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Bell Ringer – Week 9 03-28 -2012 List some challenges faced by slaves escaping to the North.

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1 Bell Ringer – Week 9 03-28 -2012 List some challenges faced by slaves escaping to the North.

2 Fugitive Slaves Fugitive Slave Act  Law passed by Congress for runaway slaves  Part of 1850 Compromise Terms of the Fugitives Act  -Fug. Denied jury trail –  Judges-Received $10 for returning slave/ $5 for freeing slave  Fined/ imprisoned, or both (For helping fugitive slave)


4 Resisting the Law Resisting the Law  Northerners send fugitives to Canada,  Northern used force to rescue slaves  Passed-Liberty Laws- Forbid Imprisonment of fugitives/Grant fug. a jury trials


6 Underground Railroad Underground Railroad  Harriet Tubman + Abolitionists  Underground Railroad – Secret network of people who helped slaves escape  Harriet Tubman- - “Moses”-Conductor of 19 trips  Fugitives traveled at night

7 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Uncle Tom’s Cabin  Book-by- Abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe  Stirred Massive controversy over the ‘Evil of Slavery”  Slavery immoral /psychological damage of slavery


9 Tension in Kansas & Nebraska  Kansas & Nebraska apply to Union for Statehood-issue of slavery arises  According to 1820 Miss. Compromise -Should be Admitted as Free States  Senator Douglas wants to pass idea of-Popular Sovereignty  Allow People of state to decided whether they want their state to be free or slave 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act Passed;  Repeals 1820 Missouri Compromise  Allows for Popular Sovereignty on issue of slavery kanas/neb get to chose

10 Violence Erupts in “Bleeding Kansas”  Pro-slavery / anti- slavery people pour into Kansas  Proslavery- known as “border ruffians”  Violence erupts bet/two groups  “The Sack of Lawrence”  800 pro-slavery men burn anti-slavery town of Lawrence

11 POTTAWATOMIE MASSACRE  Abolitionist John Brown - God wanted him to fight against slavery  Brown + Followers kill 5 pro- slavery men in “Pottawatomie Massacre”  -Triggered riots-Bleeding Kansas  Violence Erupts in Senate  Senator Sumner (anti- slavery) insults Sen. Butler  Congressman Brooks beats Sumner for insults

12 HARPERS FERRY  1859-Brown lead slave uprising  Brown + 21men –Plans to take supplies at Harpers Ferry in Virginia-(Federal Arms)  Raid Harper’s Ferry-No slaves arrive  Hanged for treason  Martyr-Died for Good cause - Freedom

13 Ch10/S3-4 1857-Dred Scott  Slave -Missouri  Taken north  Illinois  Returned -Miss.  Owner died  Sued for Freedom

14 Supreme Court Decision  Chief Justice-Roger Taney  -Slaved no right to sue  Slaves not citizens-property  1820 Miss. Compromise Unconstitutional- Go against 15 th Amend (right to own property)-Congress can not forbid slavery

15 Birth of Republican Party PARTYESTPLATFORM FREE SOILERS1848Anti. Extension of slavery Know Nothings1854Anti-Immigrants Anti-Catholic Republicans -Feds /Whig 1854Anti-Slavery Democrats-Anti- Fed/Tories 1840States rights Pro- slavery

16 LINCOLN DOUGLAS DEBATES-7  Lincoln-REP  Slavery-immoral  Ban slavery  Slavery will not cease on its own -  Douglass-Dem.  Believed in Pop. Sovereignty  Slavery will cease on its own

17 Southern Secession  1860-Lincoln Elected 16 th president  Southern States Succeeded from Union- South. Carolina/Mississippi/Florida/Albama./Geor gia./Louisiana/Texas  Formed Confederate States of America- Elected Jefferson Davis president of the south  Adapted their own Flag-

18 Confederate Flag

19 Essay Question  Choses three events that you believe lead to the Civil War and explain what the event was and how it lead to the civil war  Ex-Bleeding Kansas-315  New fugitive slave act  Dred Scott Decision-p325  John Brown-Harper Ferry-316/327  Uncle Toms Cabin-p312  Lincoln elected-328

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