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Christopher Newport University and The Commonwealth of Virginia Recognition and Service Awards Wednesday, April 10, 2013 3:00 p.m. David Student Union.

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1 Christopher Newport University and The Commonwealth of Virginia Recognition and Service Awards Wednesday, April 10, 2013 3:00 p.m. David Student Union Ballroom

2 Our faculty and staff at CNU are the absolute best! Every day, everyone at CNU goes the extra mile caring for our students with heart-felt service, but much more than that, providing loving care and kindred support to our colleagues as well.

3 We are bonded by our mission and values. Friends, colleagues and supervisors have shared with us some of their thoughts about today’s Service Award recipients. These are excerpts from the remarks shared…

4 I am blessed to call Curtis a colleague and friend, who has always been a consummate professional. He is invaluable to the Office of Admission. ~ Rob Lange

5 Kathleen Mazzitti is an absolute joy. She is bright, energetic, incredibly hard working and is an invaluable asset to our department. ~ Amie Graham

6 Todd has made a huge impact on the men of the lacrosse program. His leadership and motivation has prepared them to face the world once they graduate. ~ Jon Waters

7 I enjoy working with Christine very much. She gets the job done expertly! ~ Bill Brauer

8 Shanika serves the department with such grace and dignity. She keeps us on the straight and narrow. Her calm in the face of crisis and love for students brighten our days. ~ Jon Waters

9 Carrie has a heart for young people and mentors our student athletes, creating a positive experience for them in every way. ~ Jon Waters

10 Kyle’s positive attitude, marvelous energy, good humor, strong work ethic, creativity, and kind heart make him a treasured member of our team. ~ Jon Waters and Adelia Thompson

11 Carolyn has done an amazing job as a coach, friend and mentor to her student athletes. She is a fierce competitor on the field and a great colleague. ~ Jon Waters

12 Judy has been a stabilizing force for the Athletic Department for many years. One of the most pleasant, caring and loving people in the entire world. Her daily efforts have made a positive impact on the success of our students. ~ Jon Waters

13 Wes is hard working, very knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. ~ Bob Olson

14 Nicole is an asset to the entire Auxiliary Services staff and is the glue that holds the office together. She’s always willing to go above and beyond. ~ Bob Midgette

15 Kim is efficient and knowledgeable, managing the office with its many and diverse needs. We are so lucky to have Kim in the Business Office. ~ Diane Reed

16 Nicole is my right hand and confidant. Always striving to do her best, she works to provide CNU with excellence in everything she does. ~ Diane Reed

17 Stephanie's vast depth of knowledge, attention to detail and care for the employees she serves through payroll are a great asset to the University. ~ Nicole Hunter

18 Stella has strengthened numerous controls that safeguard the University’s assets. She is such an asset to the Business Office and the University. ~ Diane Reed

19 Diane runs one of the most complex organizations on campus and she does it superbly. ~ Bill Brauer

20 Pam - you are a great Executive Assistant and the best mind-reader I know. Thanks for five years of excellent work! ~ Dave Doughty

21 Under Linda's leadership and good stewardship, the Communication Department has revamped its curriculum, grown the number of COMM majors substantially, and increased the faculty staffing level. ~ Bob Colvin

22 Mark is an excellent scholar and first-rate professor. CNU is lucky to have him in the classroom. ~ Linda Baughman

23 Among Caitlin’s many accomplishments, she is the art director/designer behind CNU On the Move and CNU Voyages magazines. She also developed the University’s 50 th anniversary logo. ~ Bruce Bronstein

24 Stephen was essential to the 2009 web redesign, recently built and launched CNU’s mobile website, and is currently working on some very exciting projects. We are all so proud of him. ~ Bruce Bronstein

25 Few people have a greater role in sharing CNU’s story than Matt. His skill and talent are on display in every university publication and his valued leadership is essential to our success. ~ Bruce Bronstein

26 Greg gets along well with his co-workers and with all staff in the DSU. He always helps out when we’re short handed and helps keep the floors maintained. ~ Candie Davis

27 Damien is always willing to help others, is a perfect team player, volunteers when needed, and is extremely reliable. ~ Niecy Hicks

28 Melissa Gunst Pullen in only 5 years advanced to the position of Einstein's manager and now moves on to her role as full time mom. She will be greatly missed by her entire Dining Services family. ~ Kevin Ososkie

29 Jacque exudes professionalism and has an uncanny way with the staff. I have enjoyed growing The Commons with her and look forward to many more years of working together. I can't thank her enough for all that she are my calm! ~ June Miles

30 June has done a wonderful job and was a huge asset during the Commons expansion this past summer. ~ Kevin Ososkie

31 It was a pleasure welcoming Brenda back to CNU. She is always cheerful and welcoming to those entering The Commons! Congratulations and here's to many more years! ~ June Miles

32 Student focused, creative and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Chereta! ~ Niecy Hicks

33 Always willing to help, shows incredible initiative and takes great pleasure in knowing and assisting students. ~ Niecy Hicks

34 Noel has excellent culinary skills, brings cultural recipes to the kitchen, treats colleagues well and goes above and beyond. ~ Niecy Hicks

35 Linda epitomizes civic engagement. As evident in her work, she combines her keen sense of mission with her passion for CNU and its future. ~ Jean Filetti

36 Scott is a visionary, able to work in cross- disciplinary ways and advocate for the richness of doing so. A complex thinker, Scott has guided our department and the Faculty Senate in productive ways. A valued colleague! ~ Jean Filetti

37 Marsha Sprague is the consummate professional, able to build strong programs, nurture young minds and prepare future teachers. She gives of her time and talent generously. ~ Jean Filetti

38 Ketch is truly an inspiration to work with and he cares deeply about CNU. He always brings the highest level of professionalism and care to his work. ~ Bill Biddle

39 Clara, congratulations on this milestone! Thanks for all of the care and energy you put into every day as you work with our students, faculty and staff. ~ Lisa Duncan Raines

40 Mary has been one of our office's most valuable employees since she joined us. She is conscientious, hard-working, and an integral part of our team. ~ Clara Johnson

41 Dr. Quentin Kidd has distinguished himself as prominent and highly productive scholar, publishing three books in the past academic year! He is an award-winning teacher and mentor who is beloved by so many students from his 16 years at CNU. Dr. Kidd is a treasured colleague. ~ Bob Colvin

42 We made a great hire when we asked her to join Graduate Studies. I love to go into her office because she always smiles and never complains. ~ Bobbye Bartels

43 Lyn loves to work with students, is loved by them and keeps the Director fully informed about issues and successes. She is the energetic face of CNU’s Graduate Studies. ~ Bobbye Bartels

44 Allen's refreshingly positive personality makes him a great team player. Allen is always coming forward with new great ideas and wanting to expand his abilities so that he can play his part in keeping CNU a "world class campus." ~ Chris Webb

45 Teri is not satisfied with CNU looking good, she wants CNU to look great. You can see this in her quality of work when she is out on campus everyday! ~ Chris Webb

46 When I stop to enjoy the beauty of this campus, I think of Dean and his wonderful staff who provide this opportunity for us each and every day. ~ Bill Brauer

47 Phil Hamilton's leadership and his calm, reasoned demeanor have helped elevate the History Department to the highest level of excellence. ~ Eric Duskin

48 Laura Puaca's tireless commitment to her students is an inspiration to us all. ~ Eric Duskin

49 Vinny has a great amount of maintenance knowledge and covers many areas. He is one of the hardest working techs in the Residential Housing department, always performing above and beyond the call of duty. ~ Eric Thomas

50 Ali is a wonderful, talented, caring and kind individual who shares her heart everyday at CNU by her positive disposition and her love for all. She shares her smile and grace everyday. ~ Lori Westphal

51 We are extremely blessed to have Kay join us from William and Mary. Her vast knowledge of benefits coupled with her empathy for people, positive spirit and sincere wish to help make her the perfect fit for CNU. ~ Lori Westphal

52 Lori’s special qualities are recognizing and helping those in need, protecting us and our families during the difficult times and celebrating the successes and triumphs of those around us. She is always there, for each of us, and that is a precious gift to our university. ~ Cindi Perry

53 Eric always has a cooperative, positive attitude and is ready to take on new challenges as needed. ~ Brian Foran

54 Barbara Copley represents the very best Academic Computing has to offer. She has made it her personal mission to make each day better for every person she helps. ~ Shannon Phillips

55 Brian Foran has installed and knows where 500 miles of phone, fiber and Ethernet cable is and has been responsible for installing all of it. This place is great because of dedicated Captains like Brian Foran. ~ Steve Campbell

56 Carol's care and dedication is exemplary. She is the consummate professional, and displays persistence, tact, and attention to detail. She is also a warm and genuine person with a wonderful sense of humor and intelligent wit. We thank you. ~ Mark Padilla

57 Elizabeth Gagnon has been a key faculty member, and has made significant contributions to CNU. Students and faculty alike appreciate her for her wit, rigor, intelligence, enthusiasm, and positive attitude. ~ Ben Redekop

58 Lori’s passion for leadership and care for our students is widely appreciated. Her positive attitude and willingness to serve have been infectious. ~ Ben Redekop

59 Dave - you are a great colleague and a good friend. Thanks for your service as chair and for fifteen years of excellent work. ~ Dave Doughty

60 Dr. Jeanne Nailor is a fantastic educator who has created increased demand for the math department's innovative writing intensive course. Jeanne will always go the extra mile. ~ David Heddle

61 Dr. Jeffery Steckroth constantly seeks ways to incorporate advances in technology in the classroom. He is known for his unselfish willingness to lead students in independent studies when they need a class that is not available. ~ David Heddle

62 Prof. Ingrid Edery has become an integral member of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures. She established a relationship between CNU and Centro Mundo Lengua in Spain and now serves as academic advisor for CNU students studying abroad in Seville and Cadiz. ~ Jana Adamitis

63 Mark Reimer embodies all that is positive, energetic and exceptional about our faculty at CNU. Moreover, he has been the guiding force for the seemingly endless array of quality music performances that are offered each year. ~ Steven Breese

64 Jessica is a terrific colleague and teacher. She inspires students in both the classroom and in her research activities. She is a major contributor to the success of OENB! ~ Ed Weiss

65 Deborah is a steady hand running an operation that can be very difficult. She is a great manager and always provides very informational answers to questions. ~ Bob Olson

66 Kenneth Rose is an exceptional teacher/scholar. His love for his discipline and passion for teaching leave an indelible mark on his students and bring them to share his love of learning and passion for shared religious dialogue. ~ Lori Underwood

67 Without Lynn, the sense of family that we feel and are proud of in our department would simply not exist. Congratulations, Lynn, on reaching this important milestone at CNU! ~ Ed Brash

68 Dali is a valued colleague and has shepherded the development of the computer engineering program since its inception. It continues to grow and thrive under his expert guidance. Congratulations, Dali, on reaching this significant milestone at CNU! ~ Ed Brash

69 Pat McDermott is the person everyone wants to know because she has the money tree. She is thoughtful, generous, pragmatic and fair. I am grateful and blessed to have shared 30+ years with her at CNU. ~ Cindi Perry

70 Magaline Bolling inspects all the academic buildings once a month to assure that they are being kept clean. She also is my right hand every day. ~ Ruby Williams

71 Bobby Clark is a valued employee at CNU. He is very conscientious and always does a good job performing his duties. He is a punctual and loyal employee. ~ Charles Sibley

72 Penny Crudup is the only employee in 2012 to never miss a day of work. ~ Ruby Williams

73 Don Crudup never comes to work late. He’s always here by 4:30 am. ~ Ruby Williams

74 Tony Dinkle always gives his best and is willing to help on any shift he is ask to work. ~ Randy West

75 What a pleasure it is to have you working here. Your professionalism makes this university safer for students and faculty alike. Congratulations on your service award. ~ Dennis Barry

76 Charles is essential to our success in fulfilling our mission to the University. Congratulations on 15 years of service and thank you for all you do! I look forward to many more years working together. ~ Albert Metzgar

77 Ruby, congratulations on your 15 years of service and dedication to the University. The pride and commitment in your job you exhibit is contagious to all you come in contact with. ~ Albert Metzgar

78 What a pleasure it is to have you working here. Your professionalism makes this university safer for students and faculty alike. Congratulations on your service awards. ~ Dennis Barry

79 Todd Coxe exemplifies what a great CNU employee is. His work ethic and commitment to the community and its safety shows his love for the University and what it stands for. ~ Scott Austin

80 Tara’s work ethic, excellent attitude and loyalty is above reproach. Her recent promotion to the position of Lieutenant exemplifies her abilities and commitment to the safety and security of the CNU community. ~ Scott Austin

81 Craig has been a great friend since we were hired together in 2007. His dedication to the profession and desire to serve at this institution has made him an integral member of the CNU family! ~ Todd Coxe

82 There is a genuineness to Brian that is rarely seen in most people. His deep care and concern for his students and colleagues are always at the forefront of his decisions and a big reason why he is well respected by so many people. ~ Kevin Hughes

83 An exceptionally creative and talented event planner, Amie designs and plans grand celebrations and small intimate receptions with equal enthusiasm. Her imagination knows no bounds. She is a force to be reckoned with and we are extremely fortunate to have Amie as part of our CNU family. ~ Cindi Perry

84 Each and every day Desiree brings her pleasant, upbeat, and positive attitude to the office which is an asset to us all. She also embodies the teamwork spirit that is so essential to the success of all that we do. ~ Michelle Moody

85 Tim Marshall is the quiet backbone of his department, providing important support to the Chair and assisting his colleagues in innumerable ways. We are all grateful for his service and support! ~ Kelly Cartwright

86 Noah Schwartz has made immense contributions in his brief time at CNU, serving his colleagues and students in myriad ways. Under his direction, the new neuroscience program has grown beyond our expectations, and we are grateful for his vision and leadership. ~ Kelly Cartwright

87 Alicia and I have worked with one another for almost the entire 15 years she has been employed with CNU. She is a complete joy and I am thankful for all of her hard work and effort. ~ Bonny Tracey

88 We applaud Anna for her customer service efforts. She is absolutely one of the best! Anna’s willingness to serve in various capacities within our office is a delight to acknowledge and is greatly appreciated by her colleagues, students, faculty, staff, and parents alike. ~ Donna Shelton

89 Janine is a valued employee within the Housing Operation. She works diligently to facilitate students in the Residence Halls. Her customer service skills are exemplary. ~ Bob Midgette

90 Very forward thinking and eager to learn the jobs of others to enhance the experiences for our customers. ~ Bob Midgette

91 Prof. Gillman has unselfishly served the Department of Theater and Dance teaching and mentoring young artists, directing engaging and provocative productions, developing new and challenging curriculum, and providing leadership and support to departmental and university committees. ~ Gregg Lloyd

92 Prof. Sweet has dedicated herself entirely to the growth and enrichment of both the department of Theater and Dance and the greater CNU community. Her tireless efforts in addition to her committee service, mentoring and advising, impress and inspire colleagues and students. ~ Gregg Lloyd

93 Briana Taravella has served not only CNU, but the state of Virginia, in ways too numerous to list. Her positive energy, support and dependability allow students, faculty and staff to function and continue to educate students and produce outstanding plays. ~ Gregg Lloyd

94 We thank her for her efforts teaching lighting and sound design, shepherding students as aspiring designers and technicians, and sharing her many talents with CNU. ~ Gregg Lloyd

95 Doris has weathered the total transformation of the library and the campus. Through the numerous moves the library went through she remained flexible and committed to service. The library applauds her longevity and service to the University. ~ Mary Sellen

96 Alicia's great work has resulted in a wonderful liberal arts collection. She is also the first library staff member to finish her Ph.D. The library has benefited greatly from the statistical skills she used for this degree. ~ Mary Sellen

97 Thanks Gregg for your continued service and support to CNU. ~ Monte Alcock

98 Thomas continues to be an asset to our department. His leadership, work ethic, and communication skills have all been a plus. He has worked hard to receive his VCA certification. ~ Gregg Brooks

99 Christopher Newport University and The Commonwealth of Virginia Recognition and Service Awards Wednesday, April 10, 2013 3:00 p.m. David Student Union Ballroom

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