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Review of the final exam policy, and how final exams are scheduled.

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1 Review of the final exam policy, and how final exams are scheduled.

2  There is a final exam policy governing all fall and spring semester final exams. It is meant to minimize conflicts for students and ensure availability of classroom space. A. No classes or laboratories will be held after the last day of classes. B. All final examination periods are assigned by the Office of Enrollment Services for each scheduled class; instructors are not permitted to reschedule a course's final exam from the period assigned by the Office of Enrollment Services without written permission from the Provost. C. The final examination will be given in the same room in which the lecture component has been held, unless the department is otherwise informed by the Office of Enrollment Services. D. A student who has a serious illness or a family emergency on the date of scheduled final exam(s) should immediately notify his/her Academic Dean and the Dean of Students. The Academic Dean's Office will be responsible for working with the student and instructor(s) to reschedule the final exam(s). E. A student having an exam scheduling conflict such as: 1. two or more exams scheduled for the same time period 2. three or more exams scheduled for one day must report to her/his school's Academic Dean's Office no later than fourteen calendar days before the end of classes. The dean will assist the student in rescheduling the exam(s) for the courses having the lowest enrollment(s). All make-up exams must be completed at the earliest possible time during the final examination period.

3  Each class has a final exam setting in the course catalog. A course is either marked “yes” that it has a final exam or “no” it does not.  Under the components tab you can see the final exam field.

4  If any of your courses never offer a final exam (courses such as independent studies, directed readings, etc), then you want to make sure to set the final exam field to “no” in the course catalog.  Doing so will ensure your students’ and faculty’s schedules are accurate.  If the final exam field is set to ‘No’ then Enrollment Services will know not to assign an exam date/time/room to the course.  This will free up rooms for other exams.  As well, instructors and students won’t have an exam scheduled for this course in their Cardinal Station schedule.

5  To review what courses are set to have a final exam, look in the course catalog.  Navigate to: Cardinal Students > Curriculum Management > Course Catalog > Course Catalog, here you can search based on the subject area.  To change the setting, simply Danielle Spinato at

6  The final exam schedule is always posted on the Enrollment Services website prior to the start of registration for that semester.  This is done so that students are aware of the courses’ final exam date/time prior to registering.  Also instructors can check the final exam date/time for their course and include that information in the syllabus.  Visit to view final exam schedules.

7  A course’s final exam date/time is based on the meeting pattern.  More specifically it is based on the first day the course meets and the first hour it meets.  Example: A course that meets MWF at 9:10 will be in the Monday 8-8:55 am exam block.  For courses with multiple meeting patterns, it is based on the earlies t meeting pattern.  Example: A course meets MWF 9:10 am, and TR 9:35 am. It would be scheduled during the Monday 8-8:55 am exam block.

8  Enrollment Services begins the final exam scheduling and rooming process after the add/drop deadline for the semester.  It can take several weeks to assign space for exams.  Exams are not assigned for:  Courses marked to not have a final exam in the course catalog.  Courses with an enrollment of zero.  Courses whose end date is prior to the last date of classes. These are dynamically dated courses.  Abroad/Off-campus courses

9  A course’s final exam date, time and location are assigned in Cardinal Station.  Go to Maintain Schedule of classes and then click on the “exam” tab.

10  Schedulers do not have access to edit the final exam information in Cardinal Station.  Faculty are able to see their final exam schedule in Faculty Center.  Students are able to see their final exam schedule in Student Center.

11  Schedulers can run the “9_SR_FINAL_EXAM” query in Cardinal Station to get a list of all their department’s final exams.  This may help in fielding questions from students and instructors. In Cardinal Station go to Cardinal People >HCM/CS Reporting Tools > HCM/CS Query > HCM/CS Query Manager To search for the query, type in “9_SR_FINAL_EXAM” in the search box.

12  Click run to “excel”  Then a window will pop up that will prompt you for the term and the academic org.  After you enter the appropriate information, click “View Results”  This spreadsheet will list all of your courses that have final exams scheduled and include:  The exam date  Exam start and end times  Exam location.  It will also include the instructor’s name in case you need to notify them of a room change.

13  Final exams are most typically offered in the same classroom where the course meets during the semester.  Sometimes Enrollment Services will have to change the exam location due to conflicts.  If the location of the exam has changed, the new location will appear in Cardinal Station. Enrollment Services will also try to notify the school/department scheduler of the room change.

14  For classes and exams scheduled in department-controlled space, the academic scheduler for that department is responsible for ensuring there are no conflicts.  If you require an alternative space for an exam due to a room conflict, Enrollment Services can assist. Please Meg Jerabek at at least one month prior to the start of final exams.

15  A faculty member can request an alternative exam location.  For example, they may want a larger room, so students can spread out. Or they may want an alternative style (computer lab, digital presentation equipment, etc.)  To request an alternative exam location please Meg Jerabek at at least one month prior to the start of final

16  If an instructor would like to schedule a study/review session we can certainly do that.  Please submit requests via  Be sure to include the course information (subject and class number)

17  It can be convenient to schedule study/review sessions during the reading days prior to the final exam period.  Just remember, for any events scheduled during reading days:  Students cannot be required to attend  No new information can be presented for which students will be held responsible.  Remember: submit requests via Remember to include the course subject/number.

18  If an exam in scheduled towards the end of the final exam week, and instructors would like to hold a review session on an earlier exam day, we can assist with that.  We ask that the review sessions adhere to one final exam block. For example if exams are scheduled for 10:15 am-12:15 pm that day, we ask that your review session not start before or end after that time.  Remember: submit requests via Remember to include the course subject/number.

19  Remember that Enrollment Services determines the final exam period for all classes.  The final exam policy is meant to limit the number of student and classroom conflicts.  We know that conflicts can still occur. As per the final exam policy, here is how to handle conflicts:  Students with conflicts should immediately notify his/her academic Dean. The Dean’s Office will be responsible for working with the student & instructor to reschedule the exam(s).  This should be done no later than 14 calendar days before the end of classes.

20  Faculty with conflicting exam times should talk with their academic Dean.  The Dean’s Office works with the faculty to make alternative arrangements.  Any requests to reschedule a course’s final exam must be approved in writing by the Provost.

21 If you have questions about final exam scheduling, please don’t hesitate to contact: Meg Jerabek Or via phone at X5309

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