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Purpose of Inventory Control To tag all university assets over $5000 ◦ Useful life of 2 or more years ◦ Non-capital assets To conduct annual departmental.

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2 Purpose of Inventory Control To tag all university assets over $5000 ◦ Useful life of 2 or more years ◦ Non-capital assets To conduct annual departmental inventories in accordance with state policies.

3 How We Tag Items A departments PO is submitted into Banner, Fixed Assets assigns any items over $5000 an asset number and prints a tag for it. Once Inventory Control receives the new tags from Fixed Assets, we contact the name listed on the tag sheet by phone or email.

4 How We Tag Items From the first point of contact (ie. Phone or email), the department contact has 2 weeks to get back with us and schedule a time to tag the asset. ◦ Under certain circumstances, such as an asset in storage off campus or a large crated item, more time may be given to tag an asset ◦ An approximate date of unpacking or setup should be given to inventory control, so we can note in our database when we can tag asset

5 How We Tag Items When the Inventory Control officer comes to tag the asset, we will collect all pertinent information on the asset, as well as take pictures of it for our inventory database. The information gathered is then input into the Inventory Control database, and then sent to Fixed Assets to be completed in Banner.

6 How We Tag Items The majority of assets on campus will be tagged using paper tags. For items that paper tags will burn off of or outdoor items, Inventory Control can provide departments metal tags to place on their assets. Generally, assets will be tagged on a visible face on the item. ◦ Special consideration is given on internal assets in machines or scientific items

7 How We Retag Items Departments must request a retag for an asset from Fixed Assets or may contact Inventory Control and we will request one. Once Inventory Control receives a retag, we contact the custodian of the item. Like a new tag, a retag must be completed within 2 weeks unless circumstances cannot permit it to be done.

8 Yearly Inventories Department inventories are conducted once a year by Inventory Control Departments are broken up into 4 sets of inventories during an inventory cycle Department heads will receive their inventory first from Fixed Assets before being contacted by Inventory Control to schedule a time

9 Yearly Inventories Before you start an inventory, department heads should: ◦ Verify custodians of assets ◦ Verify changes in room numbers ◦ Determine if any assets have been previously surplused or stolen Unless notified otherwise, a department has 6 weeks from the time they receive their inventory to the time it must be completed

10 Missing Assets Lost: (attach statement describing factors leading to the loss and attempts to locate). Stolen: (attach copy of the Police Report). Cannibalized for parts: (attach Equipment Disposition form). Traded-in: (attach Trade-In Approval form).

11 Off-Campus Assets Assets located off campus should be reported back to Inventory Control by way of the Off-Campus Equipment Use formOff-Campus Equipment Use

12 Department Inventory Tools ICSP provides departments on campus tools to help keep track of inventory: 1)Pictures of all items in a departments inventory 2)Yearly inventory reports with any changes to information marked clearly 3)An up-to-date department inventory report with pictures and details of all items in a departments inventory

13 Equipment Pictures

14 Yearly Inventory Report

15 Department Inventory Report

16 Purpose of Surplus Property To pick up unwanted UNCC property from campus departments after the Fixed Assets/ Equipment Disposition Form is completed and returned to ICSP. To redistribute surplus back to University departments as needed.

17 Guidelines For Surplus Generally, surplus pickups are done on a first come, first serve basis Clearly mark all surplus that is to be picked up and if possible, group together If you know you have a large pickup that will require at least 2 of us, or you are under a deadline to get something removed, please inform ICSP a couple of days in advance

18 HPW and You Provides faculty and staff at UNC Charlotte an opportunity to find surplus items to reuse in their department Open from 9:00am to 12:00pm every Thursday Under certain circumstances, faculty and staff may call ahead and view items at other times if a Surplus Property agent is available Directions to HPW

19 Fixed Assets / Equipment Disposition Form The only version of the form that should be used is located on the ICSP website or under the financial services forms page: ◦ Financial Services: Financial Services  Under Fixed Assets Off Campus Equipment Use Form ◦ Inventory Control and Surplus Property: Inventory Control and Surplus Property  Under Forms on the sidebar Send by campus mail or Send by fax to (704)687-6593 Do NOT send both ways

20 Fixed Assets / Equipment Disposition Form The Current Form ◦ entForm.doc entForm.doc Future Updates: ◦ Inventory Control has an electronic version of the Fixed Assets / Equipment Disposition Form in the works ◦ This will be an improvement over the current form, being easier to use while also eliminating lost paper work

21 ICSP Website Inventory Control and Surplus Property Department Contacts John Cashion : Inventory Control Manager Ext. 7-4991 - email: Dan Schulte : Surplus/Bid Officer Ext. 7-6296 - email: Clayton Lee : Inventory Assistant Ext. 7-2781 - email:

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