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TEAM HANDBALL. HISTORY Originated in Europe in the 1900’s Over 140 countries are recognized members of the International Handball Federation (IHF). First.

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2 HISTORY Originated in Europe in the 1900’s Over 140 countries are recognized members of the International Handball Federation (IHF). First appeared in the Olympics in the 1936 Berlin Games as an outdoor sport. Women’s handball was added in the Olympic games in 1976.

3 WHY TEAM HANDBALL IN PE Health Related Components Cardiovascular Endurance In relations to Team Handball, cardiovascular fitness is an important component because it is mostly an aerobic activity. Muscular Strength In the game of team handball, one may jump to shoot the ball in the goal so you have to have strength to lift your body weight to make that necessary jump shot. Flexibility as a player, you have to be able to move within a joint such as shoulder to make a throw and as a goalie you have to be able to extend to stop the ball from going into the net. Muscular Endurance Team Handball consists predominantly of bouts of exercise lasting between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, Body Composition in order to be successful in a game of team handball one must have a body composition of more lean tissue to fat.


5 TEAM HANDBALL—THE GAME Handball combines the elements of soccer and basketball. It’s a versatile game, team handball can be played indoors in the gym, outdoors on the grass, on a paved area or on the beach. The modern sport was developed from 3 different versions from various countries: The Czech hazena, the Danish handbold, and the German Torball. Six players move the ball down a floor that is larger than a basketball court and try to score by throwing the ball past a goalkeeper into the net. Typical final scores in this action-packed game run in the mid twenties. A regulation game is played in 30 minute halves with one team timeout per half.

6 TEAM HANDBALL—THE GAME Field of Play The court is slightly larger than a basketball court. All court lines are referred to by their measurement in meters. The most significant line on the court is the 6-meter line or goal area line. Only the goalie is allowed inside the goal area. Players may jump into the goal area if they release the ball before landing in the area. The 9-meter line, or free throw line, is used for minor penalties 7-meter line, or penalty line, is used for penalty shots, much like penalty kicks in soccer.

7 PE TEAM HANDBALL—THE GAME GAME PLAY: Players are allowed to run 3 steps with the ball. Players may hold the ball for 3 seconds before passing or advancing it in some method. Players may dribble the ball but are not allowed to "double dribble" (similar to basketball). A player may take 3 steps, dribble, and take 3 more steps before passing or shooting. A Player may not pass the ball to his/her self by throwing it into the air (air dribble is illegal). Players are not allowed to dive for a ball that is on the ground. Goalies may leave the goal area to play the ball but must then abide by all the court rules.

8 PE TEAM HANDBALL—THE GAME STARTING PLAY: Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who gets ball first. Play begins with a "Throw-Off" "Throw-Off" : –Offensive team lines up on or behind the centerline and initiates play by passing to a teammate –Defense players line up around their 6 M goal area line – "Throw-Offs" initiate play for each half and are also used to resume play following a goal.

9 PE TEAM HANDBALL—THE GAME BASIC STRATEGY: Offense: –Attempt to out-maneuver your opponents with quick passing & deception –Take shots "flying in" from outside the goal area circle Defense: –Set up as a base on the perimeter of the goal area –Always make the offense shoot over defensive players –Never let an offensive player shoot uncontested at your goalie –Concentrate on stopping the opponents top scorers –Teams play "Man-to-Man"

10 PE TEAM HANDBALL—THE GAME Playing the Ball Players are not allowed to: Endanger an opponent with the ball Pull, hit, or punch the ball out of the hands of an opponent Contact the ball below the knees ANY VIOLATIONS OF THESE RULES RESULTS IN A FREE THROW

11 PE TEAM HANDBALL—THE GAME Free Throws Are taken immediately without the referee touching the ball FT are thrown from the place the violation occurred. Defensive players must be 3 M (10') away from the thrower. The thrower must have one foot continuously in contact with the court and must throw or pass within 3 seconds.

12 PE TEAM HANDBALL—THE GAME OUT-OF-BOUNDS: On the touchline (sideline): –Throw-in is taken from the spot –Opponents must be 3M (10') away when the ball is passed in. –Player throwing must have both feet on the line. On the goal line: –Last touched by a defensive player (excluding the goalie) - Throw-in taken by the offense from the nearest corner –Last touched by an offensive player - "Goal throw" by the goalie – Last touched by the goalie - Goal throw by the goalie

13 PE TEAM HANDBALL—THE GAME SCORING: Balls must completely pass the goal line inside the goal to count as a score Goals may be scored from all formal throws (throw-ins, throw- offs, free throws, and goal throws by the goalie) All goals counts 1 point w/ a typical game having 50 goals scored between the 2 teams.

14 PE TEAM HANDBALL—THE GAME GOAL AREA: Only the goalie may stand inside the goal area. If an offensive player is in the circle or on the line, with or without the ball, the ball is given to the opponent and a goal cannot be scored. A free throw is awarded to the defense. If the defense gains an "advantage" by being in the goal area, a penalty throw is awarded the attackers. A ball inside the goal area belongs to the goalie. Player are not considered to be in the goal area if they are in the air having taken off outside the 6 M line.

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