposed to give to Uncle Henrik.

27 27 AnneMarie hides the package in the bottom of her food basket. She hurries to give the package to her uncle.

28 28 Four German soldiers stopped AnneMarie and looked in her basket.

29 29 The soldiers only see a handkerchief in her package so they let her go.

30 30 AnneMarie safely made it to Uncle Henrik’s boat. She was brave.

31 31 The people at the boat told AnneMarie that the handkerchief had a liquid on it. The liquid was a special drug.

32 32 The people at the boat also told AnneMarie about German dogs that were trained to find people. The dogs find people by using their noses to smell.

33 33 Then they told AnneMarie that special drug on the handkerchief kept the dogs from finding the people who were hiding.

34 34 The Rosens and all the other hidden people hidden on the boat arrived safely in Sweden.

35 35 Two years later, at the end of the war, AnneMarie learns more about Peter Nielsen, the man who took the people to the boat.

36 36 Before the end of the war, the Germans took Peter away and killed him.

37 37 She also finds out that her sister had actually died fighting against the Germans.

38 38 The people who fought against the Germans were called Resistance Fighters.

39 39 The Resistance Fighters were very brave. They saved the Rosens and many other Jews from being killed by the Nazis.

40 40 Additional adaptation: CMS 2008

41 41

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