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The Elephant King of The Land By: TF.

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1 The Elephant King of The Land By: TF

2 What Are You Called? The Elephant Loxodonta Africana (African)
Elephas Indicus (Asian) The Mammal Family

3 What Do You Look Like? Can live up to 70 years. It is endangered.
Usually gray, but can be brown. Has hair on tail and when a baby. It weighs 2-1 tons when adult and 200 lbs. when born. Has small or large ears. Has huge tusks. Giant. Long trunk. Can live up to 70 years. It is endangered.

4 What’s Your Climate Like?
African Asian Grassy Sandy Hot Dry Cool Watery Shady Sometimes tropical.

5 What Landforms Are You Near?
Sahara Desert Grass Water Holes Trees Mountains Lakes

6 What Are Your Predators And Prey?
Prey of Predator to Lions (Smart Lions stay away.) Humans Nothing

7 What Is Your Food? Herbivore Tree Bark Wood Plants
They tear it off with their tusks and trunk

8 What’s Your Behavior Like?
Friendly Playful Twice a year a male gets aggressive

9 What’s Your Reproduction Like?
Twins are extremely rare. Usually one calf is born to a pregnant female. Female can carry baby in stomach for up to 22 months. Animal with the longest pregnancy.

10 Physical Adaptations Big ears-Help it cool down.
Long Trunk-Helps it reach food. Long Tusks-Helps it defend itself. Size-Frightens enemies.

11 Behavioral Adaptations
They roll in the mud to keep sun and bugs off their back. Spray water and dust with their trunks over their backs to keep cool and keep sun off. Flap ears to keep cool.

12 Physiological Adaptations
Warm Blooded Can adjust body heat to their surroundings Have massive bones.

13 Fun Facts Their name is in the wrinkles on their legs.
Few elephants live beyond age 60. The trunk alone contains about 100,000 different muscles. Very good memory.

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