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6 on 6 Team Handball Officials Training

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1 6 on 6 Team Handball Officials Training
Fitness Centers Fall 2008

2 Please turn off your cell phones!!

3 Proper Attire Jewelry is prohibited
Includes rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, ankle bracelets, rubber bands, belly button rings, nose rings, etc. Placing tape over area is not allowed Head Bands that are 2” thick or less are Legal. No other headwear is permitted including hats, beanies, scull caps, t-shirt sleeves, etc. Casts are prohibited (soft casts are permitted) Proper shoes are required Tennis shoes ( non-marking rubber soles ) No bare feet, sandals, open-toed shoes Knee braces are permitted with protective covers and must be approved by the intramural supervisor/athletic trainer

4 Sportsmanship Following each team sport contest, intramural officials and supervisors will issue sportsmanship points (Will be reviewed by IM staff to be fair) The Intramural Sports Program expects ALL participants to be sportsmanlike Teams must average 3.5 sportsmanship points per contest to be eligible for playoffs Any average below 3.5 during the regular season, the captain must meet with the Intramural Director in order to possibly participate in playoffs During playoffs, teams must have 4 sportsmanship points to advance, teams with a 3 or less will be reviewed by the IM staff to determine if they advance

5 Sportsmanship Points What constitutes what?
5 = NORMAL GAME: Questioning an official on rule interpretation only 4 = SOME STATIC: Some question of judgment or repeated complaints. No infractions issued 3 = DIFFICULTY: Repeated question of judgment. Unsportsmanlike call in softball, volleyball, flag football, street hockey; a yellow card in soccer or technical foul in basketball, failure to clean up trash on sidelines, dugouts, etc. 2 = HARASSMENT: Multiple unsportsmanlike calls, yellow cards, technicals (not on same participant) or spectators harassment of the officials 1 = EJECTION: Any ejection, whatever the cause (2 yellows on same player or red card) 0 = FORFEIT OR FIGHTING: Included threatening an employee. If involved in a fight your team could be removed from the league for the remainder of the season.

6 Eligibility All graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours Faculty and staff that are members of the Rec Center may participate in Intramurals No Olympic athletes in their respective sports Student is considered an athlete, when he/she participates is listed on the roster of the team

7 Eligibility cont’d Each participant in each intramural sport must:
Sign the waiver & give accurate information Must play 1 regular season game in order to be eligible for playoffs Players may not transfer from one team to another once they have played with a team A player wishing to change teams prior to the season and has not participated may request in writing to the Intramural Manager Even by mutual agreement, teams cannot play with an ineligible player Teams that pick up an ineligible player forfeits all games in which the person participated The ineligible player is not allowed to participate and is suspended until he/she meets with the Intramural Manager

8 Protests Only protests based on questions of player eligibility
Protests must be made at the time of the incident. Protests: Both teams disagree on a call– results in automatic replay

9 Forfeits Game time is start time!
Winning team must have their lineup with the minimum amount of players by start time. 4 players needed to start. Team must pay a $10 reinstatement fee in order to play their next contest if they have forfeited a previous game!! Teams forfeiting twice will be automatically removed from their league

10 Team Handball Rules Length of Game and Timing:
There will be two 20-minute halves, with clock stops last 2 minutes Clock stops for an injury. Clock does not stop for violations 1 time out per half The team with the higher score at the end of regulation will be the winner. If at the end of regulation there is a tie, penalty throws will be taken to decide the outcome of the game. Each team selects three players to attempt the penalty throws that will be taken alternately by the teams. If still tied, a sudden death shootout will determine the winner.

11 Handball rules (cont.) The Game:
Game starts with coin toss, or fingers behind back by the officials. Winning team has choice of starting with the ball or choosing which side to defend. Team that chooses a side will receive ball 2nd half To initiate play, the goalie of the team starting with the ball will throw it in from inside the goal area. This will be the same after each score. Goalies do not need to wait for a whistle. Games are played 6 on 6, five players and a goalie.

12 Handball rules (cont.) Scoring: All goals are worth one point.
A goal is scored when the entire ball has passed over the goal line, between the goal posts and under the crossbar. Ball can be punched Defense can score on themselves

13 Handball Rules (cont’d)
Substitution: Only the team that possesses the ball may call for substitution. However, should the offensive team elect to substitute, the defense will also be allowed. Substitutions will be allowed : On a penalty throw On a corner throw On a throw-in After a goal (both teams) If play is stopped due to injury (both teams) Do not let teams sub on the fly or without asking during stoppage. Remember Preventative Officiating.

14 Handball rules (cont’d)
The Court: The three point line is the boundary for the goal area, which only the goalie is allowed inside. The only exception to this is when a player in possession of the ball jumps from behind the line and shoots the ball before landing inside the goal area. The player must then exit the goal area as soon as possible. If an offensive player is inside the goal area the ball is awarded to the defense, and if the defense gains advantage by being in the goal area a penalty throw is awarded. A ball inside the goal area belongs to the goalie. A ball in the air is not considered in the goal area. Players cannot reach across the line to retrieve a ball on the ground!

15 Handball rules (cont’d)
The Game (cont’d): A player is allowed to run three steps with the ball after which the player can pivot with the ball. The ball can be bounced once in order to take an additional three steps. After this a player can only pass or shoot. A player not moving with the ball has 5 seconds to release it. Players cannot play the ball below the knees or pass to themselves.

16 Handball rules (cont’d)
Defending: Defensive players are allowed to use their body to obstruct an opponent in possession of the ball short of physical contact such as a push hold trip or hit. Offensive players are not allowed to charge into a defensive player with proper positioning The penalty for this is a free throw Defenders are not allowed to knock a possessed ball out of the hands of an offensive player. A clean ball block of a shot or a pass is allowed.

17 Handball rules (cont’d)
Out of bounds: A throw-in is awarded to an opponent when one team loses the ball out-of-bounds on a sideline. The defense must be three feet away when the ball is thrown in. The player must have both feet touching the court during the throw-in. The player has five seconds to throw the ball. A corner throw is awarded to the offense when a defensive player is the last person to touch the ball as it goes out of bounds over the end line (excluding goalie).

18 Handball rules (cont’d)
Fouls: A free throw is given for the minor infringements of the rules. The free throw is taken immediately, without the referee handling the ball, from the place the violation occurred. The defense must remain three feet away. The thrower must have one foot continuously in contact with the court. The officials follow the “advantage” rule: If a team fouled against is able to maintain or gain the advantage, play continues without a penalty. Fouls committed during play will be recorded as team fouls. After a team accumulates 10 team fouls, the opposing team will be rewarded with a free throw from the top of the three point line for every successive foul.

19 Handball rules (cont’d)
Fouls (cont’d): A penalty throw is given for personal fouls of a more serious nature. Specifically, penalty throws should be granted on shooting fouls, when the referee determines the offensive player had a serious threat of scoring. When a penalty throw is taken, one foot must remain in contact with the floor behind the free throw line until the ball is released. All the other players must stand behind the three point line. The goalie must remain on the goal line and may not move forward to block the shot.

20 Handball rules (cont’d)
Goalie Rules: The goalie must wear a different jersey color. When stopping a shot inside the goal area, the goalie may play the ball with any part of the body. After getting possession the ball must be thrown, not kicked. Goalies are not allowed to leave the goal area while in possession of the ball. Goalies are not allowed to enter the goal area after obtaining possession outside the goal area. Goalies are not allowed to reach outside the goal area to gain possession of a ground ball, but they may bat or collect the ball if it’s in the air or bouncing. A player may pass to their own goalie while the goalie is in the playing area but not while he is in the goalie area. A goalie may freely play outside of the goal area if they so choose

21 Handball rules (cont’d)
Mercy Rule: The game will be ended if a team is ahead by 20 or more goals at any time in the second half.

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