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7.3 Kingdom Fungi.

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1 7.3 Kingdom Fungi

2 What are Fungi? Most fungi share three important characteristics: They are eukaryotes, use spores to reproduce, and are heterotrophs that feed in a similar way.

3 Cell Structure The structures that make up the bodies of multicellular fungi are called hyphae.

4 cap gills stalk

5 How Do Fungi Obtain Food?
The chemicals that ooze from the hyphae of a fungus into a food source break down the food.

6                                                                                                      Athlete's foot is caused by a fungus that feeds on chemicals in a person's skin.

7 Yeasts differ from most other fungi because they are unicellular. 

8 Reproduction in Fungi Fungi produce spores in structures called fruiting bodies.

9 Asexual Reproduction When there is adequate moisture and food, most fungi reproduce asexually by growing fruiting bodies that release thousands of spores.

10 See where the bud came off?
Asexual Reproduction Unicellular yeast cells undergo a form of asexual reproduction called budding. See where the bud came off?

11 Sexual Reproduction If growing conditions are unfavorable, the hyphae may grow together to exchange genetic material. Why is this advantageous?

12 Classification of Fungi
Fungi are classified into groups depending on the shape of their spore-producing structures. There are four groups:

13 Threadlike Fungi Rhizopus sporangia X 40

14 Cyathus olla bird's nest fungi
Sac Fungi Cyathus olla bird's nest fungi   morels morels

15 Hypholoma rasciculare
Club Fungi Hygrocybe collucera Hypholoma rasciculare Puffballs - Lycoperdon perlatum

16 Imperfect Fungi penicillin Penicillium Conidia X 400

17 Fungi and the Living World
Fungi that decompose dead organisms return important nutrients to the soil. CARRION-DECOMPOSING FUNGUS

18 Bakers add yeast to bread dough to make it rise
Bakers add yeast to bread dough to make it rise. Yeast cells use the sugar in the dough for food and produce carbon dioxide gas as they feed.

19 The antibiotic penicillin resulted from the work of Alexander Fleming, who noticed that bacteria did not grow near a spot of mold in a petri dish.

20 A + F = L A Lichen consists of a Fungus and an Alga that live together in a mutualistic relationship.

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