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Metrics- Measuring Your Success: Using Metrics to Set Benchmarks and Show ROI March 13, 2012.

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1 Metrics- Measuring Your Success: Using Metrics to Set Benchmarks and Show ROI March 13, 2012

2 Metrics- Measuring Your Success: Using Metrics to Set Benchmarks and Show ROI Session Moderator Lucy Giovando Watts, GW& Co. Panel of Experts Wendi Shafir, U.S. EPA Harry Hobbs, InterContinental Hotel SF Kathleen Hennesey, Moscone Center Paul Salinger, Oracle Jeff Chase, Freeman

3 U.S. EPA Pacific Southwest Region GMIC NorCal: Metrics – Measuring for Success! Wendi Shafir 415-972-3422 March 13, 2012

4 EPA “14 Questions” Does meeting facility have ?... Recycling Linen/towel reuse Access to public transit Light/AC turn-off policy Bulk/reusable containers Reusable food service- ware Energy efficiency program Water conservation Paperless check-in/out Recycled/recyclable products Employee “green” training Local and sustainable food Bio-based/biodegradable products Other "green" environmental initiatives

5 EPA Resources EPA R9 Green Meeting Policy & Checklists WasteWise Re-TRAC tool - track wasteWasteWise Re-TRAC tool Waste Reduction (WARM) Model - GHG impact of recyclingWaste Reduction (WARM) Model Food Waste Management Tools Energy Star for Hospitality – track water, energyEnergy Star for Hospitality Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator Federal Guidance: Sustainable Conferences Greening Meetings and Conferences: Guide For Federal PurchasersGreening Meetings and Conferences: Guide For Federal Purchasers

6 63 5 4 Gold 4 17 6 22 4 5


8 Kathleen Hennesey Sustainability Analyst 415.978.3425 The Moscone Center’s website Meeting Professionals’ Green Guide Exhibitor Green Guide

9 Freeman Solutions for APEX – Exhibits Level 1 - Sample

10 MaterialMaterial Specsifications Qty Printed (#) Amount Produced (sqft) Amount Saved (sqft) (for next year or another show) Amount Recycled (sqft) 3/16" Falconboard Smaller signs used throughout the show 1/2" Falconboard Larger signs throughout the shows Plexi Panels Printed with text and logos Banner Materials List the type used here !! Bioflex Banner Hanging signs for Directional and informational Mesh Viole (stretch cloth) Stretch material sewn and printed and placed over metal frames Heavy Paper Stock (Aisle Signs) Heavy gauge paper - 100% recyclable Card Stock – Booth ID Signs 7 inches by 44 inches white poster board PVC - 1mm Used for curves in MIS system - printed PVC - 3mm Used for curves or standard panels in MIS system - printed or laminated Foam Core Standard signs - sheets come in 4'x8' and 4'x10' Gatorfoam or Ultraboard Standard signs & Standalones - sheets come in 4'x8' and 4'x10' Totals 0000 Freeman Materials Tracking for Graphics – one page of larger report - Sample

11 SHOW MANAGEMENT MATERIALS TRACKING ITEM Amount used 2008 Amount used 2009 Amount used 2010 Amount used 2011Environmental Specifications* Cost impact (Specify cost avoided or incurred by choosing a greener option) 1Carpet / SF 274,308261,970213,772Reuse for each event, recycled aisle carpet 2Carpet Padding / SF 41,61562,58568,510Reduced, Contains recycled content and is recyclable 3Visqueen / SF 02,400 recycled in show site bins 4 Draped Tables and Counters1,114776905Reuse for each event 5 Table and Counter Top Vinyl / LF 6,7736,6686,343Precut to avoid waste 6Wastebaskets 608680631 Recycled content & recyclable Cardboard with Bio- degradeable Liners 7Booth Drape / LF 1,0962,3502,203Reuse for each event 8 Standard Furnishings/# Items 2,5663,2571,284Reuse for each event 9Frames - DEMO Kiosks 7294194Save for re-use 2010 10Frames - Single Kiosks 10313341Save for re-use 2010 11Specialty Furniture 3394681,825Reuse for each event 12SST Structure - pre built 590649339Reuse for each event 13SST Offices/Wall - LF 4,2841,3708,040Reuse for each event Freeman Report for Oracle show – year over year – Sample

12 APEX/ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Meeting Standards Scope of each Standard Air Quality Energy Community Partners Communication Policy Water Waste Procurement Staff Management

13 Green Meetings Industry Council Northern California Chapter Thank you to our Sponsors! Upcoming Programs: April 23-25, 2012 --GMIC Sustainability Conference Montreal, Canada May 8, 2012 –GMIC NCC Annual Spring Fling Location - TBD

14 GMIC NCC contact info. –

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