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Lean, Green, and Made in the USA…Doing Business with UNICOR DeLoran B. Lyles Marketing, Research and Corporate Support Branch UNICOR/FPI GSA SmartPay 2010.

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1 Lean, Green, and Made in the USA…Doing Business with UNICOR DeLoran B. Lyles Marketing, Research and Corporate Support Branch UNICOR/FPI GSA SmartPay 2010

2 1 1 … Impressions of UNICOR! Refreshed Outlook Renewed Senses Long Lasting Green 5

3 2 2 That was UNICOR 20 Years Ago The Federal Bureau of Prisons has over 200,000 detainees in it’s system as of August 2010 versus a population of over 65,000 when the video was created19 years ago. So what is UNICOR today?

4 3 3 Tell Us What YOU Know about UNICOR… Many people believe that UNICOR… makes furniture is a required source to buy furniture uses inmate resources to make furniture is a mystery !

5 4 5 UNICOR is SO Much More! 1 Reduces government spending 2 Positive impact upon US economy 3 Impacts viability/health of communities 4 Promotes safety/security in our facilities 5 Provides a fresh start for a brighter future

6 5 More than 75 Years of History ! 1934 Executive Order 6917 signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt

7 6 A Tireless Advocate Warren E. Burger, our nation’s 15 Chief Justice, extolled the merits of “factories with fences” Believed that prison industrial work programs would set the course for a productive future …

8 7 A pioneer in modern prison industries. “We must accept the reality that to confine offenders behind walls without trying to change them is an expensive folly with short term benefits…. It is wrong. Its is expensive. It is stupid.”

9 8 8 Today’s Realities … !  By the time you leave this session… 5 more federal inmates will be released from prison  He or she may become your neighbor  The kind of neighbor he or she becomes will likely be influenced by the experiences, life skills and marketable jobs training acquired in prison.  2.5 million people are incarcerated in the USA and 98% will, one day, be released.

10 9 What’s Your Impression ? When you think of prison factories and inmates, what picture comes to mind?

11 10 Early Prison Industries Early federal inmate workers were contracted out to states and localities to earn their keep

12 11 UNICOR Inmates are… Less likely to cause prison disturbances Able to acquire “real life” work skills 24% less likely to return to prison 14% more likely to find jobs

13 12 Today’s Prison Industries Today’s Inmate workers produce hundreds of products and services While adhering to increased educational and social demands.

14 13 A “Business” Like Any Other… Must cover expenses Sales by catalogs/website/sales team An active Board of Directors Factory Workers Meet industry quality/performance stds. Must be competitive

15 14 A “Business” Unlike Others…  +/-11,000 factory workers… commute on foot to their jobs  80+ factories; 70+ locations… inside federal correctional facilities  150+ diverse products/services… with production ceilings  Customers… limited segments  Sales goals… but not profit-driven

16 15 Inside Skills / Outside Possibilities  Sewing/Garment Construction  Electronics Manufacturing and Testing  Vehicle Component and Engine Repair  Pre-Press/Graphics Arts Design  Tele-Servicing & Response  Carpentry & Upholstering  Computer-Aided Design  Tool & Die Fabrication  Data Entry and Conversion  Recycling Materials Processing  Solar Panel Production… and more

17 16 The “At Home” Advantage!  79.7% purchases of materials and supplies from private sector businesses  16.7% Staff salaries  3.6% Inmate pay

18 17 Strengthened by our Core Values  INTEGRITY  RESPECT  CORRECTIONAL EXCELLENCE  We ARE Government (BOP/DOJ)  We KNOW Government  Held to a STRICT CODE of ETHICS  We have been around for 75 YEARS  We EARN the public’s TRUST every day  HIGHEST STANDARDS of business practices

19 18 Beyond Social Responsibility ! If You Need it ? We’ve Got what you need ! Doing business with UNICOR

20 19 Ready, Set, Go ! hassle-free/easy  Order 24/7  Green designated schedule of products  On-line answers to questions  No need to compete your requirements  Customer Hot-Line 800-827-3168

21 20 Quality and Manufacturing Excellence  Rigorous performance testing to meet or exceed industry standards;  A robust SAP manufacturing system  ISO 9001:2000 and 2008 certified factories  Lean Six Sigma standard methodology to improve efficiency, reduce waste, enhance customer satisfaction

22 21 GREEN before it was COOL ! And we mean Green! We don’t “Greenwash!” Should you care?

23 22 Purchase Responsibly ! Executive Order 13423 requires: use of sustainable, environmental practices and environmentally preferable, energy- efficient/recycled content products Executive Order 13514 set sustainability goals, increased energy efficiency, waste reduction; leveraged federal purchasing power to promote green products/technologies

24 23 Office Furniture GREENGUARD certification 100% Recycled fabrics 100% Recyclable foam cushioning Water-based finishes/glues since 1998 North American vendors – strict enviro-safety standards

25 24 go to View, Header and Footer to set date24 UNICOR “Walks the Talk” For 25+ years, UNICOR has engaged in green practices! And we’re growing in the right direction  Senior level task force to steer 5-year Environmental Plan  Judicious vendor selection  Roof-top headquarters solar panel system

26 25 Clothing and Textiles Life extension Scrap baling/ material resold Recycled cotton fill in mattresses Packing boxes and pallets

27 26 Industrial Products Powder coat paint since 1985 - Non-toxic - Reusable  Recycled plastic signs  Air filters

28 27 Fleet Solutions Bio-degradable cleaners Recycled water Cost savings

29 28 Services Soy-based / chemically-inert inks Convert 10,000s of pages 100% recycled paper

30 29 Recycling Eight processing centers ISO certified 185 million pounds of computers / electronics recycled since 1985 37 million tons of scrap We like plugs!

31 30 We’re Plugged In! A Commitment to Renewable Energy

32 31 A True Story Former inmate Jonathan Queen is the quintessential success story.

33 32 Bringing it Home “Then vs. Now”  Raised by drug-addicted mother  Sold drugs at 14 years old  Arrested 3 rd time at age 23  Sentenced to 10 years in federal prison  No money; $1,100 fine; minimal family support  Had a choice to make: “Fall in”; Pursue a better path  Devoted husband, father and community leader  Employed citizen; government contract manager  Runs GED program  Started publishing company; accomplished author  Motivational speaker and Deacon-Elect  Life is good!

34 33 It’s the right thing to do! Purchase responsibly. Come see our Exhibit for the rest of the story Doing Business with UNICOR: Simply Put…

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