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Chapter 7 World History/Geography

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1 Chapter 7 World History/Geography
AFRICAN KINGDOMS Chapter 7 World History/Geography

2 TRUE OR FALSE? Kush declined because of the rise of Axum.

3 True.

4 TRUE OR FALSE? Axum had peaceful relations with its Muslim neighbors for hundreds of years.

5 True

6 What was the first great West African trading state?

7 Ghana.

8 Songhai was invaded by the forces of the sultan of what country?

9 Morocco

10 TRUE OR FALSE? Women were the dominant force in African village life.


12 TRUE OR FALSE? Swahili was a mixture of Bantu and Indian.


14 After ____, Africa is the largest of the continents.
Asia Europe North American South America

15 A. Asia

16 Axum owed much of its prosperity to
King Zambezi Its water Its export of bananas Its location along the Red Sea

17 D. Its location along the Red Sea

18 The Berber camel caravans became known as
“thirsty people” “fleets of the desert” “masters of the sand” “backbone of trade”

19 B. “fleets of the desert”

20 Mali was established by this ruler.

21 Sundiata Keita

22 Descent was traced through the mother.

23 Matrilineal

24 A ____is a group of independent villages organized by clans and led by a local ruler or clan head.
Renegade society Kilwa Stateless society Bantu

25 C. Stateless society

26 The Bantu communities were based on
Subsistence farming which meant they grew crops for personal use, not for trade. The transport of goods by camel caravans across the deserts between trading cultures. Gold mining The fundamentals of Christianity, which they learned from shipwrecked Syrian sailors.

27 A. Subsistence farming

28 The ___is the largest desert on Earth.

29 Sahara

30 What was the official religion of Axum?

31 Christianity

32 The people of Ghana often traded their gold for
Iron, Salt, Camels, peanuts

33 B. salt

34 Islam was slow to spread in East Africa because
Most of the cultures there lacked a written language Many of Islam’s beliefs conflicted with traditional African beliefs and customs. Few Muslim traders could speak Arabic Those who tried to convert Africans to Islam were often thought to be evil and were killed

35 B. Conflicted with traditional African beliefs and customs.

36 Axum was founded as a colony of
Persians Arabs Phoenicians Romans

37 B. Arabs

38 The language family of farming peoples who moved east was
Bantu Swahili Kilwa Ghana

39 A. Bantu

40 All of the following are eastern African port cities EXCEPT
Mogadishu Mombasa Timbuktu Kilwa

41 C. Timbuktu

42 From about 1300 to 1450, the most powerful state in southern Africa was
Zimbabwe Timbuktu Bantu Ghana

43 A. Zimbabwe

44 What modern state in Africa was home to the Axum civilization?

45 Ethiopia

46 Who conquered the Kush in 663 B.C.E?

47 The Assyrians

48 What city in western Africa was recognized as one of the intellectual capitals of the Muslim world?

49 Timbuktu

50 Which of the following was not considered an accomplishment of Mansa Musa?
He defeated the son of Sunni Ali He doubled the size of the kingdom. He created a strong central government He divided the kingdom into provinces ruled by governors whom he appointed.

51 a. He defeated the son of Sunni Ali

52 Trading merchants of Ghana often became wealthy
Trading merchants of Ghana often became wealthy. Kings prospered because they imposed ___on goods that ___or___the kingdom.

53 Taxes; entered; left

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