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LEED Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.

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2 LEED Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

3 In Canada, buildings draw on.... -1/3 of Total Energy -12% of Water -2/3 of Electricity -20% of Solid Waste Produces 30% of Greenhouse Gas, Raw Material Usage & Waste Output

4 What is LEED? USGBC – United States Green Building Council – Established 1993 CaGBC – Canadian Green Building Council – Est. 2002 –13% of Members & 28% of Certified Projects are from Alberta Internationally Accepted Benchmark for High Performance Green Buildings –Design –Construction –Operation

5 What is LEED? USGBC –LEED NC (New Construction) – Est. 2000 –LEED EB (Existing Building ) –LEED Commercial Interior –LEED Core and Shell Development –LEED Neighborhood Development –LEED Home –LEED Schools –Coming Soon LEED Health Care

6 What is LEED? CaGBC –Associated with USGBC –License Holder for LEED in Canada –LEED Canada for New Construction & Major Renovations – Established 2003 –Coming Soon LEED EB Four Performance levels: Platinum: 52+ points Gold: 39 – 51 points Silver: 33 – 38 points Certified: 26 – 32 points

7 - Transforms building into a healthier environment - Reduces waste, greenhouse emissions, and conserves energy and water - Lower operating costs and increase asset value - Recognition for commitment to environmental responsibility

8 What is LEED? Measuring Tool for Building Owners and Operators Promotes a Whole Building Approach in 5 Key Areas of Human & Environmental Health Sustainable Site Development Water Savings Energy Efficiency Material Selection Indoor Environmental Quality

9 What is LEED - EB? LEED EB Exterior Building Site Maintenance Optimized Use of Water and Energy Environmentally Preferred Products Waste Stream Management Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Guidelines for Whole Building Cleaning Recycling Programs

10 What is the LEED Rating System? LEED Rating System –LEED Inspector Surveys & Rates Building –LEED Inspector Provides Recommendations –Building Owner and Management Implements Changes –LEED Inspector Surveys & Rates Building

11 What is LEED-EB? LEED - EB Rating System –Certified 32-39 Points –Silver 40-47 Points –Gold 48 – 63 Points –Platinum 64 – 85 Points

12 Why LEED? Building Owners and Managers –Increased Asset Value –Tennant Retention and Satisfaction –Shareholder Value –Employee Satisfaction and Productivity –Stakeholder Relations –Increased Net Operating Income –Return on Investment 2.6 Years $170,000 Savings Per Year –Stewardship –Legislation Help Meet Kyoto Obligations

13 Who Is Adopting LEED? Government –Municipal, Provincial and Federal Schools – Primary, Secondary and Post Secondary All City of Calgary New Construction Private Industry –New Construction

14 Why LEED? Building Service Contractors –Can provide 13+ Points or 40% of Basic Education & Training Programs – 1 Point Source Reduction & Waste Management – 1 to 2 Points Sustainable Cleaning Products – 1 to 3 Points Occupant Recycling – 1 to 3 Points Entry Way Systems – 1 Point Isolation of Janitorial Closets – 1 Point Low Environmental Impact Cleaning Policy – 1 to 2 Points Innovation – 1 to 2 Points

15 Why LEED? Building Service Contractors –What Products and Services Certified Cleaning Methodology Certified Cleaning Chemicals and Systems Certified Hand Soap Systems Certified Paper and Paper Systems Certified Vacuums, Autoscrubbers etc Certified Garbage Bags Matting Systems Microfibers Recycling Programs Promote & Market –Tent Cards, Stickers, Mailer to tenants etc

16 W.I.I.F.M. Building Service Contractors –Marketing Edge Sell a Whole Program Differentiate –Potential Increased Profits –Little Initial Cost


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