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CRITICAL INFORMATION: Opens: Sat., March 21, Noon Closes: Sun., March 29, 4 p.m. Communication Design Senior Exhibition.

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2 CRITICAL INFORMATION: Opens: Sat., March 21, Noon Closes: Sun., March 29, 4 p.m. Communication Design Senior Exhibition

3 SENIOR EXHIBITION Graduation requirement for all visual art students Registration is necessary (non-credit course) The December Senior Exhibition is a combined exhibition for Fall Graduates from all department; the Spring Cycle features individual shows for each department

4 SUCCESSFUL PARTICIPATION One exhibition-ready piece in Sharadin Art Gallery Timely submission of complete online loan form Timely submission of artwork Meet special departmental requirements DEADLINES ARE FIRM AND FAILURE TO MEET THEM WILL RESULT IN EXCLUSION FROM THE EXHIBITION — THIS WILL JEOPARDIZE YOUR ABILITY TO GRADUATE.

5 WORK SELECTION Communication Design is selected by jury, consult departmental advisor Please see additional requirements for your department Available duration of exhibition; cannot be removed Maximum quantity/size listed on exhibition schedule CRITICAL INFORMATION: Maximum 3 works, not to exceed 57 inches

6 MEASURING ARTWORK Total width is calculated by adding the width of each piece = 62 inches Widest dimension of 3D work Possible size waiver (arranged and approved before loan form submitted) 24” + 30” + 8” 12” 10”

7 SINGLE WORKS Sets (sugar bowl and creamer, etc.) considered single work Can't group unrelated works in single frame (can group series) If series individually framed, each considered separate work May be required to assist with the installation of non-standard works (must be available days leading up to the opening) Parts of identity campaign are single work if compliant with CD guidelines (size restrictions & verification form)

8 TIME-BASED WORKS Discuss installations, performances, media works with Director (before loan form due) Equipment and arrangements responsibility of the artist Off-site presentations encouraged but not considered “participation” Performances & media works in gallery during reception at director’s discretion

9 LOAN FORMS Web-based -- must be completed online Incomplete and late forms not accepted Long titles and long medium descriptions will be edited Forms for complicated works must include installation instructions




13 SUBMITTING LOAN FORM Online at Click “Senior Exhibition” Complete form EXACTLY as you want information to appear on wall label Click “Submit” CRITICAL INFORMATION: SUBMIT NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT Friday, March 13.

14 ID TAGS Distributed at next meeting (also available online) All work must have I.D. Tag Each component of multiple work must be tagged Clearly printed, fasten to work’s back Serial pieces sequentially numbered (and attach diagram) Mark top of non-representational and abstract work

15 WHAT IS “EXHIBITION READY”? Other than paintings on stretcher bars, all 2D work must either be: Framed (most desirable) Mounted (backed with a material heavy enough to keep work flat, faced with Plexi, held together with bracket hanging system) All work must be clean, dry, and equipped with appropriate hanging device Fiber pieces and hanging 3D works must include appropriate hardware Works not meeting these requirements will be excluded

16 Not exhibition ready Piece has insufficient backing allowing it to bow away from wall

17 Not exhibition ready Glass with no backing and loose hanging wire

18 DELIVERY OF ARTWORK Deliver to Sharadin Art Gallery Students away from campus must arrange delivery Gallery will not accept early or late work Missing delivery will prevent graduation CRITICAL INFORMATION: Monday, March 16, Noon - 6:00 p.m.

19 COMMUNICATION DESIGN Required to submit work to jury Departmental Advisor will provide schedule & details Half of work submitted must be CD project (or reflect curriculum) (if 4 pieces submitted, at least 2 must be CD) Related pieces (letterhead, cards, advertisements, etc.) considered single entry if mounted together in format not exceeding 432 sq. in. (18” X 24”) — 3D collateral must fit 19 1/2" X 19 1/2" area (don’t overcrowd — supply diagram or photo) Advisor or assigning faculty must sign a Multiple Related Pieces Verification Form (distributed at next meeting & available online) Attach completed Verification Form to artwork

20 RECEPTION Encouraged to participate in reception by bringing finger food (departmental advisor has information) Gallery provides beverages, plates, napkins, utensils Reception generally held in Sharadin Lobby CRITICAL INFORMATION: Sunday, March 22, 2 - 4 p.m.

21 RECLAMATION OF ARTWORK (PICK-UP) Date on exhibition schedule If unable to reclaim, must arrange for agent to reclaim (must arrange in advance with written release to director) Photo ID available when reclaiming work No alternative reclamation times Unclaimed work placed in storage; if no storage space, in lobby Stored work only available during next exhibition’s public hours CRITICAL INFORMATION: Monday, March 30, noon - 6 p.m.

22 The gallery is not responsible for damage to unclaimed artwork

23 CONTACTS Critical information: Questions about your department’s requirements: Vicki Meloney, 484.646.4143 / Questions about gallery requirements: Dan Talley Sharadin 208A 683-4546 ext. 4

24 AGENDA FOR NEXT MEETING Last-minute questions Attendance is mandatory CRITICAL INFORMATION: Tues., Feb. 24, 6:30 pm, Sharadin Rm 315


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