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Slavery & the West Sectionalism: An exaggerated loyalty to a particular region of the country.

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2 Slavery & the West Sectionalism: An exaggerated loyalty to a particular region of the country

3 Slavery & the West Missouri Compromise (1820) Maine is a free state Missouri slave state No slaves above 36, 30 N Latitude


5 Slavery & the West Wilmot Proviso: Prohibit lands from War of Mexico to be slave states John C. Calhoun’s Plan: Neither Congress nor territorial government has authority to ban slavery

6 Slavery & the West Free-Soil Party: Radical party against slavery Picked Martin Van Buren Supported Wilmot Proviso Zachary Taylor won 1848 presidency!

7 Slavery & the West North Gets California admitted as a free state Slave trade prohibited in Washington D.C. Texas loses boundary dispute with New Mexico South Gets No slavery restrictions in Utah or New Mexico territories Slaveholding permitted in Washington D.C. Texas gets $10 million **Fugitive Slave Law** Compromise of 1850


9 Slavery & the West Supported Fugitive Slave Act

10 Slavery & the West Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) Ignore Missouri Compromise Popular Sovereignty: Allowing the people to decide Stephen Douglas


12 Slavery & the West Anti-Slavery Government Supported by House of Reps Pro Slavery Government Supported by President Pierce & Senate

13 Slavery & the West Bleeding Kansas Lawrence: Antislavery capital taken by Proslavery ruffians John Brown: Radical Abolitionist “Chosen by God” PLnFrDeFoh1ckCFs4IcInaOwXGpbVu7QrX PLnFrDeFoh1ckCFs4IcInaOwXGpbVu7QrX

14 Challenges to Slavery Republican Party Antislavery Whigs Democrats Free-Soilers

15 Challenges to Slavery Election of 1856 Democratic Party 1. John Buchanan 2. Popular Sovereignty

16 Challenges to Slavery Dred Scott Case 1.Slave bought by Army Doctor in Missouri 2.Master moved to Illinois where slavery is banned 3.Master moves back to Missouri and dies Dred Scott and antislavery lawyers fought for His freedom! This case was brought to the Supreme Court

17 Challenges to Slavery Dred Scott Decision Roger B. Taney: Declared Dred Scott as a slave Living on free soil doesn’t make slave free Slaves are property (Fifth Amendment) Congress cannot prohibit slavery in any territory nor popular sovereignty In other words; the Constitution protects slavery!!!!!!

18 Challenges to Slavery Senate Race (1858) Republican PartyDemocratic Party 1.Abraham Lincoln 1. Stephen Douglas 2.Don’t extend slavery 2. Popularity Sovereignty Stephen Douglas won Senate Race, but Abraham Lincoln became famous "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

19 Slavery & the West Raid on Harpers Ferry John Brown went to steal weapons from an arsenal to arm African Americans. (Financed by abolitionists) Convicted of treason & murder and sentenced to hang Opinions on John Brown Some Northerners denounced his violence Some viewed him as martyr.


21 Slavery & the West Election of 1860 Abraham won the election

22 Slavery & the West Confederacy Southern states seceded and became the Confederacy. Jefferson Davis became President of the Confederacy

23 Slavery & the West Fort Sumter Lincoln sends unarmed supplies to Fort Sumter Confederate forces attack Fort Sumter Lincoln prepares to fight the Civil War!

24 Slavery & the West (Missouri Compromise)

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