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Orca Whale and Elephant

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1 Orca Whale and Elephant
Paige and Sierra

2 There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates.
Mammals Reptiles Fish Amphibians Birds

3 All About Mammals All mammals are warm blooded.
Most mammals have hair or fur. Most mammals live on land. Dolphins, whales and manatees are mammals that live in salt water. Baby mammals are born alive and they drink their mother’s milk.

4 The Orca whale and African elephant are both mammals.
African Elephants are the biggest land animals. Male elephants are larger than females. Elephants breath air there two nostrils at the end of there trunk. An Orca whale is not a fish cause it breathes air. An Orca whale does not have gills. They are the largest members of the dolphin family.

5 Orca Whales Like lots of other killer whales, the Orca whale swims by moving their tail up and down. This fluke helps move the whale’s large body through the water. Orca Whales live in icy arctic waters. They live in the deep waters, instead of the shallow waters.

6 Orca Whales are best know for being killer whales
Orca Whales are best know for being killer whales. They are toothed whales and can eat fish, squid, shark, seals , sea turtles, octopus and even other whales. Orca Whales live in the Arctic ocean and in rivers. Every day the Orca Whale migrates. Migrate means that the Orca Whales travels hundreds of miles each and every day.

7 Killer whales such as the Orca Whale has over 200 teeth Whales with teeth like the Orca Whale are called toothed whales. Other types of whales have baleen instead of teeth. They can only eat krill and can’t eat small animals like the Orca can.

8 Orca Whales live in icy Arctic waters
Orca Whales live in icy Arctic waters. They live in the deep waters instead of shallow waters. Sometimes they migrate in groups. People catch Orca Whale and other whales and train them for ocean parks.

9 Orca Whales have their body all covered in black and some white patches over his body. This helps them blend into the water so that they can sneak up on their prey.

10 Elephant Bull Elephants can eat up to 300 to 600 pounds of food each day. That means it must have large amounts of plants to eat.

11 Elephant The African Elephant uses it’s trunk to help it pull leaves off trees and grab grass off the ground without bending over.

12 The mom is the leader of the family
The mom is the leader of the family. When baby elephants are born they weigh 200 pounds. Mother elephants care for their young, teach them how to survive, and help to protect them from danger.

13 Elephants are excellent swimmers which helps them get into the water to cool off.
When the elephant is thirsty, it sucks water into his trunk and then squirts it into its mouth.

14 Dust helps protect the elephant’s skin.
The dust protect elephants from insects and the sun.

15 You have learned a lot about elephants and orca whales
You have learned a lot about elephants and orca whales. So now when you go to the zoo you will know about these amazing creatures. These are really amazing creatures and you better believe it. These amazing creatures are a part of the wonderful world that belongs to all of us.

16 We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the Orca Whale and the Elephant.

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