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08 Our Aim is to Provide 01 02 0304 050607 Cost Effectiveness We have extremely cost effective Products And Solutions for our customers Guaranteed Yield.

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2 08 Our Aim is to Provide 01 02 0304 050607 Cost Effectiveness We have extremely cost effective Products And Solutions for our customers Guaranteed Yield Our product offers Guaranteed OEM Equivalent or More Yield Quality Products We believe in creating and supplying quality Products After R&D Exceptional Warranty Warranty covering Shelf life and Faulty Toner and Component Replacement despite >50% use Cross Country Support and Free Delivery We offer Nation wide after sales support and Free delivery at no additional costs Solution In A Box A unique, cost effective, simple and hassle free solution bundled with free value added products and services under Toner Supply Contract Online Web Features Web-based Facilities of order placement, complaint login and toner verification tool. Environment Friendly Products We discourage Refilling as its hazardous for environment and humans. Refill Wipe out programs are part of our CSR.

3 About Printec is a part of Uniworld FZE group – an 18 years old conglomerate having its headquarters in Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. Uniworld has an annual turnover of over $125 Million. It has diversified businesses including Healthcare, Medical equipment, Mining, Real estate, Security / Surveillance solutions and Printing solutions. Before Acquired by Uniworld, Printec was a US based company and brand which was involved into manufacturing business of Premium toner cartridges for many years. Printec is now a part of Uniworld but still has a registered office in Calhoun, Georgia, USA along with office of our sister concern company BAMA Medica. The US Office serves as a distribution center for North & South American markets. The global head quarter of Printec is in Jebel Ali, UAE which caters Middle Eastern, African & South Asian markets. Printec opts for an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) model to make quality Toners. We manufacture our toners in China via opting and implementing US quality standards. Strong R&D, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Premium Quality components and Quality Inks distinguishes Printec from other competitors. Our Toners are not only ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality Certified but as well carry the most important ISO 19752 and ISO 19798 Yield Certifications which guarantees 100% equivalent yield as of OEM toners. All our product certifications are authenticated by world’s leading inspection, verification and testing companies like SWISO+, SGS, ITC and SMTP which no other compatible carry in Pakistan. We carry and offer more than 200 types of compatible toners in Pakistan covering reputed brands like HP, Canon, Brother, Xerox and Samsung. These toners are available for a wide range of Monochrome, Color and Multifunctional Laser Printers. Our products offer minimum 25% to 45% cost savings compared to OEM toners along with providing competitive savings to customers who opts for multiple times refilling and recycling of the OEM toners. Our high yield “X” series toners helps customers to completely wipe out refilling and recycling. Customer satisfaction is an attribute that Printec values greatly. In order to have our products checked and evaluated to meet customer satisfaction, Printec has a comprehensive “Free Toner Sampling” program for monochrome and mono multifunction printers and “Try and Buy” programs for color and color multifunction toners. Under both these programs, full volume toners are provided to customers to assess its quality, performance and yield. This evaluation process is very important as it backs Printec’s reassuring claim of offering 100% performance, quality and yield.

4 In Pakistan Printec Pakistan started its operations in July 2013. Printec not only started its business activities from Prominent business markets of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad but simultaneously launched itself in emerging markets of Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad and Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir) Out of the 18 months on the ground, the first 6 months focused on promoting and evaluating our products at customers end. Our “Free Sampling” and “Try and Buy” programs helped customer to select their required models for internal evaluation. This was an ideal strategy which helped Printec develop its customer base. Our rich and wide portfolio comprising of monochrome, color and multifunction toners attracted the customers as all their printing needs were available under one roof. Printec focus was not just to pitch its products but as well provide customer a top quality after sales support and services along with multiple value additions. Printec has now sold thousands of toners and gradually developing itself into a reputed and reliable brand in Print Cartridges. We have over 100 Satisfied Corporate clients who are using our products and enjoying quality after sales support with multiple value added bundle offers. We follow a corporate oriented strategy in which focus is to develop the enterprise and SMB markets. Our client list is growing every month as new customers are developed and boarded. We have customers belonging to multiple market segments. Our corporate clients include financial institutions, Manufacturing concerns, FMCG, Public Entities, Hospitality Chains, Textile Concerns, Foreign Missions, Telecommunication Companies, Engineering Concerns, Power Generation Companies, Defence Institutes, Shipping companies, Healthcare concerns and customers from in Oil and Gas sector. Printec is targeting to become one of the leading Printing Solutions Provider in Pakistan. We started off promoting our toner boxes but have now ventured into offering small to medium scale printing solution to our clients with the introduction of our “Solution In A Box” program in which we provide a complete solution in a toners contract in which Hardware, Software and Services (including consumable and non-consumable parts” are Absolutely Free. By end of 2015, our goal is to transform ourselves not a only into a Printing Solutions Provider but as well become an Information Technology company which can offer a complete B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) business model.

5 Our critical statistics say the following We are the only International Principal Manufacturer of Compatibles who have their comprehensive presence in Pakistan in the form of individuals and offices. Compare to us all other compatibles are locally made brands with no principal backing. We have our company, brand and logo registered with all legal compliance in Pakistan. We carry and offer more than 200 types of compatible cartridges including monochrome and color toners. Our portfolio has compatibles for all renowned brands providing an ideal platform for customers to choose from a wide variety of products. A dedicated team of 30 Individuals are currently working for Printec. We cover 8 cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir). The first 3 mentioned cities have our corporate offices whereas 5 other cities are covered by Printec Sales and Technical resources on the ground. We offer comprehensive Warranty of our Products covering not only one year Shelf life but as well providing faulty toner Replacement with brand new toner despite a 50% use. A faulty component level replacement is also provided for our toners after 50% use to provide customer a complete value for their spent money. We offer a unique and exclusive “Solution In A Box” program under which our customers get all value additions covering Hardware, Software and Services for FREE. The Solution is offered under a flexible one year to three years Printec Toner Supply Contract. The program is offered under 4 different flavours We offer our exclusive “PKR. 100 Empty Cartridge Buy out Confiscation Reward” programs to customers. Printec would place drop boxes at customer site. Once consumed, empty cartridges can be dropped in those boxes which would be confiscated by us in a clean way without any breakage making them un-useable for refilling. After confiscation the cartridges can be disposed off. The amount for the returned cartridges would be reimbursed in the form of any printing relevant product, paper or any 3 rd party item.

6 We offer managed Print Services covering hardware, software and services for an Administratively Controlled Print Environment We offer minimum 25% to 45% savings compared to OEM toners. We offer Refill / Recycle wipe out Programs to customers by offering our high yield extra volume toners offering much lesser cost per page compare to an OEM +Multiple Refill / Recycle process. A refill and recycled toner only gives 50% - 60% of the original toner yield. Printec is an International Brand and is sold in 5 countries including UAE, India, Srilanka, US and Pakistan. In 2015 we would be expanding ourselves in 5 more countries. We offer nationwide after sales support and free delivery to customers which brings additional cost savings. We provide real time support and services over phone and video call. On site visit is a regular feature whenever required. We offer warranty exchange of our faulty products at any destination on our own expense. Our Brand not only carries ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certifications but as well have the most important ISO 19752 and ISO 19798 guaranteed yield certifications. We offer web based facilities to our customers including order placement, product complaint login as well toner verification tools to check authenticity and genuineness. Our critical statistics say the following

7 Our Products At Printec we have over 200 compatibles which comprehensively covers all kinds of mono lasers, Color Lasers and Multifunctional Mono and Color Printers. We make toner Cartridges for reputed brands like HP, Samsung, Canon, Xerox and Brother. Monochrome Laser Printec monochrome toner cartridges are manufactured under strict quality assurance measures to provide high quality results. This cartridge provides rich solid blacks and grey scales. Graphics and text is guaranteed to be crisp and clear each time throughout its yield life. Colour Laser Printec colour toner cartridges are engineered with innovative expertise to bring you a high quality precision product. Ink information and delivery is carefully controlled to bring you the perfect results each time. Media Compatibility Our Toners are 100% Compatible with various print media including paper, tracing paper, cards, cheques and transparencies.

8 How we work In Assessment phase we gather information of printing fleet in existing setup, user base, departmental level details printing trends and usage! Design is focussed on creating a solution around hardware, software and support services that will meet the customer’s business and project objectives. In implementation phase we deals with the process of setting up all of the relevant processes, agreements and technologies to meet the contracted requirements of customer In this phase we ensures that the service performance levels are maintained over the contract life and as committed we are providing services with 100% customer satisfaction

9 Our 12 Advantages Big Saving And Better Productivity Over OEM, Refilled, Recycled and Low Cost Compatible toners with a wide range of standard and high Yield volume toners Guaranteed OEM Equivalent Yield, Quality And Performance “Free Sampling” and “Try and Buy” programs for customer’s product evaluation Our unique “Solution In A Box” Program in which you just Buy our Toners and Get Hardware, Services Inclusive of consumable and non-consumable and Printing Monitoring Software ABSOLUTELY FREE. Web Based Order Placement, Complaint Log Facilities and Toner Verification Tool Complete Printing and Managed Print Services Solutions Under One Roof Presence In 8 Cities With Nationwide Free Delivery And After sales support and services acilities International Brand with Premium Quality and 100% Compatibility 100% Corporate Oriented Brand carrying ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certifications as well ISO 19752 and ISO 19798 guaranteed yield certifications. Over 200 types of Monochrome and Colour Toners. A portfolio not offered by any other compatible. Old Generation and New Generation of toners available ex-stock. New Toners inclusion in portfolio after 3 months of launch ZERO Capex and only OPEX models on our Printing Solutions provides extreme cost savings using New and Semi-Used Hardware With Comprehensive Warranty One year shelf life warranty Plus Toner Replacement Warranty Subject To Any fault up to 50% Usage. A Faulty Component Level Replacement after 50% use providing a complete value for your spent money.

10 Printec “Solution In A Box”

11 Printec Solution in a Box – 4 Flexible Options (An Ideal OPEX Model with no CAPEX) Printec “Solution In a Box” is a highly cost saving, convenient, simple and hassle free program to cater the printing needs of customers. The working mechanics of this program works around one simple thing which is a “Printec Toner Box”. All offered value additions are Absolutely FREE whether it’s hardware, software or any kind of services. All customer needs to do is a toners supply contract ranging from an year to three years depending on the selected option and number of printers involved. Only Toners are billed on a monthly or quarterly basis as per customer shared printing requirement with no excess toners billing. The “Solution In A Box” is offered under the below mentioned 4 flexible options. Option 1 (Services in a Box Plus Replacement of Old Printers Offering High Cost Per Page with Top Quality Used Printers offering Low Cost Per Page We bundle an Absolutely FREE SLA (Service Level Agreement) in our toner boxes. This involves a one (1) year Toner Supply Contract with Printec or any of our nominated authorized corporate reseller for the deployed printers at customer site. All relevant maintenance services including replacement of consumable and non- consumable parts would be ABSOLUTELY FREE during the duration of the contract.. The option is ideal for organizations who would like to use their current hardware for printing needs. This option would bring annual maintenance expense of all printers to ZERO. We also replace such old printers at customer site which offers high cost per page with top condition used / refurbished printers offering high yield toners to provide extreme cost savings. Backup units are also maintained at customer site during the contract. The used printers including the backup units ultimately becomes client’s property after expiry of contract. Option 2 (Old Printers Exchange With Brand New Printers Including Comprehensive Services – All In one Box) An ideal option for an organization who wants to replace their old and worn out printers with brand new printers without doing any capital expenditure. Printec or any of its nominated authorized corporate reseller would invest and replace all old printers with new printers across the organization. This helps organization to go for a standardization and also helps to wipe out excess standalone printers by network base models which also provide cut in utility costs. This involves an year to three years toners supply contract depending on the number of units involved. All relevant maintenance services including replacement of consumable and non-consumable parts would be ABSOLUTELY FREE during the contract. If customer wants to opt for exchange of their old printers it is an open option otherwise old printers can be maintained for emergency backup use. All new printers to become customer property after expiry of contract. Option 3 (New Printers Deployment with Services – All in one Box) An ideal option for an organization setting up a new department or a any new premises and want to procure new printers without going for any capital expenditure. We or any of our nominated authorized corporate reseller would deploy the required new printers under an year to three years toners contract depending on the number of units involved. All relevant maintenance services including replacement of consumable and non-consumable parts would be ABSOLUTELY FREE during the duration of the contract. All new printers to become customer property after expiry of contract. Option 4 (New and old Printers combined with services – All in one Box) An ideal blend of all above 3 Options. The option not only involves bundling of a comprehensive SLA (Service Level Agreement) for the already deployed printers at customer site but is also bundled with deployment of new printers for upcoming requirements. All relevant maintenance services including replacement of consumable and non-consumable parts would be ABSOLUTELY FREE during the duration of the contract which would range from one year to 3 years depending on the units involved.. A very balance and cost effective option. All printers to become customer property after expiry of contract.

12 An example of Printec Smart Print Services ( After Deployment of Paper Cut Managed Print Software) Pages Printed Alerts and Status Real Time Activities by users Environment Impact


14 Refilling and Recycling Wipe Out Program “X” Version High Yield Toners are by default REFILL / RECYCLE KILLERS Refilling / Recycling only gives 50% - 60% yield compared to original toner yield. Get help from us to wipe out Refilling at your end. With the help of our Cost savings Calculator we would share your actual cost per page and would offer solutions that can help you wipe out refills. By opting for our high yield extra volume toners you would even get better per page cost savings compare to using one OEM toner and refilling it twice or thrice.










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