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PCC Green Office Program Sustainability Were all about that.

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1 PCC Green Office Program Sustainability Were all about that.

2 Why should your office get involved? PCC is committed to sustainability! As a college we have already made great strides in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions & environmental impact, but there is still much more to do. Your participation can help PCC meet its progressive sustainability goals! Check out the schools most recent Climate Action Plan at: /climate-action-plan.pdf /climate-action-plan.pdf PCC Green Office Program

3 How it works Use this powerpoint to learn about the Green Office Program and engage staff in a discussion about sustainability in your workplace. Go through the Green Office checklist to see where your office currently stands, and what actions to take to get where youd like to be. After implementing green office changes, apply for official Green Office Certification & receive your Green Office Leaf Rating. PCC Green Office Program

4 9 Key Areas Energy Waste & Recycling Paper Purchasing Outreach & Participation Events & Meetings Transportation Kitchens & Breakrooms Innovation PCC Green Office Program

5 Leaf Ratings Bronze 40+ points Silver 65+ points Gold 80+ points Green 90+ points PCC Green Office Program

6 Energy Energy saving modes Efficient lighting Energy Star or EPEAT appliances Lights off when not in use Powerstrip for appliances Energy saving checklist emails Efficient temperature settings PCC Green Office Program

7 Waste & Recycling Recycling bins at each desk Recycling signage Recycling & waste reduction education Office furniture & equipment re-use Office supplies sharing & re-use E-waste collection centers Ink cartridge recycling PCC Green Office Program

8 Paper Double-sided printing set as default Tracking paper printing Scrap paper pile Recycled-content paper products Reusable inter-office envelopes Reduced paper margins PCC Green Office Program

9 Purchasing Check surplus stock before purchasing Purchase reusable and durable supplies Consider more sustainable options (i.e. Energy Star, EPEAT, Eco Logo, Green Seal, etc.) Bulk purchasing PCC Green Office Program

10 Outreach & Participation At least 75% of staff participate Active Green Team member Green tip bulletin board Sustainability included in new hire training PCC Green Office Program

11 Events & Meetings Agendas & meeting items available electronically Reusable cups, dishware, & cutlery Recycling bins made available Bulk containers for condiments, sugar, creamer, etc. Sustainable food options PCC Green Office Program

12 Transportation Sustainable transportation information Staff use sustainable modes of transportation Green transport for work travel Telecommuting & conference calls PCC Green Office Program

13 Kitchens & Breakrooms Recycled-content napkins & paper towels Environmentally preferable dishwashing soap Reusable cups, dishes, & silverware PCC Green Office Program

14 Innovation Earn points for any other sustainability initiatives your office is interested in pursuing! PCC Green Office Program

15 Next Steps Secure staff buy-in Complete initial audit Contact sustainability staff for resources Work on greening the office Apply for Green Office Certification Receive your Green Office Leaf Rating & Certification! PCC Green Office Program

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