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John Wells President and CEO Interface Americas Making the Business Case for Sustainability.

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1 John Wells President and CEO Interface Americas Making the Business Case for Sustainability

2 Sustainability Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. (Brundtland Report) Leave the world better than you found it, take no more than you need, try not to harm life or the environment, make amends if you do. (Paul Hawken) A sustainable society is one that lives within the self-perpetuating limits of its environment. That society is not a "no growth" society - it is, rather a society that recognizes the limits of growth and looks for alternative ways of growing. (James Coomer)

3 Business Case Competitiveness Innovation Investor interest Customer demand Employee engagement

4 Interface Category Sales Breakdown people worldwide $1.1 billion in revenue NASDAQ symbol IFSIA

5 Interface is the leader in the Global Carpet Tile Market InterfaceFLOR / BentleyPrinceStreet / Heuga Brands 2006 Market Share Analysis Interface 40% All Competitors 60% Interface 40%

6 Interface Named To Business Ethics Best Corporate Citizens List Interface, Inc has been named to the 100 Best Corporate Citizens List By Business Ethics Magazine. The survey recognizes best practices in the area of corporate social responsibility.

7 First Mover in Sustainability: Interface Continues to be Recognized as the Leader in Sustainability


9 Whichiswhich? The Economy and the Environment


11 MaterialsEnergyWaterAirFood Flows from the Environment to the Economy:

12 The Economy grows at the Environment’s expense.

13 But these are not the only flows. waste, pollution, and greenhouse gases into the Environment. The Economy dumps its

14 . And the Economy grows still more at the expense of the Environment.

15 How long can this go on?

16 ENVIRONMENTAL OPPORTUNITIES CURRENT INDUSTRIAL “LIFECYCLE” Raw Material ExtractionManufacturing/InterfaceCustomer Landfill/Water Waste Emissions Taking resources from the Earth without putting anything back into the regenerative cycle.

17 ENVIRONMENTAL OPPORTUNITIES FUTURE, SUSTAINABLE, INDUSTRIAL “LIFECYCLE” Recycled/Renewable MaterialsManufacturing/InterfaceCustomer Recycling/Composting/ Biodegrade Emissions A Regenerative Cycle where we take less than we give back to Earth, balancing our existence. Renewable Energy

18 Our Core Value, Our Vision ˜ The first sustainable industrial company on Earth. ˜ “ZERO FOOTPRINT” by 2020 ˜ Help restore our world through the power of our influence. ˜ We call this... Sustain Protect Restore

19 Our Strategy to Get There… 7 Fronts of Sustainability: 1.Zero Waste. 2.Benign Emissions. 3.Renewable Energy. 4.Closing the Loop. 5.Resource-Efficient Transportation. 6.Sensitivity Hook-up. 7.Redesign Commerce.

20 Competitiveness - costs are down not up

21 Twelve year Progress Waste Reduction ˜ $336 million in cumulative avoided waste Waste to Landfill ˜ reduced by 70% Greenhouse Gas Emissions ˜ Improved efficiencies and direct renewable energy purchases – 37% ˜ LaGrange, GA landfill gas project resulting in a net absolute GHG reduction of 13% ˜ Green-e certified renewable energy credits (green tags) – 10% Water Intake ˜ Water intake per square meter of carpet is down 80% in modular carpet facilities and down 62% in broadloom facilities from 1996 due to conservation efforts and process changes. Renewable Energy ˜ 16% of total energy, 7 facilities have achieved 100% renewable electricity

22 Twelve year progress continued: Closing the Loop ˜ ReEntry: 103 million pounds of used carpet material from landfills. ˜ Percentage of Recycled or Bio-based Raw Material – the percentage of recycled or bio-based material in Interface Inc’s global products increased from.05% in 1996 to 20% in Climate Neutral Products – ˜ Cool Carpet – 11.5 million square yards of Cool Carpet in 2006 for a cumulative program total of almost 26 million square yards since Resource Efficient Transportation – ˜ More than 75,000 trees have been planted in this program since 1997.

23 Innovation - accelerating

24 Nature as a Model Nature as a Mentor



27 No Glue Project


29 Landfill Gas Project

30 Investors are Measuring Environmental and Social Metrics in Addition to Financial….



33 Customers are Asking: Jeffrey Immelt, GE (10 billion investment in clean tech R&D) Toyota over 200,000 hybrid gas electric vehicles sold – up from 91 U.S. Green Building projects currently under Leed certification are 781 compared to 100 five years ago. Walmart is driving change through its supply chain

34 Employee engagement is driving up retention and attracting talent

35 Our supply chain is critical to this journey because 74% of GHG emissions happen outside of our process and inside our supply chain.

36 “ The world we have created has problems that cannot be solved thinking the way we used to think when we created them” Albert Einstein “The future ain’t what it used to be” Yogi Berra


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