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Animal Report by Henry Arslanian

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1 Animal Report by Henry Arslanian

2 Life Cycle The elephant goes threw a incomplete metamorphosis. This is when it just gets bigger and doesn’t go through different stages life a butterfly. An elephant might be small at first but it gets bigger. The elephant goes throw three stages. It goes from a baby to an adolescent to an adult. It is born from a live birth. If you want more information please keep reading.

3 Body parts This is the elephants body parts. Elephants are very big animals. Elephants are gray animals and they don’t have to much hair. The elephants tusks are very valubal. The elephants sleep standing up. Elephants have pretty big ears. There trunk helps the elephants do a lot of things. The elephants flap their big ears to cool off. Grownup elephants can weigh 10,000 pounds. A baby elephant can weigh 250 pounds to 300 pounds. Please keep reading for more information.

4 Food and Nutrition Do you think an elephant would just walk up to a peanut and eat it in the wild . In reality, in the wild an elephant eats grass, leaves, and tree bark. They get the grass by pulling it out of the ground. It gets leaves by their very long trunk. Your probably wondering how an elephant gets tree bark? An elephant gets tree bark by using it’s tusks. Remember, when your in the zoo, they might feed elephants peanuts, but now you know what they really eat.

5 Introduction Did you know a elephants trunk has more than 40,00 muscles in it, which. Witch is more muscles in whole human body. Did you also know elephants sleep standing up. The baby elephants sometimes lie down to sleep. The elephants body is well adapted for the survival of ragged conditions. The can not live here because it is to cold. Their homes are in Africa and Asia. If you want more facts on elephants please keep reading.

6 Habitat If you live in America an elephant lives fair away in Africa. An elephants skin is 1.5 inches 3.8 cementers to protect the elephant and the harsh environment. Did you know when an elephant is hot it puts mud ,sand ,and soil all over there backs form mud packs. To help protect them selves from flies and other biting insets an elephant will shower themselves with water, sand ,or soil. That is all I know on a elephants habitat.

7 Enemies and survival functions
Did you know some people are elephants predators. You probly wondering how a human takes down an elephant they have to shoot it with a lot of bolts. Lions are elephants natural predators. If you that those where cool then this is cool. Did you know elephants one of his own predators. That is all I know on elephants predators.

8 Interesting facts The most interesting parts on a elephant is its trunk. Did you know a elephants trunk has more bones than a human hole body. A elephants trunk dose a lot for an elephant. Did you know a elephant uses its ears to cool its self down. Mother elephants give birth to a single infant referred to as a calf. They usually only sleep four to five hours a night. Elephants have perfect balance. The leader of the heard is the oldest female. An elephant is related to a wooly mammoth. An elephant is related to a wooly mammoth because it is an elephant just with fur. I hope you liked reading some interesting facts on elephants.

9 Closing paragraph These facts on elephants will leave you speechless. The most important part on a elephants body is its trunk because it helps an elephant get its food, and water. A elephant goes threw an incomplete metamorphosis because it just gets bigger. You'll be surprised what an elephant eats grass, leaves, and tree bark. A elephant cannot live here because it is to cold and in Africa it is warm enough for an elephant to live. An elephant lives in a herd in Africa to keep save from enemies. Did you know a human is an elephants enemies because its tusks are rare. Did you know an elephant is related to a wooly mammoth. I hope you liked those speechless facts on elephants?

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