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Intramural Sports Outdoor Soccer Rules Session

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1 Intramural Sports Outdoor Soccer Rules Session
Spring 2009

2 Intramural Soccer Rules
Any rules not covered by Rowan Intramurals will follow NFHS guidelines Teams consist of 7 players Need at least 5 to start Teams may play with less than 5 if a player is injured In order to win by forfeit, one team must have 5 players signed in by game time Games cancelled due to weather will either be rescheduled or result in ties

3 Equipment Equipment Teams need the same shade of color for shirts
Goalkeepers must have different color from everyone All players must wear shoes w/ rubber sole SHIN GUARDS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED No dangerous equipment Caps, casts, knee braces w/ out covers No JEWELRY!!!

4 Players and Substitutes
Player and Substitutes Disqualified players (ejected or red card), are not allowed replacements Team must notify referee on all subs, cannot just run on field without permission Teams can substitute on: Any Goal kicks, after goals, own throw-ins, or own corner kicks A player that receives a caution (yellow card), must be substituted and cannot sub in til next substitution opportunity Any Goal kicks, own throw-ins, or own corner kicks

5 The Game The Game No Time-outs
Two 20-minute halves Running clock the whole game except for officials time-outs Officials may control the clock at their discretion for actions that violate the spirit of the game Time may be added at the end of game for injuries and referee discretion Halftime will be 5 minutes (can be shortened) No Time-outs Mercy Rule: At any point when a team is up by 10 goals or more at halftime or 7 or more goals with 5 minutes remaining Regular season games can end in a tie in regulation Playoffs will have sudden death overtimes

6 Starting the Game Starting the Game Whistle by referee to indicate
Kickoff from center, and teams must be at each half Defensive team outside circle (or 10 yds if no circle) Ball must roll forward Kicker cannot touch ball after 1st touch Kickoffs are indirect kicks Cannot kick directly into the goal Teams change ends at half

7 Goal Scoring Goal Scoring
May be scored directly from play from direct free kick, penalty kick, corner kick, goal kick, or drop ball Cannot score directly from throw-in, indirect kick Ball must completely cross goal line

8 Game Situation Game Situations
Referee blowing whistle warrants dead ball Restart play by Throw-in (ball crosses line) Goal Kick (ball crosses endline and offense touched last) Corner Kick (ball crosses endline and defense touched last) Drop Ball Situations After injury, inadvertant whistle, or not clear who ball went out on

9 Offsides Offside A player is offsides when nearer to the opponent’s goal line than the ball, unless: The player is in his/her own half of field of play The player is not nearer to the opponent’s goal line than at least 2 opponents The player is level with last 2 defenders (including goalie) Offsides is penalized at the moment ball is played by teammate and is: Interfering with play or opponent Gaining advantage by being in that position Indirect Free kick for opposing team at spot of foul

10 Administrative Duties
Teams that kick the ball out of bounds are responsible for retrieving ball Long delays may result in a yellow card

11 Fouls & Misconduct SLIDE TACKLING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN AND WILL RESULT IN A RED CARD (EJECTION) Sliding may result in a yellow card or red card if deemed to cause a dangerous situation Kicking, Striking, Tripping, Jumping Player cannot intentionally kick, strike, or jump at opponent Direct Free Kick Goalkeeper cannot intentionally strike or attempt to strike an opponent by throwing the ball at the opponent A player cannot intentionally trip opponent: Direct Free Kick Possible Yellow or Red Card and ejection A player cannot intentionally handle, carry, strike, or propel ball with hand or arm: Direct Free Kick If player handles ball on obvious goal score (defense) Goal counts and player gets red card

12 Fouls & Misconduct cont’d
Unintentional Handling is allowed (unless advantage is gained) Players shall not hold, push, or impede and opponent with hands/arms extended from body: Direct Free Kick Players may not charge opponents intentionally (not using shoulder to shoulder contact) Does not have elbows close to body: Direct Free Kick Player having one or both feet on ground shall not charge into opponent that has not feet on ground: Direct Free Kick Cannot charge goalkeeper in penalty area Disqualify players that intentionally/flagrantly charge goalkeeper Outside goal box, goalkeeper has no more privileges than any other player

13 Dangerous Play Dangerous Play
High kicks above waist in dangerous manner: Indirect Free Kick Obstruction: intentional act of player not in possession of ball, not attempting to play ball, or running between an opponent and ball, or using body as obstacle: Indirect Free Kick Goalkeeper w/ possession of ball shall not be interfered or impeded in any manner by opponent

14 Goalkeeper Restrictions
MUST WEAR DIFFERENT SHADE/COLOR OF SHIRT THAN THE MAJORITY OF THEIR TEAM Pinnies may be provided Control of ball: has 5 seconds to kick, throw, or dribble ball Cannot touch ball with hands if received a throw-in or deliberate pass by teammate A goalkeeper who obtains possession outside goal box may not dribble into goal box and handle ball: Indirect Free Kick

15 Misconduct Misconduct Cautioned (yellow card)
Guilty of unsporting behavior Shows dissent by word or action Persistently infringes on laws of game Delay start of game Fails to respect required distance when play restarted on kicks Enters/re-enters field without referee permission Deliberately leaves field of play w/ out permission Ejection (red card) or two yellows Guilty of serious foul play or violent conduct Spits at opponent or official Uses offensive, insulting, abusive language Flagrantly fouling goalkeeper in possession of ball

16 Team Caution Team Caution
Disciplinary action facing an entire team as a result of violation by a player of that team Team cautions can include: Encroachment on free kicks Intentional handballs by defense Unnecessary delay A second team caution for same offense will be a player ejection for that person that offended

17 Penalty Kicks Penalty Kicks
Awarded for any infringement of rules by defending team within penalty area: foul must be deliberate Regardless of position of ball if infraction is committed in penalty area Goal can be scored directly from penalty kick All player must be outside penalty mark line (10 yds from penalty mark) Hits off goalpost, kicker may not play ball until touched by other players Goalkeeper can be substituted for penalty kick Encroachments by defending team, or forward movement is not penalized if goal is scored Infringement by attacking team, and ball enters goal, goal does not count.

18 Coed Soccer Rules 8 players per team (one is goalkeeper)
Team may play w/ this combination 4m/4w, 3m/4w, 4m/3w, 3m/3w, 2m/3w, 3m/2w Female must touch ball in offensive team zone, after the last time the ball crossed the mid-line, before team can score In case of penalty kick: person taking kick must be of the same gender as the person originally fouled Female goals are 2 points, including penalty kick and goals which deflect off offensive team female If official is unsure, is a male goal (1 point)

19 Free Agents If you do not have a team, please meet down front.
There is a free agent men’s and coed teams Team captains needing additional players, please come down front to pick up free agents

20 Thank you for attending!
Enjoy the season! If you have any other questions contact Intramural Supervisor Chris Gottlick at X4959 or Feel free to come by the Rowan Rec Center Offices for additional information

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