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1 The World of Work. 1 The World of Work Section 1.1 Importance of Careers.

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2 1 The World of Work

3 Section 1.1 Importance of Careers

4 Explain the concept of work.
Discuss the reasons people work.

5 need want identity lifestyle work job occupation career career ladder income

6 What Is Work? Work is putting forth an effort to produce or accomplish something At this point in your life, schoolwork is very important A job is the work done, usually to earn money while pursuing an interesting career An occupation is employment that requires related skills and experiences

7 What Is Work? (Continued)
A career is a series of steps or occupations that you take to advance in your chosen field A career ladder is a sequence of work in a career field, from entry to advanced levels Each step in your career may require that you learn new information and skills Reaching your career objective may take years and require much education and training

8 What Is Work? (Continued)
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9 Why Do People Work? People expect to receive something in return for their efforts That something could be personal satisfaction or personal gain Other reasons for working include a sense of obligation, commitment to a goal, or a sense of pride For most people, earning money or an income is the reason for working

10 Why Do People Work? (Continued)
Income is the money a person receives for doing a job or from a return on an investment The work you choose to do becomes part of your identity Your identity has two aspects: how you see yourself and how others see you A lifestyle is a way of life as characterized by a person’s activities, attitudes, possessions, and manner of living

11 Why Do People Work? (Continued)
The work you choose will affect your lifestyle: Where you live People you meet Time you have to spend with family and friends People work to gain personal satisfaction from doing a job well Work also provides the satisfaction of feeling useful

12 Why Do People Work? (Continued)
Work helps keep the economy strong When people work, they make products and perform services that others buy They also earn money that allows them to meet their needs by purchasing products The income you earn from working goes back into the economy when you buy something Enthusiastic workers help keep the economy strong

13 Why Do People Work? (Continued)
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14 The Changing Workplace
Section 1.2 The Changing Workplace

15 Explain how the US economy is changing and how these changes relate to the workforce.
Describe various factors that affect today’s workplace.

16 global economy globalization outsourcing service family-friendly program flextime self-sufficient demographics diversity

17 The Economy The US workplace is continually changing
New types of jobs are created each year When the economy is strong, demand is high for goods and services To meet this demand, employers keep their businesses fully staffed A weak economy can cause many employees to become unemployed

18 The Economy (Continued)
A weak economy is sometimes called a recession When a recession goes on for several years, it is called an economic depression A global economy is a financial interconnection among the countries of the world Globalization is the integration of markets, technology, and resources among the economies of nations

19 The Economy (Continued)
Outsourcing is often done to handle work more efficiently and keep costs in line Manufacturing accounts for a large part of our economy However, a large percentage of our economy has shifted to services and information Another focus of today’s economy is information

20 The Economy (Continued)
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21 The Economy (Continued)
The computer and the Internet are tools of the information economy What people learn with these tools helps them to create new services, improve business methods, and lower costs Government action can and often does affect companies and local businesses The smart citizen stays alert to government plans that may affect his or her livelihood

22 Today’s Workplace Today’s workplace uses a team approach as workers jointly seek solutions to problems A family-friendly program in the workplace helps workers handle the demands of work and family responsibilities Social changes can affect the workplace The number of women entering the workforce will almost equal the number of men

23 Today’s Workplace (Continued)
Key changes within the country’s demographics affect the workplace One significant change is the increase in minorities in the US population Business leaders view a diverse workforce as a major resource for the global market The greatest population shift continuing to 2016 is the age of workers in the labor force

24 Today’s Workplace (Continued)
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25 What reason for working do you think will be most important to you as you pursue a career?
Which of the family-friendly programs discussed in the chapter do you think would be most helpful to an employee? Why?

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