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What does this picture make you think of?

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1 What does this picture make you think of?

2 Africa before Imperialism1835  By 1850, only a few colonies existed along African coastlines.  Free African states continued, and after the end of the slave trade in the early 1800s, exchange took place between Europeans and African states.  They traded manufactured goods for gold, ivory, palm oil.

3 Under the leadership of Muhammad Ali¸ and his grandson Ismail¸ Egypt grew to be the strongest Muslim state of the 19th century, producing cotton for export and employing western technology and business methods. Photo courtesy of: gypt_under_the_Muhammad_Ali_dynas ty Photo courtesy of:'il_Pasha'il_Pasha Photo courtesy of: birthday-boxing-172664

4 ramble-for-africa/18842847/ Video Questions: Is Africa a region, Continent, or a Country? What is a Colony? Why are they important? What was the Age of Empires? What were the coveted trade commodities? What was the scramble for Africa? What conference was held in 1885 to decide the borders in Africa? Who were the dominant powers in Africa?

5 Photo Courtesy of:

6 LANGUAGE:  More than1000 different languages are spoken in Africa  Most people in Northern African countries speak Arabic and follow Islam.  In Ethiopia, people may speak one or more of 70unique languages or 200 different dialects.

7 RELIGION:  Most people in the 14 independent countries in N. Africa are Muslim, believing in the Islam religion.  Countries south of the Sahara Desert, follow many different religions with the majority of the people are Christian.  Some people choose to follow ancient religions and believe that natural spirits and ancestors affect everyday life.

8 Constant Health Problems:  Limited medical access  Malnutrition  Lack of clean water  Human conflicts  HIV/AIDS causing millions of children to be orphaned

9 Wealth:  1/8 of world’s population  High birth rates/Large families  Poverty, droughts, civil wars, and lack of work results in higher city populations  Exports: coffee, cocoa, and oil  Exports=less while Imports=more

10 Population  75% of continent sparsely inhabited  High population in advanced cities and around water  Projected to have 2 billion ppl. by 2050  6 children average with low life expectancy  Shortage of food and water  Political Instability  Lack of infrastructure

11 Reflection/Exit/Final Thought: If you were told you had to leave your neighborhood and go live in one where you would not get along with the community and be treated with prejudices and bigotries, how would you feel about that and what could you do to help better you situation?

12 Sources: pbook/default.php?sectiondetailid=5501 africa/18842847/ map.htm map.htm

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