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Hyperion Imaging Supplies

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1 Hyperion Imaging Supplies
Product Line Overview

2 Values Hyperion Imaging products are backed by an established organization with a strong financial foundation High quality manufacturing processes that includes ISO 9001:2000, ISO and STMC certifications deliver OEM quality Resources to keep up with market demands and technologies Environmental Responsibility is a commitment

3 Product Range Hyperion Imaging offers an extensive range of copier, printer and fax supplies Supplies are available for brands including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, IBM, Lexmark, Panasonic, Ricoh, Toshiba, Xerox, and many others

4 Why should I buy a Hyperion compatible product?
Hyperion cost per page savings is up to 50% below the OEM All Hyperion products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and will not void your machine warranty Product quality is determined by how the product is designed, the quality of the parts selected, and the manufacturing process and on-going quality assurance programs utilized. OEM equivalent performance is the standard for Hyperion Imaging Supplies Use of Hyperion product helps to conserve our natural resources, reduce greenhouse emissions and stimulate economic development

5 Quality Processes & Assurance
ISO 9001 has become the Global standard for providing assurance about the ability to satisfy quality requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction in supplier-customer relationships. ISO and ISO provide standards for monochrome and color printing and clearly define the key attributes that affect yield and apply robust statistical analysis so all manufacturers can utilize the same methodology when measuring yield.

6 Environment Hyperion products deliver quality performance and exceptional value while providing environmental responsibility. Conservation of our natural resources is our responsibility to all future generations. Environmental Management Standards such as ISO guide the direction of our environmental responsibility and foster a culture of continual improvement.

7 ISO EMS ISO is an Environmental Management System approach to setting environmental objectives and targets, to achieving these and to demonstrating that they have been achieved. Compliance with applicable environmental legislation and regulations is required, along with a commitment to continual improvement.

8 Terminology OEM – cartridges produced by the printer manufacturer (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Compatible or Replacement – high quality, third party brands that provide OEM equivalent performance. Includes new builds and cartridges that maximize replacement of original, critical components. Remanufactured - common practice of reusing many critical components and resulting in greater performance variations


10 Hopper: The hopper contains the toner fill.
PCR: The PCR refreshes the charge of the drum. Developer Roll: The developer roll charges the toner and applies it to the drum. Drum: The Drum can be charged by PCR or corona and discharged precisely by means of laser light. The discharged areas transfer toner to paper. Cleaning Blade: The cleaning blade wipes off toner remains from the drum. Waste Toner Unit: The waste toner unit collects all the disposed toner. Recovery Blade: The recovery blade ensures all toner stays inside the waste toner unit.

11 Key Performance Criteria
Toner consumption Page yield Transfer rate Image density Grey scales Background level Resolution Influence of relative humidity Charge/Discharge characteristic of a drum Fusing

12 Are these products remanufactured?
The majority of all-in-one Hyperion cartridges use a recovered empty cartridge that is disassembled and rebuilt with new and used components. All testing processes meet the stringent guidelines established by the world’s leading printer manufacturers. In this way, we guarantee the high quality that customers expect from ALL Hyperion products. This process is also in line with the firm commitment we have to environmental sustainability.

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