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De Fries Danske Henry, Quang Anh, Jiwon and Janice -Remember our slogan: Resistance Be Brave, Be Courageous, Be Proud as a Danish!

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1 De Fries Danske Henry, Quang Anh, Jiwon and Janice -Remember our slogan: Resistance Be Brave, Be Courageous, Be Proud as a Danish!

2 De Frie Danske Interview with Ellen Just yesterday, De Frie Danske Chanel had an interview with a character from the famous book ‘Number the Stars’. She is Ellen Johansen who is a Jewish girl from Denmark. In this story, she was known for being Annemarie’s best friend and also a Jew who was hunted down. Through this interview, you will find out more about her feelings and thinking when she was escaping to Sweden. There would also be an interview for Annemarie Johansen TOO!!

3 Name: Peter Neilsen Age: 20 Peter was one of a young member of the resistance. He was engaged to Lise Johansen, the oldest daughter of the Johansens. He had been like an older brother to Annemarie and Kristi, who are the younger sisters of Lise. He would visit their apartment brining gifts and news for them, but he changed after Lise’s death. He became more serious. But despite her death, he would still bring De Frie Danske, which is an illegal newspaper sponsored by Danish Resistance. Danish resistance was a group of young people who attempted to harm the Nazis and helped the Jewish people to be safe. Peter thought of plans to help the Rosen family and other Jewish people escape Denmark, occupied by the Nazis. However, Peter was captured and killed by the Germans. He was a courageous young guy. Birth Date: 15 th August 1925 Nationality: Danish Personalities: Brave, Kind, Smart, Courageous Alliances: Resistance Mother: Lucy Peterson Father: Allan Neilsen

4 For people who read the novel carefully, you could find it easy that ‘bravery’ was one of the keywords of the novel. The definition of bravery is ‘brave behavior or the quality of being brave’. This word takes part importantly in some parts of the book, especially at the part where uncle Henrik had lied to Annemarie that Great-aunt Birte had died. When uncle Henrik knew that Annemarie was mad at him, he suddenly asked her if she thinks she is brave. Annemarie replied answering not very. But uncle Henrik said that it is not true. ‘Frightened, but determined, and if the time came to be brave, I am quite sure you would be very very brave. But, it is much easier to be brave if you do not know everything. And so your mama does not know everything. Neither do I. We know only what we need to know.’ said uncle Henrik. Bravery is one of the most important element in the society in WWII. It was what made the Resistance group. With bravery, they created the Resistance. It would also make the rescuing even more successful. It encouraged the fishermen and the sailors like Uncle Henrik to step up and help out. Not only that, even the normal citizens would also help hiding the Jews like how the Johansens helped the Rosens. In conclusion, we would like to say that bravery is one of the only elements that made the Danish Jews and other people happy and relieved. PS: Be brave, Be courageous, Be proud as a Danish!

5 Surviving Skills:  Find a safe place for your team so the enemy wouldn't find you and kill you  Start preparing for food and water incase if you survive or need them  Find a hiding area incase if the enemy has found you  Get some pills to protect you and your team from poison  Learn a language you think that country will win the next world war. This will be very helpful because you can be foreign and work for them and they might have more protection, food, and safer than the other countries Behavior:  Be innocent when you faced a soldier  Act as if you’re in a hurry

6 M ORNING WITH E MILY Just this morning, Emily Glassred had a small conversation with the main protagonist of the book ‘Number the Stars’ – Annemarie Johansen. In this small ‘talk’, Annemarie explained about her feelings and thoughts after the war. Stay tuned for the special ‘talk’ between Emily Glassred and Annemarie Johansen.

7 Number the Stars A book about a Danish adventure in WWII Sam. Sam's Number the Stars Glogster. Digital image. Glogster. Glogster, n.d. Web. 31 Mar. 2013. < m754743/sam-s-number-the- stars-glogster/g- 6lis9rdpv07djsfq2ij6ta 0>. http://images.angusrobertso 3/9780007395200/0/0/plain/n umber-the-stars.jpg Number the Stars is a fictional book about a girl journey through the WWII. In the book, this Christian girl’s family was friend of another Jewish family. From then, the girl had faced many problems and challenges to rescue the Jewish and bring them to Sweden where it was free. The title To me, the book’s title ‘Number the Stars’ is a representation of the main problem in the book. This main problem is: the Jews were hunted down and forced to go to the concentration camp. I think this book used stars to represent the Jews that were hunted down. It represent the fact that the Jews were finding for freedom like the stars. Another reason would also be because the holy symbol of Judaism was the star of David. When they said ‘Number the Stars’, I think that they are talking about how many Jews left after the big war. Annemarie Annemarie Johansen is the main protagonist in the story. The book revolves around what happened to Annemarie in the war. Through the events and the reaction that Annemarie had, I think that Annemarie is a very good daughter and a very brave and cheerful girl. The Resistance The Resistance is a group of people who damaged and disturb the Nazis that were in Denmark. In this story, the Resistance had main a great impact to the story. Because of the Resistance, the story was much more interesting and exciting. With them, the plot, the problems and the resolution was formed. In this story, there are at least 2 known members of the Resistance: Lise (Annemarie’s older sister) and Peter (Lise’s boyfriend). They played an important role in this story since they were the one who helped Annemarie’s friend to escape to Sweden. An Inspiration

8 T IMELINE designer/?action=new A timeline of the WWII made by the one and only Resistance

9 Today’s Lottery winner is: Abigail Johnston & Alleah Paulman

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