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Were …More than Meets the Eye! 10 Great Reasons to do Business with UNICOR Jan I. Hynson Chief, Corporate Marketing and Constituent Relations, UNICOR/FPI.

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1 Were …More than Meets the Eye! 10 Great Reasons to do Business with UNICOR Jan I. Hynson Chief, Corporate Marketing and Constituent Relations, UNICOR/FPI

2 1 … More than Meets the Eye!

3 2 Simply Stated… For inmates who want to take personal responsibility for their lives, we teach the most valuable skill of all... How to work ~ the value of earning a paycheck; ~ pride in a job well-done; ~ hope for a promising future

4 3 … More than Meets the Eye! Apart from the unique skills we bring to our employers… Each and every person working for UNICOR shares a single CORE MISSION : Beyond the mechanical responses… WE CHANGE LIVES ! SO DO YOU!

5 4 Todays Realities … By the time you leave this session… 5 more federal inmates will be released from prison He or she may become your neighbor The kind of neighbor he or she becomes will likely be influenced by the experiences, life skills and marketable jobs training acquired in prison. 2.5 million people are incarcerated in the USA and 98% will, one day, be released.

6 5 Our Factory Workers A Typical Inmate Profile: 37 years old 8 th grade education 10-year sentence/drug-related Never held steady, legitimate job

7 6 Early Prison Industries Early federal inmate workers were contracted out to states and localities to earn their keep

8 7 The Right Perspectives The founding fathers intuitively knew that if you treat a person like a dog… Incarceration, alone, does not rehabilitate offenders 75 years ago Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the law that established FPI Entering UNICOR: Day 1 begins a journey toward reentry success

9 8 Todays Prison Industries Todays Inmate workers produce hundreds of products and services While adhering to increased educational and social demands.

10 9 A Program or Business or What? 22,000 factory workers… commute on foot to their jobs 109 factories; 80 locations… inside federal correctional facilities 150+ diverse products/services… with production ceilings Customers… limited segments Sales goals… but not profit-driven

11 10 The Difference ! Long after your order is received and delivered, your procurement dollars continue to do great things!

12 QUESTION: QUESTION: QUESTION: What has UNICOR primarily relied upon to generate sales over past years? HINT: M_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _

13 QUESTION: What has UNICOR primarily relied upon to generate sales in past years? ANSWER: Mandatory Source

14 13 A New Day ! There are many more compelling reasons to consider UNICOR !

15 14 QUESTION for TAXPAYERS: What does Congress allocate each year to support the UNICOR Program? A $600 million B 80% of UNICORs operating costs C zero

16 15 ANSWER: ZERO UNICOR SAVES TAXPAYER MONEY ! Self-supporting $1billion contributed from inmate pay toward court- ordered fines, victim restitution, family support since 1987

17 16 The At Home Advantage! Patriotic Spending Equation U.S. Dollars = US U.S. Products Jobs Saved Small Businesses create 2/3 of all new jobs in this country, and the vast majority of them are paying their workers higher than minimum wage. Senator John Kerry

18 17 Inside Skills / Outside Possibilities Sewing/Garment Construction Electronics Testing Vehicle Component and Engine Repair Pre-Press/Graphics Arts Design Tele-Servicing & Response Help Desks Carpentry & Upholstering Computer-Aided Design Tool & Die Fabrication Data Entry and Conversion Recycling Materials Processing …and more!

19 18 Theres No Place Like Home ! UNICOR purchases the majority of its raw materials, equipment, services, supplies from Americas small businesses, including: Minority-owned Disadvantaged Women-owned enterprises UNICOR leads the Government in its small business purchasing: FY 2008: More than 77% of revenue spent on private sector purchases 62% derived from small businesses 3+ times SBAs goal for federal agencies

20 19 QUESTION: Which of these statements is true? Under the Federal Acquisition Regulation, UNICORs performance is rated: A Against private sector standards. B Against mandatory supplier standards. C As satisfactory, unless documentation indicates otherwise.

21 20 ANSWER: A Against same standards as the private sector Rigorous performance testing to meet or exceed industry standards; A robust SAP manufacturing system ISO 9001:2000 certified factories Lean Six Sigma standard methodology to improve efficiency, reduce waste, enhance customer satisfaction Board resolutions reinforce performance Prices must be equal to, or lower than private sector

22 21 Premier Business Alliances !

23 22 Proven Results ! UNICOR received recognition for best performance in the Pentagon Renovation Project Award-winning website … Unicor's retrofit of Coast Guards canine vehicles : $4,000 less per vehicle than the competition

24 23 A Green Attitude REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE Weve turned over a new GREEN leaf!

25 24 UNICOR Walks the Talk Executive Order 13423 certainly re-energized the Governments greening agenda… but For 24+ years, UNICOR has engaged in green practices! Powder coat paint finishes since 1985 Water-based furniture finishes since 1998 185M pounds in computers/electronics recycled since 1985 32.5M+tons of scrap kept from US landfills Senior level task force to steer 5-year Environmental Plan Manufacturing/operations functions comply with Executive Orders

26 25 Ready, Set, Go ! hassle-free/easy Order 24/7 Green designated products On-line answers to questions Theres no need to compete your requirements Customer Hot-Line 800-827-3168

27 26 Strengthened by our Core Values INTEGRITY RESPECT CORRECTIONAL EXCELLENCE We ARE Government (BOP/DOJ) We KNOW Government Held to a STRICT CODE of ETHICS We have been around for 75 YEARS We EARN the publics TRUST every day HIGHEST STANDARDS of business practices

28 27 Were in the People Business ! Were known by the company we keep. But theres more than meets the eye! For every inmate there is … a family left behind; a potential job left unfulfilled; an impact upon our communities; life with little hope for a productive future

29 28 Residual Benefits UNICOR represents an invaluable investment in ALL of our lives and provides … a reduction in government spending; positive impact on our economy; viability and health of our communities; Safety and security of our Nations correctional facilities; A FRESH START for a BRIGHTER FUTURE !

30 29 A True Story Former inmate Jonathan Queen is the quintessential success story.

31 30 Bringing it Home Then vs. Now Raised by drug-addicted mother Sold drugs at 14 years old Arrested 3 rd time at age 23 Sentenced to 10 years in federal prison No money; $1,100 fine; minimal family support Had a choice to make: Fall in; Pursue a better path Devoted husband, father and community leader Employed citizen; government contract manager Runs GED program Started publishing company; accomplished author Motivational speaker and Deacon-Elect Life is good!

32 31 Simply Put… Its the right thing to do! Purchase responsibly. Come see us at Booth 1709 for the rest of the story.

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