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Chapter 9 Section 3 Troubles Build. 1) The debate over slavery was turning ________________________. Senator __________________________ of Massachusetts.

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1 Chapter 9 Section 3 Troubles Build

2 1) The debate over slavery was turning ________________________. Senator __________________________ of Massachusetts criticized Senator Andrew Butler of South Carolina. Congressman Preston Brooks went into the Senate and beat the senator really bad. 2) In 1854, Senator ______________________ of Illinois wanted to organize ________________________ into a territory and have a railroad run through it to the Pacific. VIOLENT CHARLES SUMNER STEPHEN DOUGLAS NEBRASKA


4 The territory was divided into _________________ and ____________________ Territory. He decided slavery should be decided by _____________________________ (allowing the people to decide if they wanted slavery) The people of ______________________________ did not want slavery since it did not have plantations. After the ________________________________ Act was passed, people rushed to claim land in Kansas. NEBRASKA KANSAS POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY NEBRASKA KANSAS-NEBRASKA

5 3) The men of Kansas were _______________ - their ideas were different than those of most people. _______________ was voted in but the vote was unfair since more than 4,500 unregistered (non citizens) voted. Kansas was then split by two __________________________. EXTREMISTS SLAVERY GOVERNMENTS

6 Major ______________________ broke out and pro-slavery extremists attacked anti- slavery people in Lawrence, Kansas. As retaliation, anti-slavery people attacked and killed 5 men and boys. ___________________________________ began to rock the area. The territory became known as “_____________________________” after more than 200 people were killed. VIOLENCE BLOODY BATTLES AND KILLINGS BLEEDING KANSAS


8 4) _________________________ was a slave in Missouri and went to court to get his freedom. He argued that he should be ______________ since he lived in a free state for 4 years. The __________________________ had to decide the case in 1857. DRED SCOTT FREED SUPREME COURT

9 Chief Justice _______________________ wrote the majority decision: 1) Scott could not bring a _____________ since he was not a US citizen. 2) Slaves were __________________________. The owner could take him anywhere. 3) The ______________________________ was against the law. ____________________ had no power to decide where slavery could be allowed. ROBERT TANEY CASE PROPERTY MISSOURI COMPROMISE CONGRESS

10 5) Upon the final decision, all ______________________ were now open to slavery once again. 6) __________________________ - a Democrat ran for Senator of Illinois in 1858 against Republican nominee _____________________. They held debates on the question of _________________________. TERRITORIES STEPHEN DOUGLAS ABRAHAM LINCOLN SLAVERY

11 ____________________ believed the territories should decide their own fate on slavery. ____________________ was against slavery in all territories. ____________________ ended up winning the election. DOUGLAS LINCOLN DOUGLAS

12 7) ________________________ was an abolitionist. He needed to end ___________________. He and his men killed 5 ___________________ men in Kansas. He then led a raid on _____________________ in October 1959. He planned to take ______________________ and give them to ___________________ in order to lead a rebellion against slaveholders. JOHN BROWN SLAVERY PRO-SLAVERY HARPER’s FERRY, VIRGINIA WEAPONS SLAVES


14 His attempt failed and ____________________ trapped him and killed several of his men. He would be tried and ________________ in 1859. SOLDIERS LED BY ROBERT E. LEE HANGED

15 8) In 1860 ________________________ ran against _________________________ for the Presidency. ______________________ still supported popular sovereignty. ______________________ was still against slavery spreading to new territories. ______________________ won the election but did not win any Southern state. STEPHEN DOUGLAS ABRAHAM LINCOLN DOUGLAS LINCOLN

16 The ________________________ states felt they were becoming powerless. The ________________________ states had a much bigger voting population (since they had no slaves) and the South thought they were more powerful The ______________________ decided to secede (or break from) the Union. SOUTHERN NORTHERN SOUTH

17 9) In December 1860, _______________ became the 1st state to secede. By February 1861, ______________________________ ______________________________ __________________________ had seceded. SOUTH CAROLINA GEORGIA, FLORIDA, MISSISSIPPI, LOUISIANA, ALABAMA, AND TEXAS

18 10) The seceded states came to be known as the _____________________________. They had a _____________________________. _________________________________ would become their President. 11) By March 1861 the Southern states had taken ____________________, _______________, and __________. CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION JEFFERSON DAVIS U.S. FORTS POST OFFICESBUILDINGS

19 12) Lincoln wanted to avoid a _____________________. 13) ____________________________ was located in South Carolina. Confederate troops knew the fort was running low on ________________________. Lincoln decided to send __________________ but not _________________________. CIVIL WAR FORT SUMTER SUPPLIES FOOD WEAPONS AND SOLDIERS

20 Major ___________________________ refused to surrender the fort. On ____________________________, the Confederates attacked the fort. The next day, the __________________ surrendered. ____ people died and _____ were injured in the “battle”. ROBERT ANDERSON APRIL 12, 1861 UNION SOLDIERS 0 3

21 The ________________________ had begun. CIVIL WAR

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