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Department of Modern and Classical Languages Departmental Strengthening 2007.

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1 Department of Modern and Classical Languages Departmental Strengthening 2007

2 Goals 1.To acquaint faculty with the 2003/2004 planning workshop outcomes; 2.To articulate the Vision of the MCL Department; 3.To rearticulate language courses with ACTFL Guidelines; 4.To regularize course outline formats; 5.To draft an evaluation scheme and rubrics for language courses; 6.To establish guidelines and norms for evaluation of student performance.

3 Activities 1.Review of the 2003/2004 planning workshop outcomes. 2.Formulation of a Vision Statement for the MCL Department. 3.Articulation of language courses and ACTFL levels and guidelines. 4.Development of a template for syllabi and course outlines. 5.Development of evaluation guides and appropriate rubrics for the assessment of student’s language proficiency. 6.Establishment. of norms and guidelines for evaluating student performance in language courses.

4 Timeline (To be established for every activity in the plan.)

5 Resources 1.Copies of materials produced at the 2003 planning workshop. 2.Copies of the Mission and Goals of the Department. 3.Course descriptions, course syllabi and ACTFL Guidelines. 4.Copies of syllabi and course outlines. 5.Copies of course descriptions. 6.Copies of existing rubrics and language assessment guides. 7.Schemes and guides for assessment of student performance.

6 Cost In house / In kind materials estimated at $50.00. (The cost is minimal. Only basic stationery and duplicating items will be needed. All materials will be obtained from existing departmental stores already budgeted under MCL recurrent operations.)

7 Expected Outcomes 1.All Department members will have access to electronic copies of the 2003 workshop outcomes and will be familiar with the work done so far. 2.A ten year Vision Statement consistent with the Mission and Goals of the Department. 3.A logical sequence of language courses closely articulated with current ACTFL levels of language proficiency as stated in the ACTFL Guidelines. 4.A template for the construction of course outlines and syllabi. 5.An evaluation scheme with appropriate rubrics which will describe the language profile of the student in every language skill and at every proficiency level consistent with ACTFL Guidelines and in terms of language functions and outcomes. 6.An agreed upon template for the distribution of marks in language courses. 7.Guidelines for the development, administration, marking and grading of exit (final examinations).

8 Assumptions 1.In kind support is available from the MCL Department; 2.The commitment of department personnel; 3.A willingness to dialogue professionally and arrive at consensus; 4.The participation of all department members 5.The participation of all members of the department and the support of everyONE.

9 Owners 1.Leadership: V. Soady 2.Partners: All members of the MCL Department. (Although it is expected that the entire department will feel common ownership of the plan, individuals and small groups will need to assume responsibility for specific activities of the plan, as necessary.)

10 Conclusion 1.T hanks to you all for your cooperation. 2.“ I have a vision; I see a light….” 3.“ Somnio ergo sum.” (I dream therefore I am.) 4.“ Together we can make it happen.”

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